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  1. Banned for tempting me with a video showing the Xenoblade Chronicles when I want to avoid spoiling myself for when the game is ported for the Nintendo Switch someday soon
  2. As well paced as For Whom the Sweetie Bell Tolls is, being a great subtle Christmas Carol style story in the middle with Luna appearing in her dreams with the past, present and possible future, this is not my favorite. No, my favorite is actually The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows. While there's no big lesson, it's still a fun episode. For a unique episode, the "lesson" is actually spoken in the first act by Rainbow Dash. "Watching somepony else be surprised with something is almost better than being the one getting the surprise" is what she says in response to Twilight wanting to surprise Shining Armor with stuff from his foalhood. Shining's eight second reaction to his old stuff is so adorkable. Plus, when Spike asks a nervous Pinkie to tell what's bothering her. Well, with these words and these eyes, "You'll feel so much better once you get it off your chest" Well, even I wouldn't resist confessing my feelings to a face like that. Heck on my OC's side of things I could very easily make this episode of our lives "The One Where I Tell" in which I officially come out as gay to the Mane 7. Considering that Shining Armor and Cadance are in this episode and in my mind, were the first to realize I have an attraction for males, it seems like Spike's words to Pinkie Pie were also spoken to me to come out and release the burden of hiding my "little secret"
  3. That video of the Audio/video messages was great. Well done, @Say my name Well, considering my contribution was a letter to a certain Changeling, I guess I'll be seeing it along everyone else's letters soon.
  4. That's the best description I've seen so far. Me personally? I actually thought of writing something unique. a story where the main character is an adult blank flank whose Cutie Mark appears piece by piece rather all at once. It's tied to his memories, meaning as he got to spend some time getting to know the Mane 6, he starts to remember his personal history, personality, and such. And as a result, first a open blank page book appears. Then a Castle in the page. Next a Heart. Finally a Star Shining from behind! As a whole, his complete cutie mark symbolizes that he is a storyteller, especially of the ones made by Disney represented by the Castle in the book. The Heart subtly represents his caring attitude (and his hidden Changeling side) Above all, the star represents Hope. To sum up. While I don't think Cutie Marks change as described by the OP. The point of Cutie Mark being a representation of who you are is still important.
  5. During a brief second when Twilight fell from the balcony, I saw Zephyr Breeze front and center in the gasping crowd with genuine worry for the Princess. Thank you for one last Zephyr cameo.
  6. Princess Luna should change the title to "The Sun Now Sets On MLP FiM" That would make it clear that it's not about Sunset the Character.
  7. Banned because I clearly said it was a real spider on my real car's windshield. Pay attention!
  8. I know this topic is 3 months old, but I feel you guys missed the word Mobile as in Smart phone. Meaning the keyboard is built in. You can't plug in a different physical keyboard because it appears on screen.
  9. Banned because you now got me thinking about that spider that was crawling up my car's windshield. Ended up flying off once I got onto the freeway going 65 mph. It was freaky
  10. I might have mentioned this before, but When I joined the fandom between Seasons 3 and 4, I assumed Twilight was going to be moving into the Canterlot Castle. Turned out we had to wait 6 more years for that to happen.
  11. *Chuckles at the rant* I know the episode is considered the worst by many but I can't believe how deep you cut into this Wow! I think I found the episode where your opinion is nearly the complete opposite opinion of mine. I know my defense of it is weak. But I've always been a guy who looks for the little good inside what can otherwise be seen as crap. Say what you will, I still enjoy it for reasons of my own. and like I said above and elsewhere, it likely would have stood A better chance if they showed more of the positive side of the fanbase. This shit mountain is the perfect candidate for me to write a fix fic.
  12. To quote a line from the end of my favorite Legend of Zelda Game of all time, Majora's Mask: Whenever there is a meeting, a parting shall follow. But that parting needs not last forever. Whether a parting be forever or merely for a short while... that is up to you. -Happy Mask Salesperson