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Hello all!


The name happens to be Richard, but as you can all tell, I'm going by my internet name, for obvious sentimental reasons, TheRichardKT.


This name has been synonymous for myself for the last 3 years, and is likely to not disappear any time soon.


I have been a brony since Pre-Season 2, when a friend kept pestering me about joining the herd. I gave in and soon found myself in a major smile spree.


I'm 22, going on 23 this year, and am proud to call myself a brony, as I like dabbling in the music tastes that others have created, as well as all the content from other submissions, like fan art, fan media (PMVs, games and the like) as well as some FIM-Fiction. I'm not into much shipping, nor am I a grim-dark enjoyer, though Cupcakes and The Rainbow Factory actually gave me a few chuckles at the surrealism and unlikelihood of things like that ever happening to our beloved ponies.


I have far more interests outside of MLP-FiM, but far too many to list properly. If I had more time, I would do so but eh. Ya'll will have to wait on that front. It'll come in time, I Pinkie Promise.


Although I'll drop one line here, about one of my interests, I'm a major Starcraft fan, and can't wait for HOTS to come out. Any Brony here an SCII lover? : D

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