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  1. ToxicNinja78

    Hypnotize yourself to be a pony, links included

    Been messing with this for the last couple of days. Did the Rarity one. This works. For me, anyway. I've had to listen to it a few times, (I actually played it on repeat last time I fell asleep, I woke up not too long ago) but it does work. Keeps getting stronger and stronger each time. I actually had some trouble standing on two legs after the last time I heard it. I kinda want to try another file, but I don't want to mess myself up and ruin the feeling I get from the Rarity one...
  2. ToxicNinja78

    Favorite Species of Pony and Why?

    Alicorn. I wanna be a princess! Unicorn. Always enjoyed magic. Every game I've played where it was an option, I use magic. I'm really weird, huh?
  3. ToxicNinja78

    Post your unpopular opinions

    I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, I'm just saying, based on what I've seen on this forum, it's a rather unpopular opinion. Seems like everybody hates Rarity. (I'll never understand why.)
  4. ToxicNinja78

    The Mane Six and their Jobs

    I'm guessing someone's paying Fluttershy to take care of all those animals. Based on "Magical Mystery Cure", I'd say they're fucking horrifying without her. (Seriously, poor Rainbow Dash.) And the pegasi probably get paid to clear the skies, so that covers Dash. I dunno. Could be wrong. But that's my guess.
  5. ToxicNinja78

    Post your unpopular opinions

    You know what I think? I'm telling you, you're gonna hate me for this. Really, it's that bad. You won't believe a human being could actually think this. Ready? Here goes... *deep breath* I actually like Rarity. Favorite character. At least, from the mane 6 anyway. ...okay, so maybe that wasn't all that bad.
  6. ToxicNinja78

    Who's voice do you hear when you read?

    I hear many voices. Some of them tell me to kill a certain person, others tell me to brutally murder a group of people, and a few tell me to just burn the world. And then there's Greg. He's a dumbass. Sometimes, if I see something, everything I read after will be a certain voice. Like that Farnsworth pic I saw on the first page. Now I'm reading everything in his voice.
  7. ToxicNinja78

    Cosplay question.

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Anyway... I'm going to Fiesta Equestria with a few friends. There's three of them, and they had planned on going as the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Well, I ended up joining this later on, so we decided I'd be Babs. Any ideas on this?
  8. I think that we're all missing the point. EQUESTRIA GIRLS IS NOT CANON. Meaning no matter how bad it is, no matter what happens in it, it has absolutely no connection to FiM. It may possibly have some small influence on the show. Maybe we'll see ponified version of some of the characters. But it's not canon, so it really doesn't matter what happens, it won't happen in FiM. Human Twilight can go shave her head and get a fuckton of tattoos and piercings. That doesn't mean we're gonna see pony Twily with no mane, a faceful of metal, and ink. Repeat after me. Equestria Girls is NOT canon. Now, something somewhat on topic, why do we assume Twilight could've just brought her friends along? Perhaps the magic only worked for alicorns, or maybe it was too risky to send multiple ponies, or, maybe, they ARE her actual friends, but they don't remember her because the magic didn't work properly for them or something. It's not even out, wait before you judge. That is exactly what I've been saying. Especially the last part.
  9. ToxicNinja78

    Carrot Top

    God damn that's good. Like, that's fucking awesome. Um...Any chance you could draw my character? I mean, you don't have to, it's okay if you don't wanna.
  10. ToxicNinja78

    Princess Twilight Sparkle's new wings

    Meh. It really didn't bother me that Twily became an alicorn. The idea was executed poorly, but hopefully season 4 will have a few awesome episodes that make up for that mediocre season 3 finale. ...This just screams "troll". Like seriously, I get the feeling she's just fucking with us. I'm gonna go read more of her tweets.
  11. ToxicNinja78

    A S4 meta-episode that criticizes us bronies for hating change

    ...alright, you don't know me too well, so I'll be nice.I have a tendency to exaggerate things. And swear. It's a habit, I'm trying to break it.
  13. ToxicNinja78

    Movies/TV Worst Cartoon Shows Now

    Ah, alright, sorry, part of my post got cut out when you quoted me, so I was a little confused. All that was left was the part where I gave drocsid-soahc a muffin.
  14. ...You know what? I'm actually kinda curious. I kinda wanna see my OC in EG style. If somepony would like to draw this, that'd be awesome.
  15. ToxicNinja78

    A S4 meta-episode that criticizes us bronies for hating change

    I think this would be a great episode. Not just to tell some bronies to go fuck themselves, but also as a way to teach kids that change isn't a bad thing. I like this idea, I wanna see it happen.