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  1. dsharp105

    Flash Sentry Fan Club

    Just thought I'd give this post some love! I'm not a rabid Flash Sentry fan, but I'm one of the minority, it seems, who liked the Flash Sentry-Twilight Sparkle pairing. I think he'd be a cool character to see more of, so I hope he wasn't solely a plot device for the EQG movie. We'll see, I suppose!
  2. I wish there were not a character limit, because I would love to respond with just this:
  3. Ha! Depends on the person, really. I mentioned before that driving is kinda exactly the opposite for me: way more peaceful than anything. Yeah, I'm that guy that drives as slow as your grandpa, but hey, at least I'm enjoying the ride! Hope you do soon!
  4. Truer words, my friend, have never been spoken. As much as I enjoy appreciating the night, sleep is, well... pretty fantastic.
  5. Yes, I find I'm both at my peak productivity level as well as my peak emotional/mental level in the wee hours of the morning. Plus I just enjoy the serene beauty of a calm, dark scape. EDIT: There seems to be a trend here... :comeatus:
  6. The tl;dr version is yes. I had to do a favor for a friend that involved driving his soon-to-be car for him. I did well enough to not look like a complete buffoon, but there's room for improvement. It's a skill I want to work on improving in the future, too. Semi-related: my first car had a dual-automated-clutch DSG transmission, so I could "manually" shift gears, though it would be poser-ish of me to say I learned manual on that car. I actually learned on my friend's 2WD Jeep Compass. After getting over the fact that Jeep still produces a vehicle without 4WD, I was treated to what I can o
  7. Just to put in my two cents: like the above poster, I love driving. No, I wouldn't consider myself a gearhead, but for me, driving is therapeutic. I usually drive sans radio/music and just let myself be at peace. One thing is for sure, though. Driving is most definitely not a point-A-to-point-B affair for me, and I don't think it ever could be. I've been driving for years, all over the country, and my love for it hasn't diminished. It's nice because I Don't have driving confidence issues. Don't speed or drive dangerously (it's not relaxing). Don't have anything to worry about while dr
  8. I just saw The Hundred-Foot Journey yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I suppose I have a soft spot for certain sappy films, because the movie was qualitatively very mediocre. Predictable plot, no sudden surprises, definitely been done before--but I still liked it! Something about it had a certain genuineness, and it was refreshingly devoid of R-rated material, too. But that's just my humble opinion. What did you think of it? If you haven't seen it, would it appeal to you?
  9. dsharp105

    Brony Research Study

    I should have phrased that better. I know that divulging specifics goes against what participants agree to and could influence others. I was simply hoping for general "It went well" or "I'm glad I participated" types of comments. My apologies! EDIT: To add to this, I would like to post a little bit about my interview experience, which I just finished up with. It went well, and I'm glad I participated! For real though, I enjoyed sharing my personal experience, and I'd say the interview process even helped me better understand myself and my feelings and interests. If you are thinkin
  10. Personally, I'm just really glad to see people with autism themselves posting their opinions here. From all I see you're going about understanding and dealing with the issue the right way. Thanks for taking your time to share your thoughts on the subject, folks.
  11. This is generally a good attitude to have, but I must say it becomes difficult when you know people with autism, whose friends and families have been deeply affected by it. This is the case for me, so I'm just trying to be fair here.
  12. dsharp105

    Brony Research Study

    Anyone else who has had an interview care to share how his/her experience went? I'm just getting really excited for my call, and I'd love to know if others are too!
  13. I repect your indignance in this particular regard. I do ignore most hate, but there are some lines I do not tolerate haters crossing, this being one of them. Don't let anyone tell you to water down your convictions. And yet, do not allow them to drag you to their level either. I wish you the best, and a level head, in your Internet endeavors, friend.
  14. Still more success than, well... anyone else I've come into contact with. Glad you're enjoying yourself though! From what I've caught up on reading through old pages of posts, it seems you have some very promising plans.
  15. One question: you ever been on iFunny? I have a profile there, where I try and post original content instead of recycling humor (yes, shameless self-promotion). That's beside the point though. The level of trolling and hate there is absurd. I have subscribers and I know I'll get more, so I post for their enjoyment and the enjoyment of other like-minded people. But I get hate more often than I get likes, it seems. It comes from all sources, too. Even other fandoms (furries, for instance) calling bronies childish. How does this have to do with your question? Well, to put it mildly, I agree w
  16. Hey everyone! Long time (relatively speaking)! How's everyone doing?
  17. If you use iFunny, find me there! Humor_is_Magic is may name, and I try to post original stuff there. Subscribe if you like!

  18. dsharp105

    Brony Research Study

    Man, the more I read, the more I'm looking forward to this.
  19. dsharp105

    Brony Research Study

    I'm looking very much forward to it! Got my interview slot lined up for this week, so I'd be more than happy to post an update later. I would also just like to add that I'm also of the opinion that studies like these aren't offensive or aimed at labeling us as abnormal at all. To be honest, I'm flattered that someone would want to dedicate many hours of their life to doing research on a subculture to which I claim membership. For all the love and tolerance language that gets preached within fandom, I say preach it somewhere where it has an opportunity to reach more ears. This is a grea
  20. I mean, if I'm totally honest, I'm just doing it to get my post count up! I kid. I'm enjoying the little microcosm of community going on here way too much.
  21. Good evening, all. Hope everyone has had a good day! Personally, I'm just intrigued by the prospect of doing and feeling something totally foreign. So yeah, you could chalk that up to curiosity.
  22. I will do just that. But alas, for now I must go do homework and finish up a project. I'll channel my inner speed and we'll see how fast it goes. Also, if you wouldn't mind, take a look at the most recent question over on my thread. I wasn't able to answer it completely, but I mentioned I knew of a couple ponies I could ask. Perhaps TSG might have knowledge in that area as well. Thanks!
  23. Wow, I'll have to find a way to let that happen without being interrupted by it then. I do believe I was in trance at the time because, for the first time, I felt like my mind was free to just "occupy space", so to speak, and let the words spoken by the voice occupy the same space. There were thoughts that wondered through my mind's space, but I didn't attach to them.
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