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The unexpected


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This is a story, not a fanfiction for once. I think I might finish it as the character is easy to portray, unlike ponies.




The sunlight slowly crept over the blinds of a small home in the large state of Texas. The rays of light formed around the room, giving depth to the objects inside of the room. Pictures of ponies were placed along the walls, his obsession involving such. As the light reached the bed that was in the room, it passed over the large teenager laying . The light wrapped his body in its warm glow, slowly moving towards his head. Once the light hit his eyes, they fluttered open, slowly revealing his dual colored eyes to the world. The right eye had the color of the ocean, while the left one was as green as the forest. Yawning loudly, he stretched across his bed, throwing his blanket off. He frowned as the blanket fell, following with him stepping off of his bed, slowly to avoid collapsing from grogginess. With time to spare, the teenager walked over to the door at the back of the room, which was revealed to be his washroom. Carefully closing the wooden door behind him as to not wake up the rest of the house, the teenager turned on the light and looked at the mirror. With disgust he eyed his repulsive body, from his curly hair to his massive gut. Breaking his gaze on the mirror, he grabbed the weight calculator on the ground and turned it on. Hoping to see he had finally lost weight, he stepped on it and waited to see if his wishes would come true. The calculator suddenly beeped, signaling that it was down. Slowly angling his head to the floor, the numbers that came on the screen forced a frown onto his face. The screen displayed “250”, which sent waved of sadness through his body. He had gained weight!


Deciding he had spent long enough looking at the reflection of his repulsive self, he turned around and opened the door to reveal his room was now completely lit up by the sunlight. With the shock he had just received, his self loathing caused spasms of anger to roll through him, which gave him headaches. He slowly crawled back onto his bed, rubbing the head that carried his sensitive mind. The thoughts of his past creeped into his mind, his every second in this world void of happiness. Heartbroken by the girl he thought he had loved, he has been spiraling into a depression ever since. Others had considered him strong for not putting a bullet into his brain, but he never listened to their compliments. All that mattered in his mind was that his goal in life was to make others happy, not caring for his own intentions. This thought brought a small smile to his face, but it was quickly replaced with a sense of dread. He had realized that today was monday. He had to face going to school mid depression. Inhaling deeply, he rubbed his face softly, trying to convince himself he was going to be ok.


He was going to be ok....



With the clouds rumbling like the stomach of a hungry child, the teenager put on his hoodie sleeve by sleeve, making sure to put the hood over his head to hide his sadness. He would let no one see his emotions today, he was sure of it. Throwing his backpack over his shoulder, the teenager stepped out of his home to the welcoming embrace of the rain. Instead of cheering his heart like the rain usually did, it put an even heavier weight on his already dropped heart. Glad that he had at least put his hood on, the rain quickly soaked him from head to toe. The teenager loved to be in the rain, as he could express his emotions and no one would have a clue what was going through his mind. Plus, the best part about it was that he could cry, and no one would give him a second glance. Taking advantage of this situation, he let the sadness that held his heart in a tight clamp release its self, the tears from his very soul running down his cheeks to only hit the pavement. The walk to school was always a long one, taking as long as an hour to finally reach the doors of the prison. He enjoyed the walk though, it gave him time to be alone, time that he always valued. It was always strange how he felt about being alone, never understanding his true feelings. On one hand he absolutely despised being alone, as his feelings took over every fiber of reasoning within him. On the other hand, being alone gave him time to think about how happy he used to be, and how things could possibly strange. He did not understand it fully himself, but he knew enough that it hurt him either way. But he was rather used to the pain of the world. After a lifetime of being pushed around and hurt, it sort of grows on you. In some part of his mind, he might somewhat enjoy pain. But that was only a very dark part.


Within his state of thought, he did not hear another teenager run up behind him and slap him on the back of the head while laughing. Suddenly extremely agitated, the teenager took his hoodie off and readied himself to scream at the kid who hit him, but he saw that it was his good friend Joseph, who walked with him to school from time to time. Joseph was a dense kid, failing middle school twice, and on both occasions were due to his dyslexia. Being 17 and a sophomore, Joseph did not have many friends in the high school that they both attended. This was part of the reason that the hoodied teenager befriended Joseph in the first place. They were both alone in the world, and people that are alone always stick together. Joseph rose his hand for a high five while he screamed out excitingly,


“Ready for another day of school Gary?” Giving the high give his friend had requested, Gary locked his arms with his friend and said,


“Ready as ever...” Flashing a fake smile, Joseph could not tell that the marks on his friends face were not from the rain, but his own tears. Never the less, both friends made their trek to school, ready for the “excitement” school always brought.

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