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  1. By what creeps,

    what crawls.

    By what does not let all before me

    Writhe and rot..

    *sounds of flesh tearing*

    *blood splatter*


    1. TheTaZe


      I've been wondering. Is :wacko: just your thing? :D

    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Yes it is :wacko: :nom: .

  2. A blooper :wacko: 



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    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      You two have the same mask :P . You sure you aren’t a squid pone :wacko: ?

    3. Harper


      -Hides tentacles- Nope, I'm pretty sure i'm not :P  

    4. Totally Not Wolf
  3. Totally Not Wolf

    Gaming What level of CPU do you play against in Smash Bros?

    9 isn’t that hard really if it’s 1v1. Try doing teams where the other team is all 9s though . That’s really hard to win . Don’t think I’ve had success with it.
  4. Totally Not Wolf

    Would you give a hug to the avatar above you?

    Ooh can I have one ? And yes @above person; qut
  5. *got captured by the twins D:*

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    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf


      *cakes fall on top of us x.e*

      Mmm yummy.... :scoots: .

    3. Synniken


      Mmmm caaake!

      I love cake :nom:


      (Unfortunately, we'll have to continue this another time, as I have to go to bed now :please:)

    4. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      How dare they think cake could stop us :nom: .

  6. *wonders what game the cute cat is playing :ooh: *

    1. Jaspers


      It's Animal Crossing, always. :P

  7. Totally Not Wolf

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    441393 Notnmuch to say
  8. Totally Not Wolf

    New Reactions! :D

    I'm still babbled why there's no emote to express laughter, the closest thing was the SciTwi emote or the Twimote before that but now they're gone .
  9. Thanks for the follow, friend! :squee:

    1. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Yes the tah-zayyy :fluttershy:.

  10. *wonders what shenanigans the deer is up to while eating crackers :nom: *

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    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      No your is yes :wacko: 

    3. Totally Spicy BronyNumber 2A
    4. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Yes I know it’s random and funny, that was intentional ;) 

  11. *purple brohoofs :proud: *

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    2. SparklingSwirls


      They still look blue to me :wacko: 

    3. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      It seems like it keeps switching for different status updates. Sometimes it's Twilight's hoof, sometimes - Rainbow's...? :o

    4. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Mine all appear purple :wacko: .

  12. Yoy twi-motes

    1. SparklingSwirls


      We need a wolfie day with wolfiemotes :P 

    2. Totally Not Wolf

      Totally Not Wolf

      Lol so like my ponysona emotes :P ?

  13. Totally Not Wolf

    How Long Did It Take You To Get Your Forum Rank?

    I was probably in the pony rank for quite awhile, until perhaps early this year. I became a crystal pony... probably about early this year? I forget .
  14. Totally Not Wolf

    General Do You Remember Your First Day On The Forums?

    I remember chatting with a couple of people on here through my welcome thread, also some thread about Rarity’s generosity ,
  15. It’s 3 months from now . I don’t do anything anymore .