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Less than an hour left in our time with NCMares; feel free to stop by and ask questions while ya still can! https://mlpforums.com/topic/159016-ncmares-qa/ Updated 30 Oct · 3 comments

About Me

*cue dramatic entrance* Hello everypony, and welcome to my inner sanctum, my... Derp Cave, if you will. I am called by many names, the Derp Knight, Muffin Mare, but you may refer to me as... Batbrony!!! I am the forum's resident guardian of the night, protecting both the innocents of this forum as well as muffin-lovers worldwide from those who would smear either the good name of this forum, or, even worse, the good name of muffins.


Some of you may be wondering what I do when I'm not a brooding creature of the night, and I'm sorry to say that I can only divulge so much information. However, I have prepared an... alibi of sorts, to satisfy your curiosity (keep in mind, some or all of the following information may or may not be a clever ruse, designed to protect my identity and, more importantly, the safety of those ponies closest to me from any of my enemies who would want to do me harm).


In the spring of 2013 I graduated from Hillsdale College magna cum laude and with a B.A. and departmental honors in American Studies, after four years of rigorously studying philosophy, American history, literature, politics, and most importantly, Henry Adams. In the summer of 2016 I received my Master's degree in public history from Western Michigan University after two years of hard work there as a graduate student and teacher's assistant. At the moment I'm currently looking for my first ever full time job, preferably in the field of public history, and preparing for my future independent adult life. For quite some time now I've been on the Poniverse staff as a member of the Poniverse Public Relations Team and head of Poniverse Fimfiction; if you have any questions about or ideas concerning PR-related stuff, feel free to hit me up with a PM. During the day, I carry out mundane activities to pass the hours, such as gaming, working-out, or reading and writing fanfics, as I eagerly anticipate the coming of the night when I may assume my alter ego and continue my duties of protection. My interests include history, literature, theology, video games, comic books, movies, working-out, football, good animated films and television programs, Christianity, and most importantly, muffins. I aspire to continue my mission of the night alongside a certain masked superhero who operates in Gotham City, but he has yet to return my phone calls or emails, so if that doesn't work out, I guess I'd settle for doing work in historical conservation, such as at a Civil War battlefield, as a cover for my greater mission! Well, that's all I have to say, and all that anypony really needs to know about me!


Remember everypony, you need not fear trolls or muffin-haters on this forum, so long as I am here to vigilantly watch over and protect my domain!!! Sure, uh, Feld0 and the moderators may do most of the work,but, trust me, they leave the rest of the duties of protecting this site to me!!!!! And nopony promotes muffins on this website like me, and don't you forget it!!! So, uhhhhh, yeah, I guess that's all I really have to say about myself, so, ummmmmmmmmmm... HEY, WHAT'S THAT!!!!! *points behind you*


Remember everypony, I am the night... and muffins rule! *cue dramatic exit*


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    Kalamazoo, MI
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    Criminals are a superstitious cowardly lot
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    MLP, video games, history, Batman, reading, politics, philosophy, Christianity, choral music, football, the Michigan Wolverines, the Green Bay Packers, movie/television critiqueing

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    Poniverse Public Relations: 2nd in Command & Fimfiction Lead
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    Sugarcube Corner

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    Bat Pony

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