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  1. Mega Thread

    Smite, grinding god ranks on Hades.
  2. General Media

    As always, nothing happened.
  3. Forgot to post how I thought of "A Health of Information": 8.75/10.

  4. I don't think so. South Korea doesn't usually outright ban stuff like this for no apparent reason.
  5. General Media

    Nothing's happened yet...
  6. Animation

    Steven Universe, MLP, and Star VS have the most well-refined character development in my opinion.
  7. Web

    Probably among the funniest smexuals I've watched. Especially 0:32-0:44 XD
  8. I can't choose between Twilly and Moon Dancer. I just can't Favorite non-pony MLP character?
  9. Pixar: Finding Nemo, though I also really liked Toy Story and Wall-E. Most of what I've watched from Pixar have been good movies, so it wasn't easy. Disney: Mulan, thought I also really liked Lilo and Stich. Haven't really watched too many of their movies. Most seem to be pretty solid movies, though. DreamWorks: Chicken Run, by a long shot. Most of their films aren't good in my opinion... ESPECIALLY SEQUELS (Only good one's Shrek 2)... I'll also mention Blue Sky: Ice Age, because that's probably their only good movie. Sony Animation is a complete joke, so nothing there. Den/Den funniest troll post I've ever seen. You aren't serious... right?
  10. Movies/TV

    I would probably be Ravenclaw.
  11. Science

    To be fair, it hasn't really ever not been that way, but global warming is making it worse and worse, and some people still don't believe in the idea even though there's a VAST scientic consensus on the issue that those people who don't believe in it ignore completely. Global Warming has a link to the increase in hurricanes, the increase in seasonal allergy problems, and has had fairly negative implications on the availability of potable water. I feel like with all of these links to increasingly common problems (being Hurricanes, allergies getting worse and worse by the year, and problems with water-borne dseases that are particularly noticeable in third-world coutnries), it should seem that 97% of scientist across the globe are right on this issue. But some people can't accept it, probably because "MUH MONEY", "MUH OIL", or "But Fox said..." (I think the last of the three is the most laughable excuse, considering how often Fox reporters lie on air). Well, it is a problem that is well-documented and hard to deny acknowledging the facts (which most skeptics don't).
  12. I think I have a problem with ragweed pollen, but that's about it.
  13. Technology

    Pretty slow to say the least (It has a hard time with 360p YouTube videos). My dad and I can't really afford good internet at the moment, so we ended up with the slowest we could get from our ISP, which is extremely slow as you can see.
  14. I usually take around half-an-hour or so to go to sleep. It's harder for meto go to sleep while there's something like a TV or a computer on, I actually can't (I didn't sleep an entire night in a hotel room because someone else had to have the TV set to Disney Channel...). Though when I'm asleep, I might as well be dead until I just suddenly wake up for whatever reason. I used to have embarrassing problems involving that, but I luckily haven't had those in a few years.