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Pegasus Thunder Breeze


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Name: Thunder Breeze

Age: Young Adult

Gender: Stallion (First time i remember what an Adult Male Poney is ^^)

Species: Pegasus



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Cutie Mark: A Checkered Flag mixed with a Electric Blue Thunderbolt (It represent his passion for Race and for winning races)

Personality:He act pretty Arrogant sometimes but he can show some sympathy to other Poney when the time comes...but he takes things too personal when it's about races so for him, losing a race even the less important one, isn't an option.Sometimes he's stubborned too and jumped into competitions he's not used to (Like the Iron Poney competition)

Backstory:Thunder's Backstory is pretty hard to explain because he try to forget it. But i'll tryto explain it anyway so he was born in Cloudsdale but was abandoned by his parents when he was young.He was adopted by a family of Earth Poney in Ponyville until he reached his Pegasus Maturity (the ability to fly and goes fast)So all these things makes him to take his way to the Flight camp were he meets lots of Pegasus...not always friendly (this is here he was called Thunder Bruise instead of Breeze by someponies)This is here too he meet the joy of race.But anyway his genealogical tree is very dark...it is say that one of his ancestor was the incarnation of darknessand the origin of Nightmare Moon and Discord in a way...so because of that, he decide to run away from Ponyville and living in a house close of the Everfree Forest so he could be alone with his fear of being a monster.Other There's no origin for Nightmare Moon and Discord in the story so i can create a character who triggered them into what they are.

And of course Thunder is pretty fast but he's just not enough fast to catch Rainbow Dash even if he use his trick (The Thunderbird a trick similar to the Sonic Rainboom but made for race)

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