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About Diverse

  • Breezie Boss
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    Breezie enclave
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  • Physical Description

    Diverse has a cyan body and pink mane like most breezies. Her wings have a shocking black pigment to them.

  • Backstory


    Diverse grew up in a breezie colony deep within an unknown forest. When she is asked about it, she describes the largeness of leaves and the brownness of bark, but she says that the geography of it escapes her.

    One portentous night, Diverse, a young Breezie, fluttered around her breezie home and noticed what seemed to be a strange brown and white furry twig twitching in the undergrowth. She fluttered closer, her then bright pink and yellow wing-filaments dancing in the moonlight.

    To her horror the twitching twig revealed three friends which were attached to a coarse brown body… before long she was confronted with the full beast – a tarantula! It reared up at her, its fangs squirting poison.

    She wanted to curl up and accept her short-lived breezie fate there and then but at that moment a speckled night-lit moon caught her attention. Her breezie antenna twitched and her eyes caught a black silhouette momentarily in the moon. Due to some bizarre inspiration, she spread her wing-filaments. They caught the moon-light and the arachnid was suddenly lit up, its black eyes were streaked with moonlight! The dazzled arachnid assailant retreated, creeping out of the breezie enclave.

    Her enclave learned of her bravery and from that day on Diverse was hailed as a future Breezie leader. She was feted by the male breezies with the largest antenna and she was chosen to lead the next great emigration. She was the happiest breezie in the enclave :) 

    Months later, when she was almost full grown, another terror threatened the enclave. This time it was a pony…

    The pony prowled about near their home, sniffing the air and flashing his horn and reaching into his leather knapsack for a stone. Every-breezie dismissed him at first – no non-breezie had ever been able to locate their home, or wanted to.

    Nevertheless the pony didn’t leave. Moons passed and the giant equine stayed resolute, looking for something. Eventually, under the light of the sun, their worst fears came true and he found the entrance to the enclave – it thrust an enormous hoof into the entrance of the breezie home. The magic of the enclave kept him at bay but it was clear that their home was fatally compromised.

    The elders of the community decided they must evacuate. The community knew that many breezies would not make the journey at that time of year (Winter). Elder-breezies would be left behind. But there was nothing they could do.

    Diverse wept and joined in the mourning dances of the breezies, staying late under the low Winter moon. On the eve of the exodus, after all the other breezies had rested, she left the enclave and lay on a mushroom gazing up at the moon. Her antennae were moist with tears and late-night Winter dew as she contemplated leaving her home. She beseeched the speckled moon to grant her home a reprieve from the pony invader.

    Hours passed - she lay for so long that she felt as if she were swimming in the night sky, yet still she refused to retire to the home she knew she would soon leave. Her frail body grew cold and soon her cold blooded insectoid body was robbed of its meagre strength. She knew that if she didn’t crawl to her enclave soon she would die… but until her home was safe she would not leave.

    Just as her strength was about to falter the dark moon blazed brighter than it ever had and filled her wings with strength.

    What she did next saved her enclave from the pony invader but came with a terrible cost.

    Once the deed was done she found that her wings had turned black and she was made an outcast from breezie-kind forever…


  • Key Moments

    Tarantula encounter

    Pony encounater and exile from her breezie kin

  • Personality

    Feisty and passionate about her friends.

    Vengeful and angry about her foes

  • Likes

    Night skies, dancing, breezies
  • Dislikes

    Sunliight, spiders, ponies

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