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Replace a movie title or TV show with the word bacon


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I think the results are the best when everything is combined with bacon:

The Human Bacon

The Bacon Centipede 2

Texas Bacon Massacre 

Bacon all mighty

My bacon and kids

My little Bacon: Bacon is Magic

BaconBob BaconPants


I guess we might as well do the same with video games:

Left 4 bacon


Sonic the Bacon

Bacon Generations

The Bacon Scrolls

Fallout: New Bacon

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Why must you torture me like this...I'm already quite hungry...and bacon is no good for you D:


Halo: Bacon Evolved

Grand Theft Bacon


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Invader Bacon

Powerpuff Bacon


Batman Bacon Asylum

Bacon Titans Go

Call of Bacon: Modern Bacon 3

Equestria Bacon

Destroy all Bacon 2

Bacon Reach

Bacon Beyond

Bacon Next Door

Samurai Bacon

Super Bacon Galaxy

High Bacon Musical 

Bacon King

The Little Bacon

Beauty and the Bacon

Team Bacon 2

The Bacon of the Opera

Bacon Cry 3

(I'll probably come up with more later)

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TV shows:

How i met your Bacon


The Walking Bacon


Bacon Who

The Bacon Bang Theory

Game of Bacons

House of Bacons


Video Games:

Bacon of Duty:Bacon Ops 2

Bacon Rising 2

Bacon Theft Auto

Baconfield 3

Super Bacon Bros.

Need for Bacon

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The Bacon Aquatic with Steve Bacon

Moonrise Bacon

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Bacon

(500) Days of Bacon

Singin' in the Bacon

Bacon and Clyde

The Wild Bacon

Monty Python's Life of Bacon

The Exterminating Bacon

How the Grinch Stole Bacon


and Kevin Bacon.

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This thread appears to be a forum game, or something spammy of the sort. Thus, it has been sentenced to the Forum Games section of Cloudsdale Colosseum. This is an automatically generated message, by the way.

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