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Happy Easter!



Today Christians all over the world commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And, for once, it truly is all as this year the Orthodox and Western calendars coincide.


Due to the pastel colors and Easter Bunny theme, Fluttershy and Angel are probably the most popular MLP subjects for Easter fanart. After a brief search, I like this one in particular. Note the cutie mark decorations of my three favorite ponies on the eggs. ;)




And I would be remiss if I didn't include one of my favorite Easter season commercials. Buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck buck BUCK!




I have nothing grand on the agenda for today. No family visits or anything like that. My roommate and I have a nice ham dinner to look forward to though. Yummy! But please feel free to let me know what your plans are for the day if you like. Thanks! :)

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I remember a verision of this commercial where this lion tried to pose as the Cadburry bunny.

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wait it's Easter




I've gotta go eat candy


seeya peeps


Peeps as in people. or Peeps as in the marshmallow snack? Maybe both?


Anyway, I like that commercial too, Wingnut. I think it's pretty adorable.

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It's always nice when the Western and Eastern calendars coincide for Easter. There's nothing quite like a unified celebration!

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My grands and I will be heading over to my aunt's for a family dinner. That's about it for me.


Hope you had a lovely Easter, Wingnut! :D

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