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  1. Good work. I enjoy these songs. Keep it up!
  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I've only been doing this whole music thing for about 3 months, so don't expect Omnipony quality (7 years of experience!!), But I do all right, I guess.
  3. I also think that it ended much too early. I Sort of imposed an arbitrary time limit in the song without taking into account its flow. By the end of tomorrow, though, I should have the song touched up. Thanks for all the feedback!
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm probably going to re-work/extend/generally screw around with this song to make it as good as possible. Also, for cover art... Actually, I had no idea what I wanted when I said that... Well, this is awkward...
  5. The abrupt cutoff was an upload error. I'll fix that soon enough.
  6. Untortunately, I am not nearly as musically educated as some of you here, but a lot of my favorite music comes from soundtracks from such masterpieces as pretty much every Nintendo series and movies like the Lord of the Rings. However, I crate electronic music at the moment, and the artists who have influenced me most are probably Archie, Deadmau5, Ephixa, and Day One.
  7. (Second Edit: This is the final mix of the song based off off the comments I've gotten on the first mix. Enjoy!) Well, this here is a link to my latest and greatest musical work. However, For this song to ever make it to such a place as youtube ( or EqD...), I will need cover art. So here's where you can come in. If you have a good idea for cover art or enough time/talent to draw it yourself, please lend your assistance here: So, with that, I hope that you enjoy the song!
  8. This makes my music sound like someone rubbing a cat against a cheese grater. It's just awesome. Keep up the good work!
  9. Depending on when my new mike comes in, I can be one of the lyricists.
  10. Well, I have already released the precursor to this song in an earlier post, ( but after some more production experience, I was able to improve (at least, in my mind improve) the song, and it is available for download. So, without further ado, here is Vinyl's Debut (Remastered).
  11. I finally decided to seriously start writing some fanfiction. So, here it is. This is a sort of origin story about discord, told from his perspective. Original? Probably not. However, quality trumps originality, but sadly, this lacks in both. Please leave some constructive criticism. I need to know how to improve overall. Thanks! I will upload more chapters as I go, but for now, here's the prologue. Death to Harmony Prologue: Sometimes, I wonder what life is like beyond the room. I dream of someday discovering with my own eyes the wonders and mysteries that lie in wait beyond the whitewashed walls of my immortal prison. I know not who I am, or in what manner or for what purpose I was conceived. I was only given tantalizingly scant knowledge of the world in which I inhabit, my room. Infuriatingly, I seem to understand nearly all things under heaven, but the knowledge always slinks back beyond my grasp whenever I try to think upon it. My entire life has been lived within these confines, a length that might have been days, that might have been seconds, that might have been millennia. If one so chooses to call it a life, that is. I merely observe it as mere existence, as life would imply that I had something worth living for. I cannot live, and yet I cannot die. I merely am. My mind feels foreign to my own self, as though someone has built it for me, filling it with the wishes and desires of his own twisted mind, telling me what I must feel but not why I do so. Why. That is the ever elusive quandary that has escaped my feeble grasp. I know not why I live. I know not why I feel. I know not why I was imprisoned like some sort of animal, not as one capable of rational thought. I know not why my body and soul are so mutilated, why I am not one, why I am not whole. I know that I cannot be a natural being. In fact, nature itself seems to conspire against me for my great sin of existing. No, this world must be the work of another, yet how can it? There is nothing but what is in these walls, yet there must be something beyond. My existence is both black and white, but it is not grey. I am a curious creation. If one were to look upon me, he would be shocked at the utter bizarrity of my body. I am many creatures or one creature. I know nothing of my own face, as this room never included such a device to allow me the answer to that mystery. In truth, it matters not. I am a monster, a rejected creature, one made without purpose or intent. I know not of whether my pitiful existence is the only one left in this reality, nor do I know if any reality exists beyond the scope of the Room. The only reality I know is the reality of which I can know nothing. The cruel irony is nearly blinding. Am I such an abominable creature that some unseen arbiters thought it fit to cage me in eternal silence? Do I not reason? Do I not cry out in pain? Is that marked as a sign of weakness or strength? Who are these unknown beings who think themselves gods to determine the fate of the innocent? I can do nothing but cry out in agony to quell the horrible abyss in my soul. I try to numb the pain in any way possible, yet it remains. Oh! How I hate the utter stillness of this place! How I dread the horrible uniformity and lifelessness in these deceitful walls! Walls that seem to speak of peace and rest only bring madness and turmoil to the one within. They stand against me in perfect harmony, never moving, never speaking, never giving. The epitome of peace and the highest point of madness. And yet, through all of these pains, all of these horrendous truths, one word continues to whisper in the back of my head. It is a word that speaks naught of the world around me, but only of the state of my soul. It is a word I can never cease to wonder about, one word that describes my mind and my heart with such perfect accuracy that I have taken to calling myself by it. One little word. Discord.
  12. Home sick. Therefore, Pokemon and Ponies all day.

  13. Salamence bought an ice cream cone. Salamence fainted.
  14. I just started a new file on SoulSilver, coincidentally, so I might just do this too!
  15. Try writing one simple scene, and then build your story around that, if you just want some practice. It would also be a plus if the scene in question was filled with vivid imagery.
  16. "As long as we get where we're going in one piece, I wouldn't care if she could carry a hundred of them." Drifter said. "Nice seats, though I don't think they were designed with pegasi in mind." He rubbed his sore back.
  17. I once broke a man's arm using nothing but a cotton ball and a srtip of duct tape.
  18. Drifter grinned at the announcement. "Well, I guess it's time to be off to the transports, then."
  19. (OOC:How long is the customary time from when the thread creator goes idle and the RPers commandeer the thread?)
  20. I sure hope not, but with my memory, I might have and just not known it. Have you ever put together and eaten really wierd condiment/food combinations simply out of bordom?
  21. "I see. I remember my first combat mission. November 5th, 2049. My team and I were charged with infiltrating a major government building and finding tactical information we could use. The Capitol, I think they called it. The mission went fine until one of the guards we thought had been incapacitated decided to wake up and alert the guard. We barely made it out of there alive. If we had been caught, the Americans would have been alerted to our efforts here on this island. Of course, it's a good thing that didn't happen. Anyways, enough about me."
  22. Drifter smirked a bit at that comment. "You'd be surprised. In the human world, you could be a general without ever once learning how to use a weapon. Not a wise choice, mind you, but it happens."