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When Twilight Sparkle was made to experience her worst fear by Sombra's Door, Spike came quickly and interrupted its captivating influence. But I think without Spike, Twilight would have made it on her own, too. Spike broke the spell while she was still fully in the grasp of her fears.

The opportunity lies in allowing this to continue on its own. What would have happened is this: Exactly because it is her worst fear, it would have a devastating effect. A prolonged experience would be unbearable for her, thus creating the necessity to find her source of inner strength, to empower and call upon the little bright light of positivity buried under those fears, and because Twilight is also very smart, she would eventually figure out that this cannot be 'right'. She would stop believing that any experience she might have could be that horrible and desperate, and that refusal of belief in her fears, combined with the gained skill in tapping into her positive spirit regardless of the circumstances, would allow her to overcome them.


I know this because I have experienced a process like that with ayahuasca. That's how emotional healing works ... the hard way ... when less severe means aren't available or sufficient.


So this is actually the weakness in Sombra's Door: Less severe fears are way more tricky. People can learn to live with them, to incorporate them into their life, they don't catch attention, thus they can remain undetected. But fully experiencing one's worst fears isn't sustainable and thus carries in itself the seed of its demise. We are unwilling and unable to live with them, and when fighting this battle inside of the mind, at the end the only casualty can be the fear that struck root there. Ironically, Sombra's Door magic is too powerful to be able to prevail.


Someone on Cheezburger used 'messy' language regarding a certain poll, favoring Adventure Time because Lauren is not running MLP anymore, and someone urged him to use the Queen's language. The solution flowed from my mind instantly.



An A to the D


Adventure Time's the best show you can see on TV.

It's adventurelicious!


Everypony becomes evil - that would be hilarious.


Look at this and imagine the hilarity ensuring:


They'd all scheme and fight against each other and eventually realize that it's pointless, in part because when everypony is evil, nopony is evil. They'd also realize the stupidity and unsustainability of a life like that.


The bandwagon is irresistble. ^_^


Any mod desginer here who would like to do that? ... The model would make sense as a warhammer as well as a staff.


Although I guess some picture edits would be fun, too. I'm just not in the mood for stuff like that, otherwise I'd make something myself. But maybe this idea inspires you for all kinds of weapon-associated stuff involving that scepter.


But imagine how hiariously grotesque it would be to bash a dragon head in with that silly smily face. ... Or to roast some bandits with unicorn power. (Rainbow beam spell maybe.)


"Hate to break it to you, Pinkie, but you're just a fictional character from a TV series. I hope you're not too shocked. You're still awesome."


- Well, yes and no.


"Y... wait, what?! Huh?!?"


- Yeah, we kiiinda made you believe that to ease the process of realizing you are just a figment of our imagination. It's a crazy new idea some writers had and introduced to the canon. ... I had a hoof in that, too.


"It's awesome that you're handling it so well that you still feel like joking. ... I mean, you're obviously trying to mess with my head here."


- Suit yourself. But you started it. ... You're made up.


"Nice try, but your world is just a TV series in our world, and our world is nowhere to be found in your world."


- Oh silly! That's just the TV show! Not the real Equestia! Of course it has to make sense in your world or it wouldn't work at all. And I really must say that I'm at an unfair advantage here because stuff doesn't always have to make sense to me.


"Uh... well ... well then why do you look just like in that TV show? All simple lines and such. You have so little detail, and our world is much more complex, so it's pretty clear that that with less depth and detail is the product of that with more depth and detail."


- Aand... again you're basing this on the TV show. But in a way you're still right! Your world might have less of some things, but more of others. Ponies wrote fiction that is different from what we usually experience in our world, because - duh! - it's more interesting! Your world is more interesting because it is less interesting. ... Does that make sense? ... Ah, never mind.


"You still didn't answer my question about the detail."


- Well, as I said, the pony life is quite awesome regarding what's happening and all, so ponies started imagining how it must be to not have that. Some call it grimdark, but that's just some grumpypants. But then phantasy fiction needs something higher, better, different than our world, so ponies came up with this idea of more inner detail, like, everything has more of the same in it, but not quite like that. I like it! I myself once imagined a 100 grams chocolate cupcake that had one pound of chocolate in it and tasted like a kilo! Mmmmmm!

So we have this weird idea of a world where things that happen are less pleasant or interesting, but it is happening in awesome detail, like, more intense! It's so crazy, but I see right now why the idea is so appealing. You look ...SO...DEEP! Hihihi!


And here I am, checking out this fictional work for myself, jumping right in. Hah! I think I'm the only pony who can actually do that!


"Uuuhh... I don't... feel so well. I think I have to throw up."


- See?! You had WAY more chocolate than you thought! smile.png


New song idea

Just a basic concept at this point.



"Cowntry Song"


Graze this lawn

Graze this lawn

Moo moo moo moo

Together we will graze this lawn

Moo moo moo moo


I felt like writing this as a kind of antithesis or observation of a field that is very much not like what MLP tries to convey, and also to use the momentum of my recent motivational low for something productive.



Someone pointed something out recently - I don't remember where - that at least should make one think, regarding player behavior in the MMO space game "EVE Online". He said, it's a fictional game, it's phantasy. Doing things we can't realistically do in real life. So what are you phantasizing about?

More specifically he said that if a player feels inclined to play a criminal in an MMO and to cause other players grief, they're acting out their suppressed urges, and they would totally do that in real life if consequences were as tiny as they are in the game.


I think he wanted to point out that we should at least not kid ourselves about that.


There are many things I'd like to do in that game, but somehow, they don't involve causing other players grief. That's just not inspiring to me, nor entertaining.


There are even those who delude themselves by claiming they're preparing new players for the harsh world of EVE by blowing up their ships using trickery, but the irony is that they are the ones who make the game world what it is.

It's kinda related to the situation of mafia protection money: Protection from who? ... From the mafia's punishment for not paying.


There is a player who leads maybe the biggest alliance in the game (aptly named Goonswarm) who organized actions to, for example, try to ruin the game's economy, and CCP cherishes it, because it's all a sandbox environment and an experiment and all that. But it should make them stop and ponder (which apparently it doesn't) that that guy just so happens to be the same who just before that got a 30 day ban for encouraging the player community to drive a suicidal player into taking action and actually ending his life.



That is one example of how they're nourishing antisocial behavior and mindsets that can and do bleed over into real life. EVE Online has a rich history of meta-gaming, where players extend ideas into the area outside of the game's set rules - often with malicious intent, because the way the game is designed hinges on that. I don't see bold new ideas put into practice to do something amazingly constructive in EVE. In that department it's just following the constructive tools given that ultimately serve the purpose of fueling the mayhem.


Referring to social and evolutionary sciences... playing games - the animal world shows us what it's all about: It's preparation and practicing skills for the real world. Conditioning habits.


Look at the games humans play and you know how their world works.


It gets even more interesting when said meta-gaming comes into the mix and successful players join the game development team. Then it becomes like a huge goon-jerkoff.


The day might come where CCP will reap what they have sowed when some players take the so welcomed meta-gaming to the next level and act out a grand scheme that destroys CCP itself. Can you imagine any more fame and glory for a criminal character, for a player who loves to inflict harm and cause destruction? No better way to destroy the game economy than to destroy the game itself. I mean, the borders ARE blurring, and it's not really helping that CCP is actually represented by corporations and a faction in the game just like every other group there. Waging war on CCP is just the next logical step in this social experiment that CCP encourages so much. I guess the real world isn't rotten enough for them - they felt the need to rebuild it on a smaller scale, in the so-called virtual world, to observe what they already should know and see everywhere in the real world.

A philosophy/approach that is only tolerated up to an arbitrary limit set by one party is unwise and will not prevail, since it creates the desire to challenge that authority.

CCP is playing with fire and they might burn themselves.


It is much more interesting (but requires courage and pioneer spirit) to run social experiments with a better future in mind, instead of encouraging the worst in people. Because then the common modus operandi of competitve business becomes masked by self-delusion, and it's all just about catering to the lowest common denominator in order to maximize profits, and the philosophy talk is just the distraction from those motivations.


This idea just came to me while rewatching Bridle Gossip:


Maybe Zecora speaks exclusively in rhymes because her first encounter with poison joke caused her to be unable to talk in anything but rhymes, and then she decided:



Joke's on you, my little blue plant!

If you expect me to yearn for a cure, then I shan't.


OK, I'll probably not find the motivation to write a full report about my experience at BUCK Con, so I'll just write smaller pieces whenever I feel like it.


While I was sitting in the Auditorium, noticing how the items that were put up for auction were very rare and thus very desirable, generating a lot of charity money, I suddenly realized:




That charity auction is an example of how Rarity inspires generosity!


I might write a long account of my experience at the UK's convention "BUCK" later, but I wanted to tell you about a funny experience I had on a bus on the way from Manchester Airport to the city:


An senior lady entered the bus with her niece, who was like the perfect target audience for MLP in any way; must have been between 5 and 7. I talked to the lady and mentioned MLP and the convention and we chatted. She asked her niece whether she had heard of My Little Pony, and the little girl said, in a rejecting, kinda snobbish tone of voice, something like: Yeah, I know what it is. ... But it's for little girls!


I guess from a different perspective it's not just funny, but also a little sad that we live in a society where some young girls deny their age, their identity, and thus, in a way, their childhood. Has society become so unsupportive of childlike nature that the desire to be all 'grown-up' has permeated through teenager level into kids' age?


Of course it's just one case, but I still find it a bit sad. ... In retrospect, that is. At first it was really just ironically funny.


I'm so happy that MLP inspires so many people to nourish and maybe even rediscover their inner child.


This idea suddenly occured to me. Poison joke changes something crucially defining about a person, a strength or something dear, into its opposite. It's a cruel joke and naturally not easy to handle.

But looking at this optimistically, an experience like that could be sought. The result: Learning more about oneself and one's strengths and weaknesses as well as issues and fears and then overcoming them through direct experience and coming to terms with it.

And that is relatively similar to what the jungle brew ayahuasca is used for: to be confronted with one's deep fears and issues and work through them, as well as gaining insight.

Poison joke grows in the wilderness of the Everfree Forest, and Zecora lives there, in the role of a typical African medicine woman (which blends into the role of a shaman).

I've only seen Zecora warn to not ingest that plant, but as a medicine woman, she should see the potential in it.


I'm not saying this necessarily provides enough material for a fanfic (although one never knows), but I found it worth mentioning; in the spirit of seeing the good side in things.



fsyaaay.png yayhuasca


I was watching this tiny cut I made from the show:



and suddenly realized:


Giving Pinkie Pie the tickle treatment would render me unable to stop, even if I wanted to.

I thought: It would be a vicious cycle and the metaphor of turbocharging came to my mind.

Then I realized that the metaphor is more appropriate as I thought at first, because the thing that prevents a turbo engine from blowing up is the so-called "wastegate".

And what will ultimately happen if you keep tickling someone which will put an end to any kind of fun? ... A wastegate opening.

Not sure how effective that would be specifically in the case of Pinkie Pie though. Her element of harmony is among the most powerful forces in the universe.

(Maybe that's why the Nazis couldn't resist using tickle torture, haha. Perhaps they were performing experiments in order to create the deadliest joke ever which would make people die laughing.)

But I digress. :derp:


A message pops up on the deviantART page:


"It's important to have an up-to-date email address. Can we still reach you at the following address?"


This is one of those things that make me shake my head. One of the things that bother me about dA is the absence of the very basic and common feature of getting notification of new messages via e-mail. Few websites make an e-mail address as unnecessary as dA does. And now they want to ensure that they still can reach me under the address in my profile.


I'm actively using that account, but for some reason they still ask this. And hey, here's a very straightforward way to check whether the e-mail address is still valid AND actually signal at least a tiny amount of factual usefulness of that address: They could have sent me an e-mail! (But that wouldn't be as bothersome and coercive as that big space-waster on the website.)


It makes sense that they're getting unsure about whether e-mail addresses actually still exist since they're not using them for anything. It also explains why they're saying it's important. Because it's not at all apparent (and neither is it convincing).

This even makes me wonder why they're requiring an e-mail address for registration in the first place. ... Or what's the actual reason for asking this. But they'd be damned if they told me. After all, they are the ones asking the questions, right? It's not like the users deserve the respect of being informed about the why. Just answer it and don't ask questions. Don't think.


And yes, I have a very finely tuned bullshit sensor. That stuff starts small, but tends to grow on you. When information given is scarce, it's usually very deliberate.

The mindset that this is feeding also makes people click on ad banners that say "Click here to claim your prize!".

When cashiers at the supermarket ask for people's ZIP code, can you imagine how many give that information like a robot, without even forming one thought about why someone would want that information from them or should have it? And the cashiers are not saying what it's for. They merely form the demand of the information and expect the customer to comply. (They could even make a profit selling that information and you wouldn't know it.) Whenever I witness a scene like that, it feels a little creepy.

If you think the idea that a zombie army will eventually overrun society is absurd, how about the idea that that army is already marching everywhere?


Since a Youtube video response to his review... currently not feasible for me and Youtube comments are too limited, I'll respond in written form. I'll directly address Adam here, so don't get confused by the "you"-form.


I will try to condense this into relatively brief paragraphs so it doesn't become too lenghty.



Hi Adam!


I enjoyed watching your Iron Man review a lot.


As you said, EqG is a different kind of movie, resulting in an accordingly different rewiew. But you still apply the same standards to EqG as you do to other movies.


Have you never interacted with the fandom regarding to EqG? Not seen the trailer or pictures before? Because you say when you first saw the humanized forms, you were kinda shocked.

You also said you really can't understand why Hasbro did this, while the pony show was such a success. Did you never hear of the thought that Hasbro sells toys and spends money for the show and movies in order to sell toys, and that they wanted to sell a new line of dolls? This is almost naturally occuring. Also, never heard about the thesis that Twlight became an alicorn so tha Hasbro can sell more types of toys?

If Hasbro decided to sell toys using conventional marketing, the awesome show MLPFiM wouldn't exist, so in a way, it's a win-win situation.


You said there was only one song that was really defining, captivating, not just background music. Did you forget the party cleanup musical? And the celebratory music near the end? This makes at least three musical numbers.


You said to a non-brony, EqG will look dumb as hell. Well, cou can just make a guess or an estimate, and the same might applies to many non-bronies and the show.


You seem to still be very attached to superficialities if you are bugged by the human form so much. Personally, it was just slightly new to me but didn't bug me at all once I realized it's our beloved ponies under that skin. Also, with all the transformative magic going on in Equestria, I'm very used to seeing shape changes.



You called the students' Opinion change in 36 hours about Twily crap? Well, the effect of slander is fleeting when facing solid positive impulse like their uniting mensa musical. They might not even have taken it serious, but just amusing and based on not really knowing her. This is actually quite realistic. And since you admit that after the musical, you'd probably have voted for them too, why is this still an issue for you? You have an inner contradiction there. Two different parts saying two different things. (I'd metaphorically call it mind vs. heart, and cutting the heart some slack can be a great task, because the mind is about control, and the heart can only flourish when the mind can sacrify a part of itself.)


The speedy re-befriending was probably due to play time constraints. I've seen this in other types of movies without ruining it. And while one might doubt that some simple intrigue and malevolent meddling could drive friends apart for years like that, I'd come to realize that proper communication is one of the biggest problems pretty much everywhere. Sunset Shimmer just knew well how to push their hidden buttons. It's not unrealistic at all, albeit a bit frustrating to watch maybe.


Exactly what about that demon/gargoyle is Disney? They're mythical creatures ... just like manticores. Need I say more?

What else would you have considered 'better' in that scene?


I don't find the movie sillier than the show. Remember (just to name one example) Steven Magnet? The silliness is part of what makes the show so enjoyable and fun.


And then even the magically revealed wings, ears and tails are bothering you? These are attributes of our beloved ponies in their original shape, so I don't see what's the problem here? It's totally awesome!


As a sidenote, you explained everything quite detailed in that part, as if expecting the viewer to not have seen the movie already, but this would mean you are consciously making the review an undeclared spoilerfest.


All the oddness in regards to credulity of the people at the school, how they are relatively quick to accept all the magical stuff going on, as fas as I can say this is almost the norm in the movie world, without characters continuing to freak out about these things at length being the exception (and very enjoyable to watch because it's more realistic). I think this would have ruined he flow of the EqG plot.

Yet, the writers did that event with talking dog Spike to slightly defuse this disbelief, and even in a comical way.


About the imporance of high school: That's just a personal priority-applying, because many opportunities to do things right are provided there, and that's what the movie encourages. The view that high school is not that important might be a belief system that works for people who had a very rough time there, but ironically especially those people can benefit greatly from the message of the movie.

Even so, I'd say EqG is about as much about "surviving high school" as Buffy the Vampire Slayer is.


You say people will not like the movie if they haven't seen the show. But you cannot know that, because some people would never have believed they end up loving the show, but did.


EqG has all the important stuff from the show. The other things are mostly just superficialities and technicalities, and when those things are bugging you, it means that MLP has sent you on a spiritual journey and you're driving over the potholes now.


To clarify, I'd say that MLPFiM is very much an antithesis to Star Trek, in the sense that the latter is very much about intellectual virtue, where analyzing every detail with the expectation to come to a realistic explanation is elemental, while the former is very much about putting that in the background and letting the heart rejoice. Sometimes it's almost bordering on mindless pleasure.


An example of a show that pleases both heart and mind quite well: Firefly

An example of a movie that does neither well: Abrams' Star Trek



If you can find something positive and personally helpful in these words, then I'm happy. fsbiggrin.png


If not, I'm still happy, because ponies. ppharhar.png


tsweee.pngFeel free to leave a comment here (doesn't require registration) or on your video page or in my Youtube mailbox if you like. Or ask Spike to send it directly if he's around.


fsyaaay.pngKeep going!

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