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  1. A few pictures of me from Winter Break! The Skiing was great and the ball I attended was lots of fun! Haha and we were super baffled by the two light dots on my chin in that first picture, no idea what that was.
  2. I've been able to walk into bars and be marked as 21, even though I just turned 20, and I don't even own a fake ID. So I guess I must look around 25+ish, which is a blessing.
  3. Hey guys! So I'm pursuing a minor in French at college, but I definitely am not spending enough hours in the classroom and on my studies to actually become proficient at the language. Does anyone have any resources they'd like to share that they think help immersion and could help me hone my abilities with the language? Thanks guys!
  4. @, Haha I assume you were quoting Pooky, the guy who posted above you? @, A ducks fan? I don't know if I can approve, you played spoiler to Stanford, that was no bueno! Anyways, here's my new picture to add!
  5. Yeah, I guess so. I just was always taught that perception is reality, and appearances, especially in first impressions, are critical. Honestly, fedoras are one of those few articles of clothing that are guaranteed to get eye rolls and scoffs of derision from onlookers, and I figured if my harsh and blunt statement changed even one guy's mind about wearing that fedora out in public, my post was a success.
  6. Me right before our first dress parade of the year. I really am thrilled to wear that foam lined uniform in 90+ degree heat!
  7. Nah, everyone's eyes are just right for them! Windows to the soul, am I right? *also, reposting from before because the pics didn't show, for some reason* Its always so cool to see how much people have changed over the years! Here's a couple now that I'm done with my summer training! (The bottom picture is me in traditional voyageur fur trader garb, and yes, I got to wear that for training. It is as comfy as it looks!)
  8. Its always so cool to see how much people have changed over the years! Here's a couple now that I'm done with my summer training! (The bottom picture is me in traditional voyageur fur trader garb, and yes, I got to wear that for training. It is as comfy as it looks!)
  9. Cool! I tried my hand at writing, but the only thing I can seem to write are really boring political science research papers, not fiction stories I envy your talent
  10. Yeah.... heat rash is a big issue in those. Although the scariest thing is passing out from heat exhaustion. We all carry rifles with bayonets on the ends when in that uniform, and if you pass out, you run a real risk of stabbing yourself or the guy next to you with your bayonet as you go down. Its good motivation to stay conscious.
  11. what are your favorite kinds of stories to write?
  12. That's nothing. We have a uniform that does actually constrict your throat. That uniform has foam insets in it to make everyone's chest the same size. It looks great, but it means you overheat extremely easy, even if its like 40 and overcast out.
  13. How does it make you claustrophobic? Although that uniform is impossible to keep clean. You literally get it dirty just looking at red sauce, I swear.
  14. I wouldn't worry about loose lips may sink ships, but as long as you stay on land, I think saying what's on your mind is a good thing!
  15. What do you mean by that? I'm confused.
  16. Basically we are ROTC on steroids. We get a full immersion program, they just do military training a few times a week. Its debatable who makes the better officers when we all graduate at the end of four years, but Naval Academy grads tend to rank up faster and reach higher ranks in general. Well, we do all have uniforms, but probably not like the Japanese school you had in mind! They're as uncomfortable as they look.
  17. Well, its really, really strict. We all dress the same, keep ourselves to the same grooming standards, and so on. Its very tough academically, and there's a lot of extra military stuff on top of classes. It also can feel like prison at times (you all wear uniforms, there are walls and armed guards, you can't leave except for certain times) But its very rewarding and a unique opportunity, as well as an excellent education. And Now I'm hungry for pudding.
  18. I'm a Plebe (Freshman) in college at the US Naval Academy. And its pretty sad your education is reduced to brown-nosing instead of substance and content. That must be frustrating.
  19. So basically, suck up to your teacher and you get an A? Given that I have a final term paper and a Constitutional Government final tomorrow, I might prefer that actually right now But, considering everyone at my school by definition is a very good brown-noser, schmoozing the teacher might be easier said than done
  20. I used to have a somewhat negative reputation on here as being, well, an arrogant douche-canoe, but I'd say I have mellowed out considerably. That, and taking a 6+ month hiatus probably helped too, since everyone forgot about the arguments I picked
  21. How the heck do they grade people? I mean, I don't know if grades are the best way to evaluate, but in non-subjective courses like Chemistry or Calculus, I can't think of a different way to grade.
  22. I used to be extremely extroverted, but since starting at college, I've become significantly more introverted, since my school is full of a huge number of overachieving extroverts, and it actually became a bit draining to kick it with them as much as I did with my old friends. So I guess I'm in the middle.
  23. Yeah.... I'm still up. Finals have that unfortunate impact on my sleep schedule
  24. Thanks! I do wish I could grow my hair a bit longer, but rules are rules!
  25. I got my new picture for the start of the my sophomore year taken!