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  1. Given to the winter snow of the mountains, A girl, ill protected by the winds that cut through to the bone, snapped her eyes open. The blotted sky, an unfamiliar sight to her, as was the cold. She forced herself to sit upright, leaving her indention in the snow. A print that, thanks to the ongoing storm, would fill in and fade from existence. Taking a gander at her surroundings, the girl, of dark complexion that hinted at extended exposure to the sun, could only gleam stone, snow, and lifelessness. She placed her palms to both of her ears, and eyes frantically shot about the immediate area around her. Now on knees, she tore into the white piles around her, searching for a precious item that had apparently been lost...
  2. Human's name: Yesinia Age: 11 Appearance: Yesiania is of average height for her age, standing at around five feet and two inches. Of Hispanic descent, she bears the crisp, bronze skin of one who toils as the sun bears down upon them. Her hair, reminiscent of scorched earth and kept out of her eyes by the silver ribbon that serves as the crux for a wavy ponytail. Freckles mark the bridge of her nose, stains left over time by exposure to copious amounts of daylight that Yesinia has been exposed to. She sports a sleeveless white shirt, and khaki shorts that cut off towards the end of her calves. She evidently owns no shoes, but the bottoms of her feet bear the canyons of callouse that prevail against discomfort, allowing her to move about mostly unhindered by unfavorable terrain. Her physique is considerable, for one so young. Smooth skin will occasionally shift about and give way to faint sinews of muscle, hinting at her blue collar background. Her eyes, relaxed and reminiscent of emeralds tend to remain relaxed, nary showing a hint of concern for her surroundings. In her ears, if one walks beside her, they may see peculiar devices used to aid those with impairment of auditory reception.....
  3. OKAY.... hopefully that is the absolute last hiatus I have to take. Now that I'm out of school, I should be able to RP freely without any further interruptions. XD
  4. @ @@Hazard Time Lorec had not shifted from his position at all, still wishing to play the role of vanguard for his child and the others. With little concern over the insults that had been hurled towards him, the Minotaur kept his eyes trained upon Raze, bequeathing no quarter to the renegade. As far as he was concerned, They could either stand here, twiddling their thumbs and hooves while awaiting the long arm of the law, or Raze could decide to settle things with a skirmish. To Lorec, waiting for the perfect opportunity to ensnare his desired prey was commonplace, and he could sit frozen for hours on end, a mark of the patient huntsman. Though, as another had forced her way into the altercation, things had now become quite vexing. Hearing Raze curse the name of one Carnelian, and said name bringing the attention of another, Lorec cursed under his breath. This situation was becoming nearly insufferable with how many threads that entangled others, And all of it spawning from a foalnapping case that had been derailed. Taking Raze's distraction concerning the mare into consideration, he kept sword trained upon the mercenary, though he would turn his head to face her, and speak... And she was armed. "... Equestrian, fall back. This one tried to take a child against her will. I am a reasonable minotaur, and I'll let you two have your conversation once I'm sure that the children are safe. But for now, I am content to stall. "
  5. And here we have the Guts in his natural habitat. Assaulted on all fronts by responsibilities, the Guts makes up for his lack of energy with physics-breaking ingenuity, dragging himself back onto the forums to resume some much-needed creative fulfillment.
  6. Lorec nodded in his usual solemn manner, though he was cracking a satisfied grin in appreciation of Tyra's company. The minotaur was now ready to venture forth with Tyra towards the destination, ever ready for the challenge that awaited them both once they would arrive. ​ Beckoning the Trotsheim representative, Lorec made a silent gesture with his hand, wishing her to walk beside him upon the path. the both of them had a long trek ahead of them. In the meantime, now would be the time for catching up. " So, Tyra... What brings you to this mountain? "
  7. Okay... I have dragged myself from the ashes to post yet again
  8. New truck drives like a charm!

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  9. @ @@Unicorncob @@J.R. @ The scent of blood had hit Lorec's nostrils almost as soon as Rosalia had undergone her metamorphosis. However, he was unable to ascertain who it was that had been injured, if that were indeed the case. Bearing witness to the carnage that Raze's little pet had wrought and having been far too preoccupied to notice the blood that parted around his thick, unfeeling hooves, Lorec kept his blade trained on Raze, though his free hand snaked towards the alley's wall, with palm pressed flat against it. Though every instinct told him to flee for the sake of finding Sifana and assuring himself that she was unharmed, he knew that she was adept at fending for herself, and would find a way to keep herself from injury. That, and Rosalia or one of the others were wounded... He would have to supply the role of vanguard for their escape, while trying to get past Raze, assuming Rosalia had not found a way to escape. Though strangely, the scent of blood did not stay in the air for long... they were in a public domain, and this series of events was already causing a loud uproar, sure to earn the attention of local law enforcement and other civilians. If Raze was the least bit intelligent, which Lorec was at the end of his own wits in trying to determine the sheer stupidity of the merc, then he wouldn't dare harm the children and dig a bigger hole for himself. And if required by the Bangcolt Guard to give his testimony, Lorec would do so gladly, knowing that his input would only strengthen other eyewitness accounts, effectively burying Raze. ... That is, if he didn't do it himself, first. With eyes trained on Raze, Lorec allowed the power of his otherworldly benefactor to shine. Pushing into the very wall itself, cracks in its infrastructure began to snake out in Raze's general direction. From his left, Raze would witness the stonework part in the wall until it reached a point adjacent to where he was standing... And after a split second delay, several, thin earthen spikes shot out in his general direction, attempting to run him through with no hesitation. Lorec was looking to incapacitate him with little effort... ___________________________________________________ All the while, Sifana had played witness to the children almost being reduced to ashes by Thanatos. This eldritch abomination that had been brought into this world by an untrustworthy stranger... How it frightened her so. The urge to flee was strong within her, but what would her father think if she did so? While the fear that welled up in her was great, the wish to obtain Lorec's praise was greater still. And if she wanted to follow in the hoofsteps of Tyra and her father, then retreat was not an option. Taking a deep breath, the taurette, no older than six, pulled her boar tusk dagger close. With as much strength as she could muster, she began running towards the other children on all fours, imitating her father's gore--run. Catching up to the others with little difficulty, as afforded by her already impressive physiological build, she ran with Jack and Double Play, keeping her eyes frontward and pace steady. " That monster is gone, and papa is keeping the freak busy! If that... thing comes back, I'll try to keep its eyes on me! Until then, scream and make loud noises! Get the guards involved! "
  10. " I'm sorry if that came off as aggressive, Tyra. Believe me when I say that Sifana has made me proud these past few months... " Lorec turned from Tyra, and began to assemble his equipment, mounting his bow and quiver over his shoulders and allowing them to rest upon his backside. " But try to see things from my point of view. I've already had to bury one child because of this lifestyle, and the gods surely know that I would do anything to avoid doing it again. " Now almost fully prepped to depart, Lorec Took a final gander at the claymore. Even though its mass wasn't even equatable to one-third of his favored zweihander's, the weapon was still quite hefty in terms of weight and height. Reaching for it, hoisted the sword unto his back, and was beginning to take the visage of a small, mobile armory. " ... With that said, I won't stop her. All I can do is prepare her for the worst. I trust that when she finds herself in your domain, that she'll be welcomed with open hooves?"
  11. @@Unicorncob Lorec's smile faded as his lips creased back into their usual stoicism. Reaching towards the Zweihander, Lorec hoisted the colossal armament back into its rightful place, which was upon his backside with sheathe protecting the restored blade from the elements. Whoever had reforged the sword certainly was of superior talent, considering that the blade looked sharp enough to cut a leaf that was dropped onto its surface. With Tyra now barely standing as tall as his knee, Lorec crossed his arms, staring down at the mare who aspired to be a legend. "... Well then, looks like we are here for the same reason. I'm also looking to scale the mountain. And as for my daughter, I can't exactly say I'm thrilled. You already know what I had to put behind me, Tyra. Do you really think I wish that same possibility on her? "
  12. Lorec, now looking into her eyes as well, smiled warmly. Deciding that a friendly competition between two of the world's most stubborn beings could wait for another time, the beastly Minotaur lowered her to the ground, and broke off the encirclement around her small frame. " I've been doing well, Tyra. In fact, I feel as though I'm still in my early twenties these days. " He rested his elbows on his bent knee, and continued onward, though there was some hesitation within his voice when it came to speaking of his daughter. " ... Sifana is as healthy and hardy as ever. Due to our fight, she's decided to follow in the steps of her old man, it seems... " He shook his head, grin turning to a visage of bittersweet pride. "... Not exactly the road I wished for her to take, but if that's what she wants, I've got no right to hold her back. Due to her training, along with my own, we've temporarily moved back home, to Sadauris. She's been left in capable hands, while I'm here to complete a sacred pilgrimage. " For a moment, Lorec turned his head towards the elk skull, which was still resting upon his rucksack. His brows rose a tad, remembering how difficult it was to talk down a Great Saduarian Ash Elk with bare minimal equipment and while solo. His actions indicated that this skull must have been an integral part of his journey... Snapping his head back to Tyra, he spoke out one last time. " So Tyra, what brings you here? "
  13. @@Unicorncob Not given enough time to respond to Tyra's erratic embrace properly, the great bull was dumbfounded to find her presence here at first, but that was soon replaced by a proper emotional response: the sheer joy of jubilant reunion. With the small Viking pony dangling from his neck, Lorec returned the hug with an envelopment of his own, with all lingering worries ceasing to bother him. Squeezing her tight, Lorec chuckled out loud, an action that not many could get him to perform. Allowing the Zweihander to tip over in favor of having more room to maneuver, he stood with her still in tow, allowing her hooves to dangle in the air. The size comparison was almost humorous, with his own fist being comparable to that thick skull she was so famous for having. Indeed, she was like a goddaughter to him. If it hadn't been for the grand battle that had taken place in Bangcolt months prior between them, then Lorec would not be in the elevated state that he occupied today, both spiritually, and mentally as well. " Tyra.... It's been months since our last meeting! How have you been? " Lorec took a knee, though being as stubborn as he was, he wouldn't allow his grip to falter until she decided to let go... Some habits, such as his stubborn competitiveness amongst close friends and kin, never truly ceased to exist as a personality quirk of his.
  14. Ignoring all that entered and exited the tavern, a grizzled, middle aged minotaur sat upon a wooden bench that nearly faltered under his own weight, immediately to the left of the doorway. With a hide that was as blackened as the remnants of a burnt forest, his contrast against the snow could catch the eye of any whom ventured near. Of course, this was not the only cause of curiosity from among the passerby's. Perhaps it was the fact that he was armed to the teeth with a plethora of weapons to choose from. Maybe it was the shrill cry of grindstone as it struck against the blade of a zweihander, honing a great hunk of steel that, when swung full force by him, often found that those on the receiving end were akin to a stick of butter in terms of durability. And if even this was not enough to shoulder the burden of proof that he was indeed here in an attempt to scale the grand mountain, then surely, the quiver full of arrows that was coupled alongside a hunting bow with enough draw force to potentially ground a chimera in one fell shot spoke for him in a way that he was unable to express. But whilst the imposing zweihander and the bow seemed to occupy the forefront of his display, nothing caught the eye quite like the claymore that was lying adjacent to him upon the bench. Though it was sheathed within its leather brown scabbard, one could ascertain that this blade carried far more significance than any other armament that this minotaur owned. Its pommel, encircled by a glimmering silver, played host to an emerald gemstone that had been painstakingly crafted into a perfect sphere and mounted below the hilt of the sword. The crossguard, if one was bold enough to get close to, or was keen of sight, could be observed as having intricate engravings, depicting a great ursa at odds with a wyrm of the skies, snarling and sneering at each other as though they were bitter enemies cursed to contend with each other until the world's end. These engravings told stories, much like the countless sinews of scar tissue that pervaded the giant's right arm, though it was a safe guess that there were many more upon his body, shrouded from sight by his various adornments. Upon his left arm, an iron manica, finely layered with multiple metal sheets that endeavored to defend his dominant hand while trading blows with an enemy. The harness of which fit snugly around around his torso and opposite shoulder. At his hooves, sitting upon a pack of various supplies needed for survival in the wilderness, was the skull of a great elk. The skull, with antlers still intact, had been fashioned into a ceremonial mask of some sorts, with a line of red warpaint beginning at where the right tear duct would have been, and ending with a steady stream down the cheek. From the sheer size of the skull, one could tell that the creature it had been poached from was of even greater stature than the lone minotaur was, though, it was equally obvious whom the stronger was between the both of them. the minotaur sighed as he finished sharpening the zweihander. Looking over towards the claymore that lay beside him, the journey that he was soon to take did not come to mind. The only thing that did at this point was a small Taurette, of whom's own emerald eyes outshone even the jewel that was worked into the sword's frame. He shook his head subconsciously, burdened by the fact that the reason her eyes glimmered with such youthful hope was because she wanted to be just like her father. Just like him. And as much as he wished to dissuade her from such a path, he would rise to the occasion in an effort to ready her for anything the future held in store for his very own daughter. If she truly wanted to be recognized as a worthy warrior in her father's eyes, then she would eventually come to this hallowed mountain, as he had now. The only question was this; would even he be a match for such a perilous ascent?