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    If you aren't dead yet then you obviously haven't tried hard enough yet!
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    Former DJ under Till Anderson, still into music, and I dabble with practically everything. I am christian, but I have a tulpa.

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  1. I WAS writing a yahoo article about Tulpa. It was going to be titled "The Theory of Tulpa: Fact from Fiction" I gauged the people's ability to do what they intended to do, (staying OT, actually HELPING the other tulpamancers ect.) And basically was aiming to tell the general reader what's what? I gathered a lot of general questions and claims about tulpa and I devised a way to go about them systematically and write about my experience from a non-biased view point. I set up ways to do just that through the alias' I was under. I also started a tulpa and explained what I was doing as I went along
  2. I feel bad for the tulpamancers that are skeptics or doing an article and lie to get in, but don't care until they actually have one forming...then get discovered and kicked for the chat. Is there a thread for non-tulpamancers that plan to do articles. Cause I used to be there and not care...now I do and I'm banned. Darn.
  3. Eh, my personal opinion regarding these types of things is this: People are judgmental. Period. We feel the need to put some people above others in order to seek order. If your friends put you down for finding out about you being a brony then they obviously aren't who you thought they were and you need to consider new friends.In the real world no one's going to be persecuted for TV preferences. Get a few good friends and anything that anyone else thinks is just background noise in YOUR symphony!
  4. Humans, what can you do? Some people are just mean like that. Anyone who are intolerant sheep like that have no place here anyhow. I'd rather them be a good counter-example showcasing hater stupidity than be on our side at all.
  5. Welcome, sucks that this is the only place you can poni poni, but hello all the same. Octavia's hall ALWAYS has some good stuff posted so I would go there first.
  6. Hello comrade! Welcome aboard the pony express! I hope you enjoy it here and unlike the crazy train, we actually have a purpose besides insanity. So blog, contribute and HI!
  7. Tulponi Twist

    Greetings to all

    I'm all for some AMV's and some dubbing action! PMV's are ok too though. Welcome aboard!
  8. bored and decided to get on this here forum. I'm a memphian all the way. I was a semi-good DJ up until I got fired because I damaged my ear and couldn't go to two gigs that week. Right now I'm an unpaid assistant at Echo studios thanks to the graces a former co-worker of mine showed me! So still on the tracks, but while I was recovering from ear injury I got into ponies. So I told my parents I was a brony, bought a laptop and some bose headphones with some leftover money I had, and now here I am!
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