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planning Summer Fair (Planning in Progress)

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Good afternoon, fellow bronies and pegasisters :3

For quite a while I ha been aching to RP, but until now I haven't had much of an idea of what to write. I had lots of fun in the last RP I got into, so why not try to make another one? Still planning it a bit though, but so far I have an idea. Not sure if it's gonna be romance, adventure, mystery, etc. So yeah, all could be cool.


It's a cloudy but tranquil day in Ponyville, with only a few pale rays falling upon the picturesque roofs. Since the thick and sticky heat of this year's summer provoqued a lazy atmosphere, barely anypony noticed a poster; old and yellow from age, obviously used more than once, it announced a fair coming to town. It would install itself near the old walnut planatation on the outskirts of the Everfree forest. You finally decide to walk away from home to get a gulp of fresh air when you notice the yellow paper fluttering despite the lack of breeze. Creeping closer, you manage to identify the huge differences from a Ponyville fair by just by reading about the highlights; a ferris wheel, bumper cars, a house of mirrors, food stands, they all seem innocent enough, but then a few others catch your eye. Crystal-reading, an inter-dimensional tent, an exhibition on Equestria's poisons... this was rather unusual, but still intriguing at the same time. So why not? The fair starts in a few hours.


Days go by, and you haven't been able to go to this strange fair ever since you saw the poster, but your friends have been raving about it. They tell you how fun the bumper cars are, how the house of horrors is so cheap it's creepy, how nostalgically delicious the deep-fried figs and walnut chips are, and how there has been an endless line of ponies just waiting outside the interdimensional tent. Of course you are now convinced of going. So you decide to head over tomorrow, perhaps invite some friends or make new ones. After all, you never know who you could meet.


Well, there you have it~ This is the starting point for the RP so far. Whadaya think?


I probably don't need to put a limit on signups, although a few places shall be taken by those who ask for it first. Here are a few:


  1. The members of the fair
  • Midas. The unicorn ringleader and owner of the fair. Loves haggling and can turn potatoes into gold. No one knows why only potatoes.  
  • Mina. Midas' wife. She runs the crystal reading tent and is the adoptive mother of the younger members. Similar to her husband's talent, she can find gold with her horn.
  • Ghostess. She is in charge of the interdimensional tent. She can move objects with her "horn" and interact with other dimensions.
  • Funnel Cake. In charge of ever food stand in the fair, to which he leaves his 5 sons in charge. An expert on street food.
  • Madam. Her full name is Verbain Bouquet, but not one calls he that. She is in charge of the poison exposition and is the group's elder.



Aww, do I HAVE to make rules..?


  • NO CURSING D: I will throw you a potato.
  • I'm sure I don't have to ask you to leave your sexual desires in your drawer.
  • No Mary Sues, please .w. Not that there exist any here, because all of you are mature and creative <3
  • I have nothing against RPing as one of the Mane six, but to avoid any confusion among OCs, I will leave them out of this one for now.
  • No fighting in the discussion thread.
  • If you have to get out of character, please speak here and not in the RP.
  • Ask before you just waltz into the RP, and post your OC's profile or link, please :3 This is just to keep me updated on who is RPing.

If you have any ideas you wanna offer, please feel free to pitch in :3 I luff chu all.


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