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  1. I think Twilight becoming an Alicorn is awesome! Anyone that hates it... Well, you have just made a new foe! Heh heh- But no, seriously, What the buck is up with the Twilicorn haters?! Several things I know: One - The creators were NOT high when making this episode! Two - Everypony we've seen so far is okay with it, in the show, not in real life. Three - Those haters can go hate all they want, but these Bronies are gonna OWN! Four - Their theory about Luna being even slightly mad is WRONG. She seemed happy for Twilight.
  2. To answer you guys, Minecraft is sortof a survival game, your imagination is the limit! But you have to build a shelter before nightfall, because there are zombies, skeletons that shoot arrows at you, endermen which attack if you look directly at them, and creepers that blow up when you get close...
  3. Xavier: -walking around the foggy area- Oh give me a break already!!!!! -it echoes through the entire area- This is ridiculous... Hey, wait a moment! -pulls out a book and uses weak light spell to read it- Aha! Here we are! -puts book back in his enchanted satchel and uses a Grand Master level light spell and now he can at least see where he's going- Much better... -sees them- Thank Celestia I'm not alone out here! -gallops over to them holding onto Savier's leash whom is using his sense of smell, hearing, and sight, (Which isn't very good) to follow Xavier-
  4. Shadow-Wing: -spying on Thundracry- (thinks: Same here...) -uses a splash potion of invisibility and sneaks into his house and looks for the Diamond Room- (thinking: Where is i-) -looks at the sign- (Huh... How convenient....) -goes back out and digs a secret tunnel into the diamond room using sticky pistons and redstone wiring- (This is going to be good... (Closes piston door) Xavier: -left for his cabin- Okay... Let's see if I can find a village.... -flies out the runway on the roof and flies around looking for a village but instead sees Shadow-Wing spying on Thundracry- What the heck?! What is Shadow-Wing up to? -watches him as he uses the potion- Great... Now where is he? -sees his shadow moving towards Thundracry's house- What the? Great, now he's back to his old carrer... Being a thief... -warps down into Thundracry's house using a potion of his own and follows Shadow-Wing until he closes the piston door- (Great... Well, time to go warn Thundracry...) -warps over to Thundracry- Umm... Hi, I'm Xavier, and I should tell you that a pony named Shadow-Wing is planning on breaking into your house, I don't want to get involved in an attack from him though, he may not have magic, but last time, I would've been toast if it wasn't for my pet wolf, Savier. Anyway, point being, he made a secret piston door leading straight up into your diamond room...
  5. -comes out of the hole that Crimson was at and is flying around and sees you all- Good, I thought I was all alone in this area... And it's not too far from my cabin. -flies towards them and goes into stealth mode- (thinks: Hmm.... I'm not perfectly sure I can trust these ponies... I mean, one of them has a gun, and oh, shit! CREEPER!) Die you little piece of- -is about to hit it when it exploded and I get blown several feet back- Ow... -has a slight tear in my leather armor- Oww.... -wings and real left leg are scraped, but not too badly- Oh my Celestia.... Just imagine if it was able to sneak up on me... Then I would have REALLY been screwed! But, I'm not going to let these little ******** stop me from surviving! -pulls out a bow and starts sniping monsters, 10 at a time!- Oh yeah! Take that you morons! And the funniest thing is... You creepers don't even know I'm here! Ha! You little mor-ooons! -creeper blows up behind me and I go flying a far distance and land right in front of you all- Oh, heh heh... Hi... -is very nervous- I was just sniping creepers and one of them exploded right behind me... yeah... When I get my hands on them.... -eyes are glowing red a bit- They will pay for messing up my pri-ide! -gets shot by a skeleton- Oh come on! -goes into "kill" attack mode and starts galloping towards it and is dodging every arrow- Never. Mess. With. A. Drakor! -smashes it's head over a tree- -pant- -pant- -returns to normal- Huh? What... just happened? -still holding the upper area of a skull- //he broke the other end off when he was smashing it to pieces-
  6. Does the name Discorded Whooves ring a bell? And another thing, do you play Minecraft? Because I do, well, I only have the trial version for XBOX but I'm making the most of it until I have enough allowance to buy it. And if you have an XBOX, my gamertag is XanderDragohog9 but that's because I can't change my gamertag yet because I don't have enough to buy the change in gamertag.... Also, did you ever have wings? For Dr. Whooves, Ditzy/Derpy can answer the 1st two though!
  7. *wakes up in Minecraft* What the.... Ow... My head..... My ears are ringing.... Where in the hay am I?!.... Wait.... Wait a secornd!!!! This is Minecraft! Oh no.... Sun is setting, I'd better hurry up and build a cabin, make torches, and get wool for a bed. And fast too! Well, my middle name is FAST! ((Really, It's Half-Blood...)) *speeding around like a comet collecting wood and flattens out a huge area and builds wooden planks quick and starts building* Almost done with the roof! *finishes* There, now to prevent monster spawns, builds a furnace and starts making charcoal* Now how do I collect wool without hurting them? Huh? *wool is at my feet* Simple enough! *picks it up and makes a bed* Charcoal is done... Now to make torches... *collects even more wood and makes torches and covers my cabin and the area outside of my cabin with them* Now I HAVE to make sure the door is flesh with the outside or skeletons will be shooting through the hole like a machine gun! *heads outside real quick and sets the door down* There.... Maybe later I'll make my sky base.... But for now... That was a lot of work... I'm hittin' the hay.... good... *yawn* Night..... Zzzzzzzzz....... ~The next day~ *wakes up* Wow... more comfortable than I thought.... Hmm.... *creates stone items* There we go... I need some iron ore to make Steel Ingots.... What the? *sees a cave system in front of the door in the side of a mountain* Alright, How in the hell did I miss that?!?! Hmm.... Probably because my head was pounding..... Eh.. I need the resources anyway.... *walks in with 5 stone picks, 5 stone spades, 5 stone axes, 5 stone swords, and 5 stone moes without making a second thought because of his prideful and adventurous spirit.... Even though he is not well known....*
  8. Got it! -vanishes in a blinding light- -is at the gate and chuckles- Spells..... Anyway.... Time to look for Splash.... -flies in and thinks: time to get a birds eye view! -flies up several km- Hmmmm..... Dang it weak eyesight...... -is squinting- Well, time to look closer to the ground..... -flies down and zips all over the place in zigzag motions like a lightning bolt- Where is she?.... -is zipping faster than a plane- Come on! Where is she?! -looking all over as fast as possible- Huh? -finally finds her- Yes! I did it! -slowly lands and stops in front of Splash- Hi. Thresh sent me to retrieve you... I could tell in her eyes that there was something..... I don't know the word... Anywho, we should be going... Like..... Now... -is sweating- Come on..... -thinks: I wish I hadn't come here... I just need to hold out until the end.- We should go.... -starts walking and thinks: Wow... I hope I get out of this with my sanity still intact..... Anyway, I remember how I got here.... So I just need to get Splash and return her to Thresh.... Just got to get to that gate and warp us cause for some stupid reason, my teleportation spell isn't working!-
  9. Xavier: Ask me anything! Seriously! I am going to answer as many questions as possible! So again, ask me anything! ^^
  10. Hi Dr. Whooves.... There's somewhere I want to go, do you think you can take me to March 10, 2093?..... ((Look at my previous name and you'll find out why I'm interested in Time Travel.)) There's something I forgot to grab back there and my time travel spell is not working at all, so yeah... Can you take me there?
  11. Check my signature! Click on the link to see it! Besically, he's a time traveling Alicorn.
  12. -thinks: Nice try... I'm a time traveler...- I could see myself wearing a crown, perched on a pile of treasure. "These will all be yours if you don't tell them what you see," a venomous, hissing voice whispered to me... Then treasure began to rain from the sky; jewels, bits, crowns, gold, everything! A castle rose from the ground and golden gates surrounded my new territory. I saw my worst fear become nothing more. Random dreams rolled forward. My family appeared.... Who aren't even born, me being a time traveler and all.... I had armies of millions at my command... What really puzzles me is that hissing voice.... It seemed to trigger a volt of anger inside of me to the point of wanting to destroy the source! -horn glows silver as I pull off my enchanted satchel, pulled out something like a silver version of the Alicorn Amulet except the only gem inside it was a diamond lightning bolt, and put it on- -chuckles as my eyes flash silver- This is my family's ancient amulet... It increases ones abilities.... Anyway... Let's go get the elements of harmony so we can stop Discord!
  13. I got to go guys! See you all tomorrow!