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What's above you, below you, to the right of you, and to the left of you

Blue Lightning

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This is a very simple concept. Name the object closest to you in the following directions.

To the Right
To the Left
In front

I'll start!

Above me is my diagonal ceiling

Below me is my comfy computer chair (gray)
to the right of me would be my ride cymbal

to the left of me would be my guitar cable
In front of me is my shady logitech microphone


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Above: Ceiling,more ceiling,some more ceiling,and even more ceiling

Below: Floor,hard plastic thingie,my feet,and chair wheels

Right: Headset,mouse,mousepad,container of coins,and a container of quarters with my pet rock inside

Left: Thermos w/ water,TV remote,360 controller,telephone,scissors,Altoids can,flash drive,and house keys

Front: My laptop and a giant window

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