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Top Hat









Earth Pony



A White-Greyish Mare, she has a Crimson Mane that is a bit messy due to her not combing it often, though nothing that would be classified by a certain fashionista unicorn as a 'Natural disaster that somehow landed atop your head'. Her eyes are a somewhat bright shade of red, though not many ponies will notice this. This is because she wears a pair of dark triangular shades that cover a good portion of her eyes. And finally, to top the look off(See what I did there?) she wears a Top Hat. But I'm sure you probably assumed that, didn't you?


Cutie Mark

A Top Hat (Derp) That symbolizes the time she discovered her talent of persuasion, lying, and speaking in general.



Top Hat is a mare who is rather greedy, and has a personal love for Bits. She has very little concern about the consequences of her actions on other ponies. As long as she gains something, she could care less who she steps on. Top Hat is, for the most part, a rather relaxed pony, who enjoys causing a bit of mischief every now and then, and is quite confident in her abilities. However, if she gets pushed over the edge, she can either go into a fit of rage, yelling and swearing at everypony who crosses her path, or break down and bawl her eyes out. What happens really depends on the situation.


Top Hat is very good at persuasion, giving speeches, and lying. Heck, its her special talent! However, Top Hat herself can be quite gullible, and while she can easily trick somepony, somepony can also easily trick her. Top Hat hates when this happens, and will go to a short fit of rage when somepony tricks her.


If somepony is willing to put up with her long enough, however, Top Hat can be a rather loyal friend, even putting aside her love for bits if she really needs to. However, you would have to be a really good friend, cause she could care less about most ponies. And she would never admit to putting her love for bits aside to help a friend. Heck, you'd have a hard time getting her to admit she's somepony's friend. She can be prideful, and likes to keep the self image in her mind that she's a lone wolf. In actuality, however, once she has a really really really good friend(s) she hates leaving their side. She much prefers company then being by herself, even if she hates to admit it.



Top Hat's childhood is rather uneventful. She was born in Manehatten, where she lived with her parents, her father, Ivory, being a Unicorn and her mother, Turquoise, being an Earth Pony. Her father was a rather talented performer, who would put on Magic Shows in a small theater there. Top Hat loved her father's shows, and had wished she could help her father in some way.


However, as the weeks went by, her father's shows seemed to bring in less and less profit. Till eventually one night the manager threatened to fire the magician if his performances kept bombing. Concerned for her father's show, and eager to help him, Top Hat took a poster for Ivory's show, and spent the day going around Manehatten, spreading word of the show and trying to convince as many ponies as possible to go and watch it. While she was able to easily convince some of the tourists visiting, she had a harder time trying to persuade ponies who had already seen the show. As the sun began to set, she headed back for the theatre, unsure whether her efforts were in vain or not.


Meanwhile, Ivory was preparing to make his last few days in the theater memorable ones, preparing to use new tricks he hadn't dare test due to his unsureness of the audience's reaction, as well as old ones that were always crowd-pleasers. When he went on stage, what he expected to be a group of twelve to fifteen ponies turned out to be a full house. Stunned by the large audience, he went out and performed all of his tricks, old and new. And when he gave his grand finale, the audience reacted with a roaring applause. When he went back stage, the Manager was more then pleased with the turnout, and assured Ivory his job there was completely safe! Ivory then turned to his daughter, who told him about her attempts to bring in as many ponies as possible. Touched by his daughter's hard work, the magician took off his top hat, and placed it on the filly's head, telling her she deserved some reward for her hard work. He grinned, as he also told her how it matched her cutie mark.


Top Hat was puzzled by this, seeing as she didn't have a Cutie Mark. But when she checked her flank, she found herself with a Cutie Mark of a Top Hat, symbolizing the day she discovered her talent in persuasion and saved her father's show.


The years went by, as Top Hat discovered her talent encompassed more then just persuasion, but also giving speechs, arguments, lies, the English language was a playground she was more then familiar with. And she tested them, trying to see just how much she could accomplish with her talent. Sometimes she was successful, and other times she found herself in a mess of trouble. Eventually, she moved out of Manehatten to travel and see Equestria, and what opportunities awaited her. Unfortunatly, the world wasn't as nice of a place as she had hoped, and quickly found herself running rather low on bits.


Eventually she had found some solution to her Bit problems, though the solution she found wasn't exactly an ethical one. She used her talent for persuassion and lying to con ponies out of their Bits, or sometimes even valuable antiques. She was able to build up a good sum of bits from her con jobs. At first she was terribly ashamed with herself, saying to herself that she only did it out of desperation and to never do it again. But, as time went on and she continued, she felt less guilty after every job, and eventually grew to enjoy it. It was during this time that she purchased a pair of Triangular Shades to wear, feeling that it made her look bad ass and cool to wear them.


And that has been her life since, traveling across Equestria, trying to see which ponies can be conned out of a good sum of bits, never staying in one place to long.



-Top Hat is Tone Deaf, and is incredibly embarrassed by the fact.


-Top Hat has a slight southern accent. Nothing like Applejack's though, Top Hat's is much more subtle.


-Top Hat has a personal policy to never con any magician, and she'll even drop by and visit a show if one is on in the town she's in.


-Top Hat's favorite color is Red, favorite season is Summer, and favorite number is 4.


-Top Hat has Arachniphobia, and simply even thinking about spiders freaks her out.


-Top Hat has a sweet tooth, and can be a bit of a glutton around candy.

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