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  1. Off to a soccer game. See ya guys later!

  2. I actually think you have a great voice for game reviews. I already subbed to your channel and can't wait to see your work.
  3. 1) Becoming a brony. 2) Discovering my love for writing 3) Realizing that I could finally keep up with my friend in cross country who was always better. :3
  4. I can't stop listening to these two songs.
  5. I feel like it has too. Like we have all these contests about whose the biggest fan of (insert something here) or most popular forum member. And it is just annoying not getting any votes for anything just because not as many people know you. But no offense to the really popular forum users who i actually know quite a few of. It just isn't a good feeling when a popular person post a status update asking how everyone is doing and they get 20 responses and then you post the same thing and get none.
  6. This intro takes the cake.
  7. I'm in NC and its okay up here. Two days ago we got like 6 in of snow and then ice on top of that. We got school out for the rest of the week. But about half of it melted already.
  8. I'm not a furry. Never really caught my interest. Although I do enjoy some of the art.
  9. Well in my free time all I do is play DayZ, Civ IV, and Garrys Mod with my friends. Or watch anime. Or go run sometimes. So yeah i would call myself a nerd.
  10. Being single, and me not having school today. I will most likley be playing Civ IV all day with my friends and watching anime. Not bad, not bad.
  11. Hey people. Sorry I haven't been on for a few days. I love the new banner. :D

  12. Okay i changed it. Just a little excited that someone started an Area 11 thread.
  13. Holy shit I bucking love Area 11! Not really the Yogscast stuff but All The Lights In The Sky is a sweet album. Also the band name is a bucking Code Geass reference.
  14. Has to be VoiceOfReason. I've been watching him since he had like 800 or so subs and I think now he has 8,000 or so. Hes so great because hes not afraid to state his opinion, no matter what it is. I also watch Digi sometimes and of course our MLP Forums resident Pink Mist! :3 Also I've been starting to watch Buc Brony recently.
  15. I'm back from school. How was everyones day?

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    2. Super Derpy

      Super Derpy


      Its almost seven here too. I had track practice. :3

    3. Sweet Pen

      Sweet Pen

      Here's 9pm, near of 10pm.

    4. ninjamon102938


      @derpy That late? Now thats dedication though during marching band season i'm don't get home till 8 once every week