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    My mood is acting up badly and I feel like I'm in a never ending loop of being depressed and not able to be the real me while my parents are religious and I live with them and I don't know why this is happening to me and it doesn't make sense why my life is like this when I only do good things in my life and all I get is bad apples and I don't know anymore.

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    So, I just put Abedias into the Character page and after a lengthy writing session to get it all out I post it only to find the formatting is completely borked!

    Any idea what's up with that? Am I just missing something Here?


    Anyway, on to another subject!


    I'm currently working on a bit of a project. If you've had any interactions with me it is more than likely that you already know about it but for those that don't, I'm trying to set up a systematic method for interpreting cutie marks that will produce interesting and deep characters based on a cutie mark image. Basically, put cutie mark in, get Awesome OC out! To that end, I would like any help you guys are willing to offer! Ideas, critiques or suggestions are welcome and I always enjoy trying my system out on new Cutie Marks to see how they match the OC you've already got

    So, anyone willing to help out or give it a try, I've got a post set up in Sugarcube Corner, or you can just PM me!

    That's all I have for now~

  1. Manaka Hitomi
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    I haven't felt like this in a while it's like an empty feeling though I really cannot say what is empty and what isn't sometimes my personality feels completely different and sometimes it feels like I don't have any personality at all? Am I really alright? Or am I holding myself hostage? Maybe what I think I am ist really me and that is actually someone else and I am somewhere else entirely? Or am i hiding in the background? Is all of this a conscious choice that I'm not aware of ?

    It seems like my sense of self is kinda strongly established during the day but some things around me are fracturing that identity these days and the later it gets the more uncertain I become about everything. 

    It feels like there is a constant struggle in my head some days I cannot really come up with anything those days and doing anything is kinda a hard stretch it just doesn't feel like anything.

    Somethings compel me to act certain ways but do I really act like that myself? Or is that something that because someone else was acting on my behalf like that and now I cannot distinguish them from myself anymore?  

    Can other people really act as Me? Or am I creating those people myself? If I am are they different people from me or do they really count as Me? 

    Even simple tasks sometimes require lot of work before I can complete them but some days I can complete them like they were nothing. Is the person who is completing the tasks me? Do I have difficulty completing them or not? 

    Why I can't act like I want to act I only act certain ways on certain situations but sometimes it feels like it's going completely against my own will? Am I really in control of my actions? Who is the one controlling them? 

    I can't really make any sense of it. Who I was a year ago for example am I now the same being that I was or was the me year ago someone else entirely? Did I even exist back then? 

    Everything in me feels just so fragmented the things I do sometimes contradict each other and it's like when I'm under certain "mindset" it feels like it's not whole me who is in charge. The differences in myself are just growing and I can't seem to unite myself.

    It would feel better sometimes I could just break up into like 5 different individuals

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    Name: Sergio 'The Soulless'

    Age: Unknown (guessed to be around 50)

    Gender: Stallion

    Species: Pegasus

    Description: Sergio is considered an albino where he originated from, which did him no favors among his people. He's also slightly smaller than average height, though his wings are much larger than the average pegasus'. The chess pieces in his cutie mark stand for his strategic prowess and his ability to judge and find a way out of almost any situation. He wears the bandana to cover up a brand in his chest, though very few know it even exists and even fewer have ever seen it. The scars covering his legs and other parts of his body come from his multiple escapes.

    Personality: Despite his handle, Sergio is actually known around Puerto Seguro to be a very kind and fair Governor and pony in general. He tends to come off as very reserved and cold to strangers, but those who've known him long enough know him to be a very warm and affectionate pony who adores his children, his wife, and foals. He has an intense soft spot for the younger generation, often losing hours catering to their every whimsy. All the foals in Puerto Seguro have him wrapped around their little hooves and everyone knows it. He's a genius when it comes to strategy and he has an intense sense of justice but is also able to see things in shades of grey. It's all part of what makes him such a great and beloved Governor.

    Backstory: Sergio was born and raised on an unnamed island somewhere in the northeastern seas. His people were strong and powerful earth ponies with dark coloring, which made Sergio even more of an outcast. He was a runt which meant that he was neglected by just about everyone, including his own mother. No one really knew who his father was, but a merchant ship had docked around the time he was conceived. When he wasn't being neglected, he was being beaten. 

    When he was 6, he snuck aboard a merchant ship. He was found by the crew several days later after stores began to suspiciously disappear. Unfortunately for Sergio, this wasn't just any merchant ship; it was part of a pony smuggling ring. The captain decided to keep Sergio on the ship as his personal slave, branding the young foal's chest to 'claim' him. Luckily, Sergio escaped in the next mainland port they docked in, several months later. He found refuge in a tavern which was a front for a smuggling ring who, thankfully, detested pony smuggling. They made sure that Sergio was never found by his captors and taught him how to defend himself. The tavern keeper took a shine to him and kept the young foal on as help around the tavern.

    When Sergio was 17, he joined his first pirate crew. After several years, he worked his way up to first mate. If the previous first mate happened to die under mysterious circumstances after an altercation with the young stallion, no one questioned it too far. Eventually, the captain was killed in a battle with rival pirates. Sergio took charge and his crew wiped out the enemies. Over the next few years, Sergio and his crew took over multiple rival crews and operations, expanding their command to thousands of pirates and hundreds of ships and crews.

    At some point, he made his way to what is now Puerto Seguro and took it over, setting up a base of operations. He also set it up as an asylum for refugees and escaping slaves like he had once been. He took the foals of the newly christened Puerto Seguro under his wings, recalling the abandonment and abuse he had faced in his homeland and having no desire for anyone else to ever go through what he did as a foal. (Rest of his story can be found in the backstory of his step-son, Virgil)

  2. Screen%2BShot%2B2018-05-23%2Bat%2B5.11.57%2BAM.png

         The Map System I've been subconsciously dreading has finally been implemented and the rest of the menus are coming together bit-by-bit as I program all the pieces separately and connect them together (instead of cramming everything I could into one giant, unreadable script like before). The results?

         See the latest gamedev update to find out.

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    I have some random photos that have been taken and I thought I'd share them here. 



    First, here's my room. It's probably the messiest place in the house. 


    Oh yeah, I guess I'm in the picture as well... 



    My physical video game collection. There's at least 100+ games here. The rest of my games are either on Steam or the Virtual Console. 


    Just ignore the random leg. 



    And here's what I'm doing for the majority of Winter... 


    Super Smash Brothers and Devil May Cry! 



    I hooe none of you are scared of heights, because... 



  3. I don't know who was nuts enough to think Discord, Spike, and Big Mac would make a great team back in Season 6, but whoever it is, thank you! Big Mac, Spike, and Discord all act like they knew each other for years, even though this trio only formed after Discord officially became a part of the Guys' Night team. They play off one another through their actions, responses, and emotions, creating great chemistry with one another.

    Speaking of chemistry, Spike and Discord are outstanding in their best outings of the season thus far (and maybe of the show, too, once it's all finished). Discord's cynicism towards H&HD, and love in particular, plays off spectacularly with Spike, who's very optimistic and refreshingly snarky. To think that only a few seasons ago, Discord was one of his enemies, but from the way they talked to each other and knew each other so well, you'd think he was closer to Discord than Twilight. How they interacted with one another was among the multi-dozens highlights here, such as Spike criticizing Discord's pessimism to Spike intentionally teasing Discord for possibly having a crush on Fluttershy to Discord ignoring Spike's sappy romantic poem about Rarity. They know how to get under each other's skin without crossing the line, making their teasing all in good fun rather than mean-spirited.

    One of the season's biggest improvements — the dialogue — really shines. Every line's so organic, even when it's somewhat expository, gelling together. Every line oozed with personality and passion, whether it's from the O&O squad or the CMCs. Confalone knows how when to have them talk or act and keep them all in character. Even Big Mac isn't confined to that "Eeyup!" gag, varying his emotions or telling Discord to "EeWAIT!" The dialogue allows for not just some amazing comedy, but also some heart. More 'bout the latter later.

    The comedy here is golden! Every joke landed perfectly, from the dialogue responses to the satirically cheesy love music playing in the background as Big Mac rushes to Sugar Belle to Big Mac's drinking a barrel-load of cider to Sweetie's "Please say no." Spike's deadpan to Discord as an anti-romance cynic is one hell of a comeback, and that jab towards the greeting card industry by Discord is too funny.

    Oh, yeah…

    >Lyra and Bob Bon sharing H&HD bond & gifts

    >best friends

    Riiiiiiiight. XP

    The CMCs were also fantastic here. All season so far, they've been at their A-game. The episode recognizes them as kids, but doesn't make them so obnoxious. They were right to wonder where that mysterious pie came from and search high and low to find him. But the and does a nice swerve: They may not have found that actual special somepony for SB, but had a magnificent time together, anyway. Sweetie's small speech at the end had quite a lot of heart in it.

    Speaking of heart, as hilarious as TBUBD is, Confalone balances it perfectly. Big Mac's sadness was somewhat over the top, but treated with the respect it deserves. His romantic feelings with Sugar Belle feel genuine, and you can tell by how he talked about the small stuff to Skelenor, like how Sugar snorts and wiggles her nose when she giggles (something that @Nyactis Mewcis Catlum pointed out a while ago in a status). Big Mac doesn't talk much, so when he does, you listen. After they cleared up everything, it was all okay again, and they had a great end to Hearts & Hooves Day.

    Discord's revelation of finally believing in romance works perfectly and marks my moment of the season so far: revealing to damage her wagon wheel. Why? 'Cause he confirms to us he believes in love and figured out how to get them back together while remaining in character. He's still a jerk, and his advice to BM (long with Spike's) really stinks. But at the end, he retains a heart of gold and does the right thing, even when he's spoiled for Ogres & Oubliettes. Somehow, he predicted what Big Mac was going to do next, but given he's the Lord of Chaos, it makes sense. Really shows he cares for him as a friend.

    Derpy was great in her role as mailmare. :D

    As Discord counted the types of tea he loved, Top Draw lowered the audio quality of de Lancie's mic to match the sound one would hear from the old-school TV. Really masterful editing that helps enhance the joke. (The same scene from the leaked version, BTW, has the same audio quality as the rest of the ep.)

    Oh, and it has two morals, each executed masterfully:

    1. "Don't assume. Communicate with your friends, and everything will work itself out."
    2. "Don't be afraid to openly admit your feelings. Those who care for you will listen and understand." This one is my favorite of the season so far, because it's so relatable to everyone.

    When I first watched it in December, I watched a treat. Seeing it completed gives it such a fresh look, and it still holds up excellent. The Break Up Break Down isn't just the best episode of Season 8 so far, but one of the ten best of the show altogether, as well. :D

  4. What's up my homies, how you doin'? Stayin' real sexy like I bet, that's what's up, you know I love you all, it's time for real talk.


    So the Switch online is basically total bullocks. Nintendo has had over a year of feedback to improve this and now they are announcing it being paid but not improving the service in any way. At least when Sony started MAKING you pay for PS+ they took some time to improve it before then and make it worth the money. The service was basically pushed for $20 here though because Nintendo is counting on people seeing it as "just $20" and excusing the fact that they are collecting $20 for something they were previously giving away for free when they have not improved it in the slightest.

    Lemme rap with y'all for a second here.

    I see a lot of "defenses" for this nonsense such as:

    • They are offering cloud saves now, so that's an "improvement"
    • 20 NES games with more on the way.
    • They need the money to upkeep the servers!

    Alright, some more real talk here, let me actually explain why every single one of those explanations is actually bullshit.


    "They are offering cloud saves now, so that's an "improvement""

    So check it: Xbox offers that for free. Sony offers it with their service too. Also worth mentioning that Nintendo games are not that big and their save files are often small. Most cloud services online offer like 5GB for free which would be more than enough to support the Switch. So people claiming Nintendo needs the money to support the cloud service... That's nonsense. They could just have it hook up to Google Drive accounts and upload saves there for free and that would be more than enough.

    To top this off, this is only even important to gamers because Nintendo locked out the ability to back up saves via SD or USB, something their competitors have been doing since 2006, earlier if you count the ability to copy saves from one memory card to another. Something Nintendo themselves even did with the Gamecube and Wii that they took away. So Nintendo doesn't deserve praise for taking away backup options and then forcing you to pay for the only option.


    "20 NES games with more on the way!"

    I'm not impressed dawg. You can run those games on virtually anything now and most people already got that junk. They also originally advertised the service with SNES too, and now that's not present so that junk is a downgrade.


    "They need the money to upkeep the servers!"

    Man that is some bullshit right there. Most First party Nintendo games are P2P where there are no servers. They just taking yo' money to do whatever with it. Not even Sony and Microsoft have many games that actually use servers that they pay for.


    What amazes me is that the PSVita even had a better online infrastructure than the switch, supporting voice chat via the handheld, messaging, parties, all that junk. The Switch relies on a smartphone app and in 2018 that's bullocks. When a failed handheld from 2012 is outmatching you, you know you've F'ed up. Seriously Nintendo get your shit together.


    So this has been real talk. Check it, peace homies.

  5. For those who don't know me, I play a ton of video games. I have since a very young age.

    When I go out, I usually take my DS with me and what not. Although, I feel as soon as I start to get into a game, something happens and it completely breaks my focus and I stop playing. It's freaking annoying as all hell. 

    I don't mean to transform this into a rant by any means. 

    I suppose I shouldn't be too mad. Besides, it would probably be smart to switch priorities. I have a Networking assignment due in less than a month and I'm not even 10% done. Knowing me, I'll wait until the last minute and then do it. 

    I don't know what it is? Every time I have class, I find myself staring at the monitor for 70 minutes and then it's over. 

    I think I just need a good way to balance playing games and doing school work. I just can never find one, because once I do something, it's a pain in the ass to get into something else. It took me 7 months to beat the new Layton game, because I've been very focused on classwork.


  6. I know, the Season 8 Finale won't be till sometime in October.  But I would like to speculate on how I think it may go down, considering that


    a: Cozy Glow is slated to be the main antagonist

    b: Lord Tirek will return(Confirmed by his actor Mark Acheson), most likely to pull off the HijackedbyGanon trope

    c: And above all else: 


    A leak showcases a stone statue of Tirek giving Cozy Glow a piggyback ride, hinting that these two will reform

    Now, since the beginning of the year, I've been speculating on how this will all play out, and this is my personal theory.  Note: When the episode comes out, you may disregard this post, unless it somehow ends up being true.


    When magic disappears, Twilight, Starlight, Spike and the MAne 5 leave the school of Friendship to pursue this incident, going out on adventure for the first time since the My Little Pony Movie(For Starlight, it's since Shadow Play)


    Cozy Glow, who sees an opportunity, strikes and begins to ambush the school of friendship with some magic that she acquired, forcing the Student Six and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to intervene.


    Meanwhile, the Mane 8 finally discover who's behind it:  Lord Tirek is back.  He proceeds to drain them of their magic, then seals them up in Tatarus.  He contacts Cozy Glow and learns that everything is going according to plan.  But as Tirek does glow, he seems to smile abit over Cozy Glow, like they had formed a bond of friendship.


    As Cozy Glow and Tirek began rampaging across Equestria(And the School of Friendship), the Student 6 and the CMC serves as the final bastion against the duo while the Mane 8 fights their way out of Tatarus.  After a long struggle, they escape and return to Equestria to confront Tirek and Cozy Glow.  The Mane 6 were able to acquire their Rainbow Power and fight Tirek.  But he has gotten smarter since his last encounter, all thanks to Cozy Glow.

    But in the middle of his rampage, Tirek notices something wasn't right.  Somehow, he has critically injured Cozy Glow, and left her near death.  Unlike with his experience with Discord, something within Tirek finally snaps and he realizes what he did wrong.  In what may be his first act of generosity, Tirek gives up all the magic he acquired to save Cozy Glow, much to the surprise of the Mane 8, and even Discord, who's still got a beef with the CEntaur.  After Cozy Glow was brought back to life, Tirek surrenders himself, having finally felt shame for what he did.  

    But believing there may be a way to change Tirek, Twilight was able to consult the other princesses, and they agreed to give Tirek a chance to prove that he is willing to walk the path of redemption.  But one Chancellor Neighsay comes by, objecting to this.  He points out not only because of what he did, twice.  But also because of recent events like the STorm King, or Queen Chrysalis.

    Then it was revealed that he opened the doors to Tatarus, after Tirek mentioned that it was easier to escape.  This revelation has all the princesses furious, and they strip him of his status of Chancellor of the E.E.A.

    As the months go by, Twilight and her friends sing a song of progress as the Student 6, Cozy Glow and Tirek continue their studies in the magic of friendship.  The climax of the song involves all of them graduating from the School of Friendship.[/spoiler]


  7. Here are some of the pics I took during my trip to Disneyland. I haven't been to the resort in over 15 years so a lot has changed...













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    Today, I was having a good time, doing my chores, mowing the lawn, and washing laundry. I was exhausted from all that work, and needed time to myself. I was sitting down to eat dinner when i hear my brother say my name to which i go see what's up. I'm greeted with a rude and impolite "This is wet! Why would you bring this up if it wasn't done!" That was just a good way to bring my spirits down, and to add insult to injury, he says this "I'm tired of the Half-a**ed bs!" to which i was offended greatly and hurt by. I thought it was dry when i felt of it, so i brought it up thinking it was done. But I guess i'm not allowed to make mistakes, that everything has to be perfectly done to his standards. Now I'm upset and he's lost so much of my respect for him.

    Now understand that I have a bad case of depression and having had that said to me was a low blow to my emotions. I'm wishing I could move in with my bf sooner rather than later to escape this verbal abuse. What should've been said was "My mattress pad is still wet, can you please take it back downstairs and make sure it's completely dry? To that I would have no problem, and would do so gladly. I just want him to start showing more polite words if i make a mistake in judgement, not treat me like I'm horrible at everything I do at home.

    I'm very tired of his BS too, and hope to someday leave and kiss his sorry butt goodbye as I flip him off as i get in my bf's car.

  8. Since this is 2018, and the midterms are coming up. Id figure id get into politics for a bit. And consideeing black ops 4 trailer got released this me to not activision the time of day regarding the game.

    let's talk about the electoral college. what is it? the electoral college is a system run by the U.S goverment that determines the president every four years. I recently had a concern earlier this week. My concern/thesis was that given that some states have larger electoral votes than others, my thesis stated that the electoral college created "fly over territories" meaning states presidental candidates ignore in order to obtain states with much bigger electoral votes. While data exists to support this claim i wanted to test it for myself. Using an interactive electoral college map, i decided to do some testing

    test number one: "You only need 11"

    Theory: You could win the presidency by only winning 11 states, there by ignoring almost the entire country. These states are California, texas, New York, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, New Jersy, and North Caroline.

    result: It is true, however there is one problem. Texas is widely considered to be a strongly republican state, while California has voted democratic consistently since the 1992 election. California flipping to republican i would consider an improbability unless california decides to split into new california. Texas flipping democrat would also be improbable, but given that texas hispanics and other ethnic groups give a 47% democratic gain in texas, i would consider texas possibly tilting towards the Democratic party in the future.

    Another finding i did was use 2016's results to compare. I simply removed Trump's smaller wins in order to get as close to 270 as possible. My results concluded that you can at least earn 273 from 22 states. These states mainly consist of the deep south (up to the Mason Dixen line, which would consist of 11 states), Alaska, Missouri, Kentucky, Illinois, W. Virginia, Pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, and kansas. I would consider this to be a good strategy for republicans. Why republicans, you ask? SImply because much of the deep south is mainly conservatives, so this would be the best bet for republicans considering elections, mainly due to these states not being solidly democratic, however considering that two states have flipped last year, they arent solidly republican either.

    Concluson: Given the research i collected, it is possible that the electoral college did create fly over territories considering one needs only 22 states. However, i will also provide a point thats there no guarentee these states will vote a certain way. You cant guarentee that states will vote for your party unless you have a high influence. My advice to any possible future politicians ziming to become president would be to visit as many states as you can, as often as possible. dont pay attention to the states with larger votes, visit all of them. Sure, you can ignore states with 1 or 2, possiby 3 electoral votes, however these states may be small now, come election and you ignored a clump of them, two electoral votes would possibly become 20. so, pay attention to everyone, or if youre like me, just be lucky.

    That concludes todays ramblings.




  9. Another year, another corporate pile of garbage makes it way to the stage from the puppets know as the Call of Duty developers. Now we have Black Ops 4, milking the black ops name even further. What do we get in this game according to today's reveal? Well, no single player compaign first of all. It is replaced by vague as hell 'missions' that apparently are themed around the Black Ops story itself. Yay, more copy and paste.

    What else? Well, the two corporate bitches on the stage actively announced that there will be no wall running or jet boosts. Okay, so the two main features you introduced in your LAST GAME, you are now pissing all over that for the sake of marketing. Amazing show of artistic integrity. Actively devalue and insult your last game to make your next one seem better. We also have BOOTS ON THE GROUND. Like we've never seen that before. COD WW2 and MWR both were boots on the ground and they both sucked shit. Not sure how that will be any different here. It is just the return of bullshit buzzwords to fool idiots into thinking it will be so much better than the other games.

    There's more too! Apparently, weapons have been given the utmost attention here. Black Ops 4, for the first time in COD history, will have....gun flashes that light up the rooms! bullet casings that come out of the when fired! Slight better bullet traces WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAA! Never seen that shit before, except from countless other games over the past decade. Yet here these things are, as main talking points in this reveal. It is amazing how the most basic of shit is supposed to be a huge selling point in COD. That's not all though. According to the two speakers for Corporate Cunts Inc., the thing that recieved the MOST of their attention was...drum roll please....ACTUAL GUN RECOIL DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE. Yeah, they literally said that was the biggest thing they had for weapons this time. Actual recoil, which is probably a total lie anyways. I hear the distinct sounds of them scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    There's also a totally new health system. Instead of regenning health automatically, you now have to simply press a button and THEN you start healing. Um, wow. I am just blown away by the creativity. Again, these are all MAIN POINTS showed off at this reveal. This is the best they could do apparently. They say that this new health system along with the 'operators' (AKA we're not Overwatch guys seriously), it all creates so many new 'tactical' things in the game. What this boils down to is, more corporate bullshit. They showed the gameplay, it looks no different than any other COD. There will be no tactics, the health system changes nothing. People will be running around like crazy like always and respawning instantly. IT IS NOT DIFFERENT. If your health was increased and respawning actually took more than half a milisecond, then these changes would actually mean something but no, it is just corporate checklists to make the game sound better without making it better. It is to fool you. It is to trick you into buying this. 

    They even showed off a new operator ability: A grapple hook that moves you about 6 feet at best. They even showed a so called awesome combo with that character and he....hooked himself forward about 5 feet or so. WOOOOOOOO. Exciting. What about things that actually change up the gameplay in any real way? Well, they now have a battle royal mode. Awesome. A corporate cash grab for a mode that is insanely overrated in a game it will not even work with. Cool. No thanks. Oh and of course the idiots at Treyarch still think that zombies are just the collest thing ever, even though it has been done to death a million times and zombies have long been passe. 

    People might hate EA, but I am legit excited about Battlefield 5's reveal now. It is going to blow this worthless COD trash away 10 fold. I am serious, Black Ops 4 looks absolutely terrible. This reveal event was probably the worst one I have ever seen. It was nothing but corporate bullshit. The graphics look identical to Black Ops 3, the game looks identical minus the whole wallrunning jetpack stuff. It is going to be TERRIBLE.

    Oh and don't forget to buy this game for $60, then buy the $50 season pass and then buy loot boxes. Call of Duty! A series that is totally NOT nothing but greed and corporate garbage.

  10. Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  That cliché gag they do in movies where one character says a line early in the movie, and then another character says the line back later, reversing it in some way.  Sometimes it's a "ha ha, gotcha back" kinda thing, and sometimes it's a cheesy learning learning experience.  Heh, maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about.  You'll instantly get it with a couple examples:

    It's like in Man of Steel when Faora is about to kill the military guy and she says, "A good death is its own reward," but then Kal-El saves him at the last second, and then later in the movie, military guy drives the ship into the thing and is about to kill Faora, and he repeats the line back to her: "A good death is its own reward," and she gets the oh crap look on her face.  This is the "whoever laughs last laughs best" example.

    And then there's X-Men The Last Stand when they're practicing in the danger room, and Logan goes on the offensive, and Storm tells him they're supposed to be working as a team to teach the kids, and he's like, "I am teaching 'em.  Best defense is a good offense."  And then at the climax when they hatch a plan to stop the Dark Phoenix, Logan gets the idea and says to Storm, "We work as a team," and Storm says, "Best defense is a good offense."  (Use mocking tone so thick that you can barely understand what I'm saying): Huuuh, huuuh!  See?  That's the line you said to me earlier!  I'm repeating it to you because I learned something and appreciated your perspective!  Isn't that clever?!  Lol.  Huh, huh, huuuuh, hur, hur huuuurrr!  :derp:

    I HATE this gimmick in movies because I have never, ever seen it done without feeling completely forced and cringe-y.  It's so stupid and annoying.  If you ever become a director and make a movie, DON'T DO THIS.

  11. So, the Babymetal concert was on Friday and I just wanted to talk about a little bit about my experience. I got there at around 7. From the moment I got there, I did nothing but stand. My legs were killing me by the time I left. There was a line to get into the venue and then a line to buy merch(I bought a t-shirt). Afterwards, I stepped inside and tried to find a good spot to stand. I was kind of disappointed with how small the venue was. I think there were too many people there. I think they might have benefited from having it at a larger venue. Anyway, the opening band comes on(some metal band called Skyharbor). Babymetal came on at around 9:16pm. The playlist consisted of the following: In the Name of, Distortion, two new songs(Elevator Girl and ?), Akatsuki, Megitsune, Gimme Chocolate, GJ!, Karate, Road of Resistance, and The One. It was kind of short. About an hour. There were no encores. All in all it was a pretty cool experience. For those who are interested, Yui was not there(They had two back-up dancers to take her place). A lot of people started speculating that she was no longer in the group, but the label assured fans she still is a part of the group. I think there explanation was that they are going to start rotating members or something like that.

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    Despite receiving development some characters never seem to learn and grow. Destined to act only within the confines of a rigid cage comprised of reckless writing, their behavior meant to amuse the viewers can easily become annoying and repetitive. In light of relative success that has been enjoyed by mind-numbing claptraps I can imagine why some would want to adopt such style for quick short term gains; however, I would advise against its application for worlds that are not lol-so-random in their design. Even in FIM whose high stakes episodes have long since been reduced into predictable waiting rooms for friendship solutions, Pinkie Pie is still capable of presenting herself as a glaring pink stain of misplaced emotions that further sways the atmosphere onto the side of expected outcome. She does this not through some clever wall-breaking Deadpool ability but through sheer emotional shallowness that is now so often mistaken for humor. In all the countless seasons, she has expressed little to no empathy or recognition of simplest behaviors while her outgoing nature has been continuously exploited for comic relief. Pinkie Pie of today is but a shell of a mindless clown stuffed with confetti and other party items. I say we cut open her bloated form and fill that empty space with clutter befitting of a main character. No more lighthearted stalking of friend and neighbor, no more dissocial masks of frigid happiness, no more idiotic cluelessness to fuel her episodes. Let us make a character beloved for her great wisdom and undying optimism stemming not from quirks but from insight.





    While most pegasi fill their bellies through acts of piracy, some clansmen are still clinging to the old ways of farmers and lumberjacks. Born into a large family of haymakers belonging to the peace-loving Pie clan, Pinkie had been dealt a hard yet quiet life on green pastures below the scree and snow of unforgiving summits. Long harvests in warm sunshine, strenuous stacking of hayracks, and arduous bargaining with stingy lords had been waiting on her beyond foalhood. However, this uneventful life had not been all that had been placed into her crib. As long as she had been able to remember, little Pinkie had possessed the ability to see the unseen. Where her grandmare had discerned only an abandoned crossroads, she had observed a towering shadow grinning at her elderly escort with a maw of pale flames. Where her older sisters had noticed only still shadows beneath the staircase, the trembling filly had detected a lurking revenant drenched in crimson. Where her fellow playmates had spotted only grass and stone, she had noticed a faceless geist creeping in the mist beyond their playground. Her family had thought that she had been afflicted with an illness of the mind, so her father had decided to take her before a traveling tahr monk who had descended from a mountain monastery to guide the creatures of the shard towards resolutions of their problems.



    Upon arriving at his humble abode, the old goat sage recognized Pinkie's condition for what it was: her eyes were able to pierce the veil and witness the secrets hidden beyond. To her uninitiated father he offered to train the filly in his art so that she may learn to calm her mind and be released from her affliction. Pinkie had always been a frail foal unfit for hard labor, so the stallion agreed, visibly relieved by the prospect of a cure. The monk's name was Shatterhorn and he was one of the great masters versed in an ancient discipline that allowed its users to perceive and affect the flow of mana. Being a resilient old goat, his desolate lodgings and harsh traveling conditions were not meant to be experienced by younglings. Thus the monk decided to cut his journey short and take the little filly up into the mountains. After a perilous climb through wind and mist, the two arrived before the guarded monastery gates chiseled into a precipitous rock face. Inside, they were greeted by a lively mob of young tahrs and chamois who have been residing there as students. After all, these monasteries did not serve only as vaults of knowledge but also as schools for reclusive folks of the high mountains, most of whom were not being taught the redundant and obscure ways of mana. Living among her new horned peers within the safety of enchanted walls, little Pinkie bloomed into an energetic and benevolent student. Her raw talent, sharpened by strict training, soon allowed her to perceive even more of the unseen world while her deepening knowledge enabled her to sway the invisible currents beneath her hooves. And so the years passed by.


    Now the world's currents twitch and pulse in a curious manner. A group of three ponies is seeking aid of a fabled pony seer that is said to reside in a remote mountain monastery, or is it the other way around. Many ancient scrolls and powerful artifacts have been stored in that monastery. One item in particular has piqued the villain's interest.



    Nimble as a goat and harder than a cookie, Pinkie is an accomplished disciple of the mountain monastery who has been entrusted with many a task from counseling to minor acts of exorcism. As a martial artist adept at using true sight, she can read the mana flow of living things, predicting their intentions and striking their weak points with her swift hooves, although she much prefers to utilize this hard-earned skill in the form of relaxing hoof massages. At her low level, she can interact with the incorporeal just enough for her to break simple enchantments or give that lesser dark spirit under your bed a good kick, and if she tries really, really hard she can hop out of her corporeal pony suit as a spirit Pinkie ready to scour the monastery for hidden sweets until she gets caught in one of many protection charms. Fear not, as her constant failures at outwitting the masters have not been in vain. These mishaps have forged her into an exceptional housekeeper. Speaking of the masters, legends have it that the wisest mana weavers among them are not only able to counter spells and disrupt the flow of great ley lines, but are also capable of unleashing terrifying attacks that can shatter mountains. Legends are full of exaggerations. In the end, you are probably just wondering one simple question: Can this Pinkie read the crystal ball?


    Ty Lee: inspiration's manifestation




    The ancient teachings and her many travels across the shard have forged Pinkie into a humble, adaptive, and bright young pegasi who has managed to rise above the shadows of her childhood. To the masters of the monastery she is the mischievous ringleader of her fellow cenobites, full of questions and unorthodox solutions. To the folks of the mountains she is the wise young mediator and a courageous exorcist always ready to lend a helping hoof to those willing to help themselves. Monks are not a charity organization made for those who do not seek fulfillment, and so Pinkie does not pry into creatures who do not desire her attention, at least not beyond the surface that harbors their intentions. Though, it goes without saying that such a young and perky seer is undoubtedly incredibly skilled in social affairs that may or may not include parties.


    When your friend breaks a Pinkie promise



    To make a good G5 Pinkie one must first understand that she needs to be a character and not a glorified aggregation of bad millennial quasi humor. Much like the heroes of yore, she too needs to be granted simple yet understandable reasons for her actions and a set of compelling tools tailored for a grand adventure. Of course, retaining her positive nature is key; however, this nature must not just be a default, unchanging part of her personality but a trait tempered by experience. One could say that G4 Pinkie's cheerfulness is a self-contained state she wants to force onto others while this Pinkie's cheerfulness is the product of nature and nurture that can be used to guide others towards their own versions of happiness.



    Squeaky but not too squeaky. Loud but not obnoxious. Excited but not hyperkinetic. Should behave like a low-key thot while remaining pure. Your best bet is a hwite girl VA. This does open up a question about how much abuse from screeching leftists are you willing to tank on social and mainstream media due to a completely understandable utilization of different aspects from various cultures? There is only one right answer: "All of it!"

  13. 5af7008c12a2b_!@!@oncharlatansandobjectiveanalysisandknowledgeinsocietyphilosophymoraldilemma.thumb.png.34e539124af86017f4bcfa8121af156a.pngThis is an example of the thought process one can use to reach a conclusion with knowledge we already have, but did not think to consider. It just takes some time and patience. If the brain can store massive quantities of data, why do most people not consciously recall it all? Its because people do not try. All you need is spare time, and recognition of an almost order of operations of logic.

    In this example I start by asking a question that most would think has no definite objective answer. Then I keep going through a self-critical process of proposals based on reflections and the knowledge it brings to the foreground that I already had but did not know I had.

    So to simplify.

    1. 'unknowable' question

    2. reflection

    2.a knowledge from reflection

    2.b applying the knowledge into the equation

    2.c rule it out if it doesn't objectively answer anything

    3. repeat 2 til it does objectively answer something

    4. add this into the equation permanently

    5 repeat 2-5 as needed til the first question is answerable.

    6. The answer and its objectively true within the assumptions that 'the world is real'.

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    Who didn't know when reading the title that this would be an AJ-and-Dashie episode?

    Fluttershy being Teacher of the Month at a friendship school all the time is well-deserved. I keep emphasizing how her big heart and thus great capacity for loving and compassion makes her predestined for it, as she showed by authentically being a friend to Discord during his troubled phase.

    What is worth pointing out and being puzzled about though is that this is the ninth win. That means nine months have passed since the founding of the school. Why would the writers want to do such a large jump? That could become inconvenient in the future. ... Continuity and consistency were never strong points of the writing. (Noticed how during the canoe adventure Silverstream and Ocellus threw away their helmets and their safety vests vanished and when they shapeshifted back they were wearing both? OK, that's a minor, borderline thing, but it's one thing that just came to my attention.)

    Fluttershy suggesting AJ and Dashie do the field trip together was so along the lines of her teacher expertise. She observed quietly and then pointed out the obvious solution. It came across as an almost trolling-level idea, but was actually quite like a Salomonic judgment. She's totally pwning her colleagues. Again, deservedly Teacher of the Month. She's got it figured out.

    I had some tiny hope though that Twilight Sparkle expected it to go wrong when she sends AJ and Dashie on a non-competitive, teamwork-oriented mission. - Nope. "I can't believe this. You're not teaching teamwork. You're competing with each other." - She thought they were past that? What made her think that? How much time to they actually spend together off-camera? I would assume enough, considering Pinkie even pointed out to everybody that a potted plant would be better at it than those two.
    Let me take a jab a Twilight here and exclaim how I can't believe she lied to Celestia in the theater episode. Heh.

    Since they got so many different species around now, they're not saying "everypony" anymore, but "everycreature". This seems odd to me, since there are our "everybody" and "everyone". But I could assume this is with the idea that "everycreature" emerged from THEIR world and need to find a new word, and that is also maybe wants to be in-your-face about how they made a move of racial inclusion. I'm just wondering whether that's also the word that everybody used in their world when not referring to ponies. For example, what do yaks say among themselves? Everyyak?

    Now, the issue with AJ an Dashie was one of those things I like to briefly bring to philosophical attention, a case of a rigid mind trying to twist even the opposite of something into the same, basically showing the infinite power of self-deception.

    That they would eventually teach by bad example was, too, kinda announcing itself as early as reading the episode title, haha. I am just glad Twilight scheduled another test right away instead of giving them the award anyway. And after all, they have a whole month left to work on internalizing the experience and lesson.
    I'm just worried that month might pass like nothing. Considering how quickly the previous nine went by, hah.

    P.S.: Seeing the friendship school architecture from so many internal angles makes me wish I had been able to learn in such an environment. It is an amazing building. Never underestimate the impact such beautiful art can have on the heart, which lays the groundwork for the teachings.

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  15. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain(PS4)

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    Killzone Shadow Fall(PS4)



    Wolfenstein The New Order(PS4)


    --Trophy Earned: Gunner( Save allied planes )(Bronze)(Common 92.56%)

    --Trophy Earned: Deadeye( Unlock tactical perk 1 )(Bronze)(Common 79.33%)

    --Trophy Earned: Scout I( Unlock stealth perk 1 )(Bronze)(Common 92.65%)

    --Trophy Earned: Knife throwing( Unlock stealth perk 2 )(Bronze)(Common 86.71%)

    --Trophy Earned: Gun magazine +( Unlock tactical perk 4 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 39.14%)

    --Trophy Earned: Double reload( Unlock assault perk 1 )(Bronze)(Common 85.39%)

    --Trophy Earned: Endurance I( Unlock assault perk 2 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 41.68%)

    --Trophy Earned: Throwback( Unlock demolition perk 1 )(Bronze)(Common 84.82%)

    --Trophy Earned: Quick draw( Unlock tactical perk 2 )(Bronze)(Common 71.70%)

    --Trophy Earned: Knife sheath +( Unlock stealth perk 3 )(Bronze)(Common 56.62%)

    --Trophy Earned: Bullet feeder( Unlock assault perk 4 )(Bronze)(Common 57.84%)

    --Trophy Earned: Fergus saved( Choose to save Fergus )(Silver)(Common 69.58%)

    --Trophy Earned: Scavenger( Unlock assault perk 3 )(Bronze)(Uncommon 36.57%)

    --Trophy Earned: Quick regeneration( Unlock tactical perk 3 )(Bronze)(Common 69.86%)

    --Trophy Earned: Silent shot( Unlock stealth perk 5 )(Bronze)(Common 57.62%)

    --Trophy Earned: Scout II( Unlock stealth perk 7 )(Bronze)(Common 75.59%)