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Dimitri Hammer



Hey it's December, the month I hate the most.


As if any of you care, though I hope you at least give a thought, I might not be here.....for a while.


It's been like this before, I get depressed around the holidays because my wife died during them. It's hard to think about still.


I might "snap" out of it sooner though. Here's hoping I'll be back (or maybe not even leave :D )



Thank you for supporting me with all of your great personalities :)

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It has been awesome becoming your friend Dimitri. Know always if need someone to talk to you have your friends here on the forums. Take care during this month and if you need anyone don't hesitate to talk to one of us. Keep strong dimitri! 

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We'll help distract you if needed. Remeber Comrade, We many not be in the same place in the world but we definetly want to help if and when you need it.

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Aw, that's terrible. I can't imagine how painful it must feel. Stay strong, comrade brony.



At least the winter season saved Russia from Napoleon and Hitler, right?


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My dad never got over my mother's death. She was murdered on mother's day. The holidays are always a hard time for anyone who's lost someone. I just try to focus and love the people I do have in my life (: ~

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