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  1. Officially have Pinkie Pie and Princess Twilight Sparkle toys from McDonalds!

  2. Usually it's "God dammit! Why can't that dream be real!" Or "Where did Spitfire go?" (I have a Spitfire Plushie that I normally sleep with)
  3. You know it's time to lose weight when you can barely fit into your own underwear. Lol

  4. Yes I definitely would date them, Hopefully they would have some cool conversation topics seeing as they've been around a long time. They look fine to me, I have seen people in real life who look weirder than them so It's not that big of a deal to me if they look 'weird' compared to society's standards.
  5. I've grown up with computers my whole life, and my dad actually made sure I knew how to type properly at a young age. I may not be the fastest, but I can just look at the screen the whole time without needing to look down and find certain keys. "Home Row" is your friend!
  6. Worst Case Scenario with Bear Grylls... I'm gonna go save some lives now!

  7. New Equestria Girls Movie looks pretty good.

    1. Yamato


      Wha? That's actually a thing?

    2. Wonderbolt_Spitfire


      Yea Fall 2014 Release.... The Trailer looks like Vinyl may have a talking parting in it... I guess the premise of this one is "Battle of the Bands"

    3. Yamato


      Well there damn well better be some happy little automobiles in it, then.

  8. Yahoo did a quick write up about the "emerging" brony fandom. Actually not malicious at all

  9. https://help.elderscrollsonline.com/ It is the fifth one down... for those who want to know some specifics about their payment model/method.... Personally I don't care if I have to pay monthly for a game that's good and normally I can make that judgement based off of a few weeks of playing the game (You get the first month free anyways). If I don't like it then I won't renew a subscription and I'm only out the amount of money I spent on the game itself and let's be honest we can all think of one game that we "Wasted" money on at some point (I can think of many).... Right now I have been enjoying playing mostly Free to play games anyways. Subscription type models/micro-transactions will alway be incorporated into the MMO genre it is usually the only feasible way to keep the game updated with content, bug fixes, and balance changes... Otherwise the game just ends up dieing.
  10. I love listening to Sports Talk Radio

  11. I dislike them both. They are both tied for last on my favorite pony list depending on the episode.
  12. Ignorance is Bliss for some people I suppose....

  13. Trying to not be a Dick when proving your argument to be right is jst hard for me.