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I wrote a comment on deviantART and realized it's worth blogging here. It is based on a picture I have in my wallpaper slideshow for a long time because it impressed me so much on a deep level:




Twilight shows maybe the clearest example of the power of the controlling mind trying to force its way, fueled by negative emotion. Her energy shoots at Discord, but you see it strike her friends, too, mostly from Discord's head. True friendship empowers love and comes from the heart, while in this picture Discord is like an inner demon of Twilight, and her mental struggle with it gives it power and causes discord in her friendship, turning her friends against her and her against her friends.
The solution to this problem was eventually portrayed beautifully in her battle against Tirek when she allowed herself defeat and let her heart lead the way, against all conceptual fears.


Also, Pinkie has a duck in her hair.


UPDATE 2015-12-02:
While watching the season 5 finale, my desktop wallpaper switched to this. The finale is another reminder of this recurring message that more or less is in all MLP episodes and I appreciate it greatly. It is something worth moving towards, regardless of how little success we might experience at first.
Friendship brings together, because true friendship is fueled by love. And love is magic. Friendship comes from the heart and is empowered by it.


S05E22 brief commentary

An excellent episode. I like it so much!


Discord being in his own unique way the teacher more than ever, taking care of the last remnants of problematic ideas from the past that unsurprisingly Twilight would cling to the most, since she is very intellect-focused, and the mind is the origin of all suffering.


It also showed how easily one can fall into self-delusion by making up a self-image designed to avoid being honest to oneself. That kind of honesty being the crucial first step in having a positive impact on the world by having a positive impact on yourself. Thus also hinted at how when we THINK we got stuff figured out, safe and secure, that might be the most dangerous time.


And I especially liked the somewhat unspoken message in the lesson:
That true friendship comes from the heart, not the mind.
The mind on its own would attempt to create a fake of the real thing, an imitation. Something you can observe every day; best example corporate marketing, but also in individuals.


I also grinned knowingly at one point and was wondering whether the writers intended the hint at the irony:
When Twilight was at Zecora's place and insisted that there must be some kind of magic involved in her friends' behavior, I thought:
Well, DUH! There's indeed that one special kind of magic that causes people to have a great time together. You claim to be the Princess of Friendship, educated and skilled in various forms of magic. I'm quite sure you've heard of it. :o


By the way, Zecora's potion bottle was definitely magical, too. I mean, did you see how much liquid came out of the thing?! :lol:


You know, with stories like this, I'm not worried that they might run out of ideas and the show takes a nosedive. As long as they keep having fun like this and don't change the formula, it gives me a warm feeling when thinking about the future. With so many things in our world eventually becoming corrupted, there needs to be at least one exemplary defiant champion in our life. As long as the makers of the show heed their own lessons, we're all safe. :squee:


S5E21 brief commentary

Hm, now that was odd. A Halloween episode was perfect timing, but a Christmas episode right before that, that's kinda odd.


What Fluttershy said in the end is roughly how I feel, too. I don't like to play any kind of prank on people that causes bad feelings and discomfort, unless it's to a trivial degree. Just like Fluttershy said: Seeing others in such a state, caused by me, that would make me feel very bad, regardless of prank or not. The feelings are the same. A certain sensitivity combined with empathy prevents enjoyment of that.
Of course they could have told her to just be afraid, to accept the experience; that it's just one night and the whole point, but why should Fluttershy condition herself like that? It would change who she is, and with good, accepting friends, she is in the lovely position of not needing to. She can overcome her fears when it is really required, when it's serious. That's good enough.
They also could have told her that her many worries of being attacked are unfounded and that there's nothing to really be scared of, but that would have defeated the whole purpose of Nightmare Night. ( No, I don't mean candy. ^_^ )


Speaking of which... Pinkie's candy bag art made me laugh so hard! :lol: Like soul images.
The episode generally had a lot of fun little details.
As mentioned in my tweet I must say though, they should really cut back on the ... Wilhelm squeaks ^^, haha. Gets as annoying as the screams can become. Funnily, this was a Halloween episode and as far as I can tell there was actually no Wilhelm SCREAM in it. (Not saying there should have been.)


Apparently they know how to make colored contact lenses in Equestria. Or what other means could Fluttershy have used to change her eye color?


Here are two more spontaneous thoughts I had while watching:


Sadly I don't have a perfect memory, so I don't actually know whether there are scenes supporting this theory, but I thought:
Seems like any time balloons are shown in MLP, they float up, i.e. they are helium balloons. ... Do you know of any scene where Pinkie Pie inflates a balloon with her lungs that ends up floating upwards? If not, then I guess the writers really thought it through. ... Or not, haha. We're talking about Pinkie here. I would find it quite natural if her lungs expelled helium. It would be like the physical manifestation of her overall lightness.
A partial helium content in her breath would also explain her cute voice. ^^
And yours. Admit it: If Pinkie was all in-your-face talking to you, your voice would get squeaky, too.
It could of course also be that she's simply breathing out magic. :-)


I have been writing a lot about the pain of abundant spoilers. :okiedokielokie:


Can you see where this is going?


No, not gonna say it. :blink: You say it!




Let the star of the episode be your hero and do your best to become a hero, too.


Just the usual lesson, actually. But damn, this one is dear to me.




Side note: When you are really making a sincere effort and your intention is pure, but you eventually still falter, life might have your back. The universe appreciates sincerity, action from the heart, and doesn't punish without purpose. Punishment always takes two.


So as I talked about in my previous entry, because I already knew the format of the episode beforehand it took away a good bit of the potentially pleasant surprise. It was still a remarkable episode to watch though (took me a while to get into the mood), because the bright spirit of the show has its own power. And because it is such a change to the lore.
Did you notice? It started with a theme of change, but it ended up being not the kind of change you'd have expected, but much more. :-)


Also this episode, too, featured the common uplifting/refreshing theme of people being able to change to the better so relatively easily, compared to what is often the case in our world. That is a point I appreciate greatly, and equally so I am troubled by it in our realm. People here tend to be such vicious agents of their inner demons. I could assume that villainesque characters change for the better so easily in MLP because of the energy that (mainly) the main cast radiates. They are champions, not by being perfect, but by being willing to work towards it, by making an effort, and through their understanding of what moral support means; to not mess things up too much with the mind, but have an open heart and support each other that way.
These are two of three points in which this episode is especially close to me. The third point is how the CMC eventually figured out that their tedious quest for their cutie marks led to that path being the aim, that their struggle was turned into a blessing, thus positively affecting their whole past efforts. ( You cannot change the future, only the past. ;-) ) I wish this worked for me in this realm as it did there in Ponyville, because I more and more find myself in the same situation; that my path of peril is the opportunity for helping others, yet as I said, the fulfillment through that fails in the face of vicious, stone-carved resistance of those who could benefit from the insights I gained out of personal necessity on my journey.


So I watched this episode at a very fitting time.


The musical-style reminded me a lot of Magical Mystery Cure. In both episodes I enjoy how the practiced solution gains celebratory momentum instead of indulging in drama all the time. It has that sweet 'ownage feeling', haha. Also, again, very close to my heart in pain and passion, this approach.


P.S.: This is what came to my mind during the beginning of the episode. ^^


A review of the episode concerned will follow this entry. Life isn't all pleasantry, and grievances need to be talked about, only then can pleasant experiences be put on a solid foundation.


Lately I have been on an unfollow extravaganza on Twitter and deviantART, because the wave of spoilers is hard to counter, and I'm getting increasingly pissed at how people throw them around left and right.
Once I'm done building a relaxing internet silence, the season will probably be over.


The most recent incident was especially vexing because of the feeling of righteousness of the perpetrator.


(Although since I have waited until I found the right mood to watch the episode myself, by now sufficient time has passed not to tag anymore. Still, when feasible, it is decent to in general give the opportunity to see what's coming and decide whether it is a spoiler or not.)



This is the tweet chain in question:


Daniel Ingram at least waited three days before posting it, and it's related to what he does, so it being part of his Twitter activity is understandable. But there was still no need to post it that early. There was nothing to be missed if he had waited a bit longer. It's not like remix musicians are all done after three days and then people keep total silence about it and move on. Don't treat music like produce that spoils if you don't eat it soon.


The real issue though is when a Twitter account that is supposed to be about a convention retweets that spoiler and then when pointed out doesn't even show any empathy, but gives justification-bullshit.
1) Their stated 24-hour rule (although not put to its extreme in this specific case, but that's beside the point) is a mere half of what Reddit put in place. And Reddit is not focused on convention-related content.
2) They conveniently disregard that this is not about music in an episode, but the fact that it is a musical, like Magical Mystery Cure. That could have been a nice surprise. Even just a regular song is still a nice surprise, so BUCK is trying to justify a bigger spoiler by claiming it is a smaller one, and that a smaller one is none at all because it's common. That's like claiming that saying the next episode features Twilight Sparkle doing a physical transformation is no spoiler because she did that several times already.

It's no secret that the MLP fandom shares many negative traits with many other fandoms, and this is just more unempathic, uncaring ego-focus, and it might be pissing me off less if this wasn't just one of so many examples where people don't really think about fellow fans, but let their actions be ruled by personal convenience. I encountered this stuff ever since I was active in the fandom, with the first plenty cases on Cheezburger.


This is a widespread phenomenon that is even propagated by the networks. To me it is appalling that these days they continue to assault us with summaries of following episodes right after the current one aired; sometimes not even with so much as a black screen in-between. In that case, there is also a fear involved that people might not watch their programming if they didn't show what's coming, which sends a message of lack of confidence in their product, which is in almost all cases baseless.
(I refuse to call it an improvement, but I remember times when the networks would even give you a summary of the FOLLOWING episode RIGHT BEFORE IT AIRED.)


There are people so messed up and self-unaware that they bemourn the loss of past childlike wonder and amazement and wish they could get that feeling back, yet at the same time are the ones contributing to ruining every chance for that happening. And when I give them the benefit of the doubt and explain it to them, they actively refuse to understand and cling to the problem-creation. This is not too uncommon to me either. The bemourning (or in a different form the dramatic "Why?!") is a technique for rejecting personal responsibility, for externalizing/projecting the problem to a feigned-unknown cause.


Bringing good into the world requires effort, i.e. inconvenience. That effort is worth it because it creates win-win situations, while the at the root fear-based course of self-serving action harms everybody on some level. And effort here must not be confused with action. The whole point is that the fear-motivated mind tries to actively control. In that state, it requires effort in the form of having courage to not try to control things, prepare for the future, know everything in advance.


I will continue to remind people of that, because apparently it needs repeating.


P.S.: Little warning: Don't visit if you hate spoilers. They're frickin' doing it too! Synopsis of upcoming episodes, right on their front page.


Lately I have watched some music videos from MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and realized how skillfully and beautifully the makers depicted a theme with it. The villains are three sirens, putting people under their spell using music in order to take their magic, or more generally, benefit personally.
People keep saying that the sirens got the best musical parts in the movie. Crucial word here: "best". It is a mind judgment. Their music has a different vibe than the music of the mane 6, which moves, too, but in a very different way. It is a less intellectually stimulating way. But the way that speaks to the heart.
The makers of the movie managed to have the sirens extend their influence beyond the movie universe and affect viewers in a very similar way. That is amazing work. People find themselves unable to stop listening to it, and I have to include myself in that to a degree. Which is no surprise, since my mind is still very active and easy to capture in that way. But I also realize that salvation lies in focusing on the mane 6 instead, so I don't consider myself in real danger when dabbling in siren music, haha.


I might not have vast personal experience with various musicians, but the experience I have is interesting to examine, because there tend to be electronic musicians who find the right sound effects and such to excite the masses, and they might be the ones who stand on a stage and 'lead' the crowd with various techniques. The typical dance club DJ maybe. Then you have musicians who get you less excited, but more heart-open, maybe also warm and fuzzy, calm, serene. Those will cause less of a unified ritualistic environment.
The more you practice something, the better you get at it, and the more you observe with an open mind that doesn't obsess over absolutes and total certainty, you can discover some intriguing bits and see how much is going on behind the curtains, beyond the realm of shapes and things.


The Dazzlings could be seen as (among related things) a metaphor for the shallow pop music business with all its artificialty and trickery and ulterior motives and its effects on people.


So to come back to the title message: The Dazzlings' reach extends into our world, but so does the magic of friendship of the mane 6. Especially Pinkie Pie isn't inhibiting herself in that regards, but more recently Twilight has learned to think with portals and has joined the club of interdimensional relations, so to speak.


If you are still skeptical, maybe you need to have a fresh experience of the underlying theme. Watch these three videos in succession and try not to repeat-play... hahahaha!
Pay close attention to the lyrics.
And don't hold me accountable for any results. ^^





P.S.: Unless you'd like to warch/rewatch the whole movie anyway, check out the two sides of this based on the lyrics. Examine what the protagonists say in response to the sirens:


I often look at deep themes that connect MLP episodes to my life experience, and I will do that here, too:




This is one of those episodes that trigger my cynical side due to related experiences. In the end they say they got inspired by the play, but really? Charity Kindheart did a big thing before and people were willing to help there, too, despite it being so big. She left and all spirit vanished.
I.e. people love bullshit. The obvious point is that inspiration is exactly what did not happen. Inspiration doesn't mean to follow a strong leader when prompted to. It means becoming one yourself. Living what you witness. They proved that they weren't inspired through their inaction after Charity left. But of course people are always eager to state their bogus beliefs about themselves. And in the case of the moustached pony it's not even a surprise: He had shown how full of shit he is before when he mentioned how 'busy' he allegedly is, with not a moment to spare, while lazily enjoying the sun on a float. (Hm, where have I heard stuff like that before? ... Oh right! Galacon 2014 charity song collab project, from The Living Tombstone.)


It's only a happy end in the sense that they found a replacement leader figure and gave her an initial boost. Give it a couple more events like that and then imagine what happens if Coco Pommel leaves. She'd better find a successor in time. ... But what's the point of doing all that if it doesn't really inspire people anyway? How should it be uplifting for the ones making the effort?
That gives this episode an unspoken grim afterthought, a sister-message that is overlooked in the limelight of the star.


I would tag-line the episode: "Doing free energy giveaways in vampire town".


All talk, no walk. The usual. It's everywhere. Deviations from it are a rarity.


Also blogged here:


In the past I had my anger and frustration in the MLP fandom with people posting spoilers and just not caring whether others might not want that, despite it being common knowledge that spoilers are unpopular. I can understand when the sickos in TV programming feel the need to post episode previews right after an episode - it's tradition because they're afraid people might not watch it otherwise if they don't get a teaser.
But from fans of MLP I would have expected better. And this can't just be explained away with autism. I know that that manifest as an inability to put oneself in someone else's shoes, but that alone can't be it. It's good old non-caring about others; low social intelligence. One of the many aspects in which the MLP fandom is just like any other fandom or society in general.


A person who doesn't appreciate being surprised by a new episode, who doesn't enjoy the mystery and wait, but has so little discipline that impatience and own wants determine their decisions, has a mind imbalance. A mind that wants to control and accumulate. A tendency that also seeks to subdue the show to their will instead of respectfully bowing to its greatness and making an effort to live up to it. This issue is not limited to the MLP fandom, but manifests in many areas of society; it's a general problem.


So I had taken my personal consequences from experiences in this area, distancing myself from people and platforms where that common decency wasn't obeyed. Battle-hardened so to speak.
But guess what: It's not enough.


Apparently there was a panel at a convention where they catered to that issue and published a preview. I'm quite sure they unmistakably did label it as containing spoilers (because the makers of the show are relatively mature people), but that measure ends at the fans. So what is now reality is that a song from 8 episodes from now (currently the show has summer halftime), melody and lyrics, is being covered by fans. It will likely spread. And you cannot expect spoiler warnings. Because apparently a panel being labeled "spoilers" is not enough of a hint.
I do blame the panelists, too, though, because they had to know what would happen.


I remember when I was at a panel where M.A. Larson showed some writing process documents that were not for free publication, only for the panel. Filming and photos forbidden, and that clearly stated.
They still had staff closely watching and enforcing that rule. Insulting demonstration of a lack of trust?
Nope, smartest decision ever. Because without watchers you'd have to expect there to be jerks calling themselves bronies who would disrespect M.A. Larson himself and try to capture the document anyway. Because, you know, he's just some dude and MLP is just a damn TV show. Heard stuff like this from 'fans'.


They should have run the same rule for the panel where the song was played.


Furthermore, I was at a panel where an interview was to be done and they said no questions about the coming season would be answered in order to avoid spoilers for those who don't want that. There was moaning all throughout the audience! Many people there only cared about their own wants and didn't care about whether that would spoil things for 'their fellow bronies'.


I absolutely worship the show, but the fandom keeps disappointing me. And there's no indication for a change, because there aren't really agreed-on standards for the fandom and not enough people with the courage and/or energy to set them.


This comes shortly after an animator spoke about another aspect of the same problem complex in the fandom, about denial, and as expected people demonstrating that denial in the comment section.


And thus I am still on a quest for a healthy environment, because the sickness around me keeps making ME sick, too. Same result, but two totally opposite causes.


The sixth chakra is the mind and/or the third eye or mind's eye, associated with the intellect and situated (at its energetic activity point if you will) roughly between the eyebrows.
The seventh chakra is the crown, at the top of the head. It is the connection to what lies above, beyond the egoic mind, the higher or divine realm, where anything is possible.


Between those two points lies the 'unicorn point'. It is where a unicorn horn is located. Halfway between intellect and divine connection to the realm of infinite possibilities. The merging of those two forces can potentially make anything possible, depending on how well the 'software' is adapted to that mode of operation.


Beautifully poetical.




All of Equestria is filled with magic. Its nature is channeling, embodying it.


Pinkie Pie is utilizing magic, too, but because her governor facility - the intellect - is not optimized for control and focus, she practices what I (without claiming to understand it troroughly) tend to associate with "Miao Tong Dao", Lao Tzu's no-method path of enlightenment, where you simply wish things or states into existence. Since Pinkie Pie very much surrenders herself lovingly/passionately to happiness and thus an open and strongly radiating heart, that becomes the driving force for her magic. The governor that doesn't govern.


It might sound ironical, but as powerful as Twilight Sparkle's magic is, if there was a danger of Equestria's magic being weakened, hers would be more of a risk factor for that than Pinkie's. Twilight's magic is closest to our habits of generating electricity and other forces through machines, built by applying our intellect with very little use of divine connection. (We mostly work with what's already manifest in our realm and we build machines because we tend to externalize in the impatient pursuit of more power instead of focusing on personal growth by looking inwards.)




I embody various traits, but I definitely have a lot from a unicorn.
My Mayan birth horoscope is interesting in this regard. It describes me as a "flint", the divine spark of intelligence, mirror of reality, discriminating emotion from fact, cutting falsehoods away, tirelessly standing to protect, defend or cure others by personal sacrifice.
Flints can receive information on inter-personal troubles or the evil plots of others by reflecting in an obsidian mirror. (Socio-political research and personal life guidance in front of a computer monitor? ^^)


I'm kind of in a troubled relation with my galactic tone "10" though, the number of physical manifestation of intentions, ideas, hopes, fears, a powerful energy carrying great responsibility.


I realize that now that I mention it, it reduces the chances of it appearing even more, but it would kinda spoil it a bit anyway, and since I'm not a show writer (wink-wink ^^), it very likely wouldn't have occured anyway, sooo...


Pinkie Pie: (knocks on Rarity's door)
Rarity: (being busy) "Who is it?"
Pinkie Pie: ("I am) the one who knocks." ^^


Also works great as a knock-knock joke. ;-)


Would definitely feel less forced-in than that clumsy Game of Thrones reference we saw.



Why didn't Fluttershy try to help Discord get a ticket? She just ignored the matter. Nobody knew the mail had delay. This is like Ticket Master again.

Also, I was surprised at first that he supposedly hadn't been invited, since we know Celestia's attitude towards giving the Grand Galloping Gala an interesting touch. I simply couldn't believe she would not invite Discord. (Twilight should know better by now, too. But that's an ongoing issue in general. So hard to get rid of old habits and ways of thinking.)

It generally lowers my enjoyment a bit when problems build up solely due to miscommunication. I know that it is one of the great challenges in the world, but still, it's a lazy technique and effectively made Fluttershy be uncaring. ... Couldn't keep the episode from being quite the enjoyable one though.





Anybody who thinks about shipping now needs to be put down.





At least she's not biting it anymore.





Elegantly implemented Metal Gear reference. (Although the perspective seems a bit off.)

Pinkie knowing it's Discord. Shaking the camera. OMG, so much highlevel pinkieness in one scene!





Shame is all about norms and contrast, isn't it?





And this closet is the jewelry wardrobe. Unguarded of course. Who needs guards in a royal castle? ... Oh wait.





Dear Discord... when the critics say that Maud Pie is funnier than you, then you really need to... ah, forget it, there's nothing you can do.

Pinkie's dress is lovely.






Dimensional portal: Now this is a somewhat more appropriate, not-so-much-immersion-breaking use of that technique. Apparently it's intended to be clashing. I'm just surprised it didn't cause lovecraftian mental distress. I guess they simply cannot fully perceive the otherness of that dimension.




P.S.: Tree Hugger has attained mastery in clichée. ^^




What bothered me:

- The Game of Thrones reference was the most unskillful and tryhard reference I've ever seen in MLP. I could sense the badum-tshh pause for the expected laughter.

- Yet another Wilhelm scream soon after. This is starting to look like an obsession. The sound design is really getting crude and in-your-face. They need to get out of their head and practice some more sensitivity for subtleties.

- Oh, a song again. A mediocre uplifting song about sabotage. This felt like a quantity-over-quality approach. Less can be more.

- Tank's voice acting was none. While it was just yawning, they could have imagined what a turtle's yawn would sound like. Instead, it sounded exactly like some random adult male non-actor yawning. This doesn't fit with the fact that Tank doesn't talk, because the voice totally suggests that he should be able to.

- No consequences at all for the sabotage? Does she have diplomatic immunity or something? (Probably time constaints, considered of secondary importance to the episode. But even just a brief hint at it would have been better than just acting like nothing bad happened. That together with her weird counter-productive behavior during the winter work not even being noticed by the other ponies felt very odd, like the episode was focusing too much on Rainbow Dash being the star and story and forgetting the impact on everything else.)


What I liked:

- Various character interactions. Not all of them, but the episode had some minor highlights. I liked the one with the name confusion. It got me confused at first, too, which is nicely involving and thus skillful.

- The general message of the episode is very valuable.

- Fluttershy


Overall I found this a mediocre episode.

It had Fluttershy though.




Remember Pinkie Pride with the real-world footage thrown in? It immediately changes the character. By creating such a harsh, sudden connection to a different 'realm', the integrity of the intended realm is compromised. This is what's called "breaking immersion".

Said artistic tools CAN be for a specific reason sometimes, when the context fits, but to me it didn't fit in that episode.


It doesn't have to be that extreme though.


One example of it not being a problem is scenes where they use lighting effects or camera zoom and pan techniques - the latter even has been talked about in praise in Youtube videos. (I don't remember the episode with the scene I'm thinking of, but it was done in an elegant, subtle way, and served a specific technical purpose. It was not a style break, but a style enhancement.)


But lately there was another thing that immediately got me 'off-track in my mind', in season 5 episode 3 (Castle Sweet Castle) right after the intro, there was a zoom-in of what very much looked like painted, with tons of details, some kind of heavy blur filter, gradients and stuff. Well, I'll just post it here, then you can see for yourself - in case you haven't seen the episode. (Don't worry, no spoilers here.)




When I saw that, I lost attention for the plot of the episode, had to check again, was wondering why they would decide to suddenly put that attention-catching style break in there, was wondering whether I didn't pay attention and this was supposed to be a painting on a wall somewhere. (thus: immersion break)


Is there discussion about this specific scene somewhere? Or about the topic in general?


Did you notice how deep the imagery goes? Those ponies are like avatars of their elements.


Pinkie's hair is round and swirly, any deviation from the norm won't even make a difference. Any child could draw those endless bends beautifully. Totally Pinkie.


Rarity's hair is exquisite - a real challenge, and artists can get frustrated trying to draw it properly. Totally a Rarity, requiring high skill.


Rainbow Dash wouldn't be satisfied with just some color. She wants the whole color spectrum in there, to stand out, to make people gaze in awe like watching a rainbow.


Applejack's hair is practical and simple, like a bundle of hay, and even colored in that style. Condensed so that it doesn't get in the way during work, yet allowing people to see its fullness.


Twilight Sparkle's hair signals a special snowflake with those streaks, haha. They're a pony's rallye stripes.


Fluttershy's hair flows like water, not resisting things, finding its way passively, just like her personality. The color is rose, basically pastel pink, and pink is often associated with the heart, which is what she'll melt when she looks at you. :squee: Her mane even forms a heart!


This means a lot to me.

Recently someone liked my style of drawing, and so I was invited by BountyHunter to participate in a contest to design a background wallpaper for the OUYA gaming console. How could I not honor a personal invitation? :squee:

I kinda had to push myself to get it finished in time though. Motivation is still an issue, and any encouragement makes a difference. It would be like medicine for my soul to win this thing.

The last time I won (and participated in) an art competition was in my childhood.


So would you kindly help a fellow brony out? :) If you have a Facebook account, please vote daily for my art:


and spread the message among your friends and fellow bronies.


There's also a chance to win some merchandise for early voters. It's not much, but in case you are struggling with motivation, too, maybe that helps a little.


Thank you! Yay! :yay:


This is a brief followup thought to my earlier musings -

for clarifying why the focus on the six main characters for the show was such a smart idea regarding writing skill.

The point should be pretty much self-explanatory, so I won't comment on it.


Rarity = intellect - right brain hemisphere (synthetic, emotional, creative, imaginative, radiant)

Twilight Sparkle = intellect - left brain hemisphere (analytical, logical, scientific, rational, inquisitive)


Fluttershy = kind heart

Rainbow Dash = brave heart


Pinkie Pie = driving purpose - spiritual

Applejack = driving purpose - material


Greetings my loyal minio... I mean subj... NO I mean peasa... GAAAAAH - DEAD READER!



The need for expansion of my various activities is a big theme in my life, and in an attempt to find more driving purpose for my creative output, I have decided to extend my web presence to some more platforms,

namely Twitter, Tumblr and Wordpress (and Reddit, but since it's a mere content aggregator, this might only be useful to you if you can't follow me on the other sites).


I cannot guarantee when or how much content will appear, but once I have that avenue available, it might help me get some more momentum. I'm pretty sure I'll be quite active especially on Twitter once I have a certain subscriber base.


So if you like what I do on deviantART and YouTube and the web in general, please consider subscribing to my new Tumblr, Twitter and Wordpress (and maybe Reddit), too and sharing it with others when content appears.


The worst that can happen is that nothing happens and you forgot you even subscribed, so nothing lost. ^^ But I think it's gonna be much better than that. ;-)


The general purpose of this move is the realization that I have entertainment (as well as sharing ideas and insights) at heart, living it in most of what I do, and since I almost always try to make even things like mere comments interesting, subscribing to the 'whole package' makes sense. :-)


Audience makes a huge difference!


I'll probably share many things that I find noteworthy. I'll have to figure out how much over time, getting used to those new avenues. Especially I'm not sure yet whether I will post things wherever they fit, or only on the one platform where they fit best. Probably the latter, to avoid administration overhead, since there will be increasing overlap with each new service I join.


My idea at this time is to use it this way:

Wordpress: Proper, tendentially lenghty text-based blogging, like essays or thoughts of the day

Tumblr: Visual commentary, sharing, drawn art that doesn't fit well on deviantART

Twitter: Brief thoughts, very likely to be rich in puns ^^. Maybe also upload notifications and such, not sure at this point.

Reddit: Notifications about noteworthy new works for people who don't follow me on my other sites


So basically I invite you to subscribe in part because I won't use these to document my daily life's every move or boring stuff like that, but to entertain, inspire and enlighten; Being my usual self, communicating and sharing.

My Wordpress blog could contain all kinds of themes, and also the occasional rant. No holding back if I deem it important/relevant/interesting.

(Google+ by the way has very little priority for me at this time. I still haven't forgiven what Google did to Youtube there.)



So... here are all the subscribable links I can currently offer: ⇐You are here

(Technically there's also Cheezburger, but I'm not active there anymore. I'll publish my caption pictures on deviantART and/or Tumblr.)


Thank you! :-)

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