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  1. I know the situation hong kong has been in. However before the British gave control of hong kong to the chinese they began to neglect hong kong after world war 2. amazingly with little to no foriegn aid hong kong did not just merely survive as a nation but flourished without it. though it also speaks about the strengths of the free market.
  2. Ahh Christmas its the one time of the year people are either at their best or at their worst!!! It shows everyone's true colors. I love the music the caroling and the dressing in jackets for cold weather. I think its a beautiful time of the year I also like how Christmas boosts our economy too.
  3. I would argue our problem with foreign aid is simple. We for years have given so much money to nations that we have never really even thought of stopping. I mean we are arming nations to attack us. I mean we sent Saddam Hussein weapons in the 80s to kill Kurds and Iranians now we arm Kurds to kill Iranians. I mean the united states is in a serious budget crisis and i think many of these nations would be better helped without foreign aid. Instead we should model more nations to follow suit of hong kong and sinapore. Instead we need to force other nations in the world to rely on themselves and the market for supplies.
  4. Same Here at first i was wondering How the hell did he survive that then i saw his face and him falling to the ground and i was like never mind then.
  5. I cannot believe what is happening in the series so far. I love this scene the mostso far. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxY2cFWqtao Also we cannot forget this scene either hahaha wonder who would be Gus in mlp. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6CjCEyAJ2s
  6. Well lets restrart this party and get some cool music back into the mix. Something that is not made by these classless cats known as little wayne or Miley cyrus lets get some real music going on this Soul train of groove. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQoC19LvuBA And heres to get the party started. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mp-NIC6X0GQ
  7. To be honest If we are talking about Abridged HELL-SING Ultimate abridged has the Most epicly awesome opening ever. Fior regular Anime Cowboy bebop or trigun. That's my jam right there back in da day.
  8. The Best of cartoon network back in the day was the adventures of Super Secret squirll, Two stupid Dogs, and Scooby doo where are you and For adult swim Harvey bird man attorney at law The worst of Cartoon network Tim and eric awesome show worst piece of crap on TV, The adventures of Gumball, and flapjack and Ben ten sorry ben ten sucks guys.
  9. Oh dear I guess I need to be Locked up at Gitmo or taken to a Blacksite and be shot and killed because were all terrorists. Lets see oh yes i Believe in number 1. Who hates freedom? 2. Yes things are better when you know who is controlling your taxes anbd you have oversight versus some bureaucrat. 3. Don't We all want to make the world a Better place? 5. Has anyone seen the failures of the former soviet union. Also I like the idea of private property a mans home is a mans castle. 6. Japans interest are different from Americas interests. Were all from different nations. 7. I think the state's power should be limited. I mean they should not decide what tv i can or cannot watch or what i can say or cannot say. 13. Yeah I am slightly patriotic I;m not saying create your own militia but people should retain love for their nation. 23. Yeah I do have my theory's when it comes to things. I don't believe in most of them but there are some truths to them. 24. Agenda 21 has some backing and essentially wants to destroy the entire notion of property rights and personal freedoms. 26. I think a lot of gun control has unintended consequences to their actions. 30. people are always Biased there seems to be more left wing then right wing bias out there. I prefer the bias but tink more people should act unbiased towards each other. 32. I am tired of the idea that government needs to act when people themselves act best individually. 41. Well I guess I am a right winger nutjob because i support individual liberties. 46. I am sorry But I Distrust for the I.R.S. 50. There is nothing wrong with being prepared for a catastrophe. I mean Have you seen Huricane Katrina 58. Yes I'm a evil right winger who hates all minorities and children apparently ((I'm being sarcastic here.)) 61. Yes I believe in the right to self defense. Bearing arms is a great way to ensure self defense folks. 63. Has anyone seen the eastern bloc nations after they fell apart? 67. Yes Some people see people trying to save the world I see a bunch of cowardly crooks wasting the worlds money on hookers and everything expensive. 69. I support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz if they run for president am i a potential Taliban fighter? 70. What is wrong with don't tread on me it shows how independent i am from others.
  10. My Shameless bragging rights are not much but here I go. -My good friend has the entire mane six cast of MLP on speed dial. sadly he lives in California. -I myself Actually met and had a beer and a smoke with the Adam sezler of G4s attack of the show. I also have several autographs from various anime voice actors as well and had shown up to an anime convention with an rpg-7 prop.
  11. Okay I have some unpopular opinions. I personally dislike dubstep with a passion it sucks compared to classic drum and bass. Xbox one is awesome. I hate people who think america is this evil hateful conservative nation yet they live here and have no idea what happens overseas. I like the Koch bros I vote republican most of the time. Ohh I also Watch fox news regurally yes come on bring the flamers!!!!! I'm a evil libertarian conservative who will values privacy and private ownership and does not think the big corporations are the most evil entity ever. ((I hope that settles it.))
  12. Hey guys anyone here not afraid to admit they smoke cigarettes. cigar, pipe, and hookah smokers are welcome as well. As well as people who use dip. I am a person who smokes Marlboro Reds 100s and lucky strikes unfiltered cigarettes i also smoke socially rather than all the time.
  13. I love liver and onions especially if they are deep fried. But I also love shellfish I love it like you cannot imagine i can eat oysters raw fresh crab. I love seafood.
  14. To be honest the M3 grease gun was a great gun. Even til this day gangs, guerrillas, and various organizations are using this gun. it was a cheap reliable SMG. However there are some other favorites from WW2 i like. The BAR, the Browning High power and The soviet PPSH and German MP40 were great weapons of war as well.
  15. I love hookahs and cigarettes Hell i love the taste of the hookah the most but then again i still like my lucky strikes unfiltered cigarettes.