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  1. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    First thing you say when you wake up

    Usually it's "God dammit! Why can't that dream be real!" Or "Where did Spitfire go?" (I have a Spitfire Plushie that I normally sleep with)
  2. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Would you date Celestia and Luna if they looked like this?

    Yes I definitely would date them, Hopefully they would have some cool conversation topics seeing as they've been around a long time. They look fine to me, I have seen people in real life who look weirder than them so It's not that big of a deal to me if they look 'weird' compared to society's standards.
  3. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Do You Touch Type or Hunt and Peck?

    I've grown up with computers my whole life, and my dad actually made sure I knew how to type properly at a young age. I may not be the fastest, but I can just look at the screen the whole time without needing to look down and find certain keys. "Home Row" is your friend!
  4. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Gaming Elder Scrolls Online...Paying per month?

    https://help.elderscrollsonline.com/ It is the fifth one down... for those who want to know some specifics about their payment model/method.... Personally I don't care if I have to pay monthly for a game that's good and normally I can make that judgement based off of a few weeks of playing the game (You get the first month free anyways). If I don't like it then I won't renew a subscription and I'm only out the amount of money I spent on the game itself and let's be honest we can all think of one game that we "Wasted" money on at some point (I can think of many).... Right now I have been enjoying playing mostly Free to play games anyways. Subscription type models/micro-transactions will alway be incorporated into the MMO genre it is usually the only feasible way to keep the game updated with content, bug fixes, and balance changes... Otherwise the game just ends up dieing.
  5. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Why does everyone love Rarity so much?

    I dislike them both. They are both tied for last on my favorite pony list depending on the episode.
  6. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    What do you think about custom plushies?

    What's sad is that I'm considering it....
  7. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    What do you think about custom plushies?

    I need a Dashie one so bad! But I think I'll wait longer because money is tight right now.
  8. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    What do you think about custom plushies?

    I'm not a big fan of the BaB plushies as the real hair design is something that bugs me a lot. The only BaB one I have is spike and he is awesome. My Twilight and Pinkie Pie Plushies are from 4DE and I must say they have done an amazing job. Who do I contact to get that!
  9. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Do guys have it easier?

    If you believe 'White Priviledge' doesn't exist anymore then good for you!(not meant to be sarcastic, although it definitely comes off that way) You haven't been anywhere that you actually expierienced it yet. Without a doubt it isn't anywhere near as extreme as it used to be, but it still exists in a much more toned down version.
  10. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    What do you think about custom plushies?

    I have 6 of them and I really think they're all great. They are kind of on the exspensive side. Especially when the last 3 I have gotten have all been under $30 and they are honestly better looking than my more exspensive ones. Some of the people who are trying to get around $300+ for their work are definitley pushing the limit and looking for a quick cash grab from people who don't do research.
  11. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Do guys have it easier?

    Being a guy is definitely an advantage and honestly we do have it easier than women. It's somewhat comparable to 'White Priviledge', but not as drastic.
  12. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    "Offensive" Coke Commercial

    I didn't find anything wrong with their commercial... The Super Bowl was a bust so instead of trying to make that exciting they decide to make it seem as if Coke did something wrong... Besides I'm a Pepsi fan anyway.... The people who are getting upset at this have a right to be upset, but that doesn't make it right.
  13. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Did we have enough crusading already?

    I enjoy the CMC and pretty much all of their episodes, I feel that they shouldn't have more than 3 episodes per season and they should be spaced out properly, but other than that I feel that they give another story 'arch' to follow and provide a good message to people ("Enjoy your youth" "You can do anything" "Try to make friendships that last" etc...) I understand where people are coming from though as their story 'arch' can get pretty stale and old.
  14. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Bronycon 2014 help

    If you're going to be driving down with family members, then make sure you account for gas money and parking (roughly $20-30 per day). Also good luck finding a hotel close to the convention center for $90 a night. I don't think you will be able to, but anything is possible. I would say more along the lines of $120 per night is more reasonable. So a better guess for your trip would be about $600 plus any spending money which would be extra.
  15. Wonderbolt_Spitfire

    Bronycon 2014 help

    Where are you traveling from? because you can't ignore travel costs. Last year I went and It cost me roughly $400 and that wasn't including spending money to buy a few things and make sure I had food. I would estimate $500-600, but I don't know your travel plans. honestly that's probably a low estimate