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Streamer animations

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Does anyone else hate the streamer animations they use in mlp?


like...these things...




                    /                 /              /


I dunno why, but it's like...you have this awesome show with beautiful animation...


and then...these silly things come out of nowhere anytime something epic happens...


and they look TERRIBLE! They don't match the rest of the animation style, they look as stiff as


ice, and no matter WHERE they're placed, they stick out like sore thumbs!


I mean, I love the show and all...but these streamers...man...they just get me!


anyone else find them terribly fakey? XD                      



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Yeah now that I'm analyzing them, they do look totally out of place, maybe that's just because you said they look odd, so now I'm looking for the oddness in them.  That's deep man. 

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It's Pinkie Pie. She uses her baffling skill at bending reality to be in any place where a moment of celebration is occurring so that she can shoot the party cannon from just off screen.

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I'd just chalk that up to one part of Flash animation that they either don't understand or have no time to worry about. I always thought it was funny how the streamers always look like they're stairstepping as they fall, I first noticed it in "Magical Mystery Cure".


Also, in "Simple Ways", I think there was one scene in which a character moves, but a pattern on their clothes stays static behind the character movement, as if it was greenscreened on. It only happens briefly, but this is actually a common thing in animation that I tend to notice.

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