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  1. I myself haven't heard such a thing....but it would be SOOO awesome if there were one! She's not my favorite BG pony, but I like her all the same.
  2. I really hope Gilda comes back sometime soon! Anyway...I'd like it to be Scootaloo as well, but it probably won't be. I just hope she's in the episode at all. The masked one I am sure will be some new character....whom of course we'll never see again after this episode. Maybe once. If Pip ever makes another appearance, this new pony BETTER make another one as well, it's only just.
  3. Oh that's easy, they'll just completely forget about him and we'll never see hide nor hair of him again.
  4. Woo Lions! Let's make this 2 in a row come Thursday.

    1. Doctor XFizzle

      Doctor XFizzle

      if MLP Forums had likes for statuses, I would like this

  5. I like how the parts of the sunglasses that normally go over the ears and bend downward are under her ears. But I guess if they designed them go over pony ears it wouldn't look as cool...
  6. Finally gonna get around to playing Story of the Blanks tonight, hope it's as good as people make it out to be.

  7. Haha indeed, although I only asked Lady Rarity Pony that because *I* myself actually gave him that same information myself earlier in another thread when he also asked about the change in sound, so I dunno. Anyway...I actually I didn't catch the difference in sound when I saw that episode, Andrea and Shannon just sound too much alike for my ears
  8. Absolutely no one who knows me in real life knows I watch this. I just feel that my real life friends and my family would be weirded out by this....should I not care so much? It's hard not to for me.
  9. That DOES make sense....I guess whoever told you that must be some sorta genius, I wish you could remember who that somepony was so we could both friend him, he/she must be awesome...
  10. WHERE on EARTH did you hear that cockamanie crackpot theory?
  11. Some have said that after those 13 episodes, it will have been 26 + 26 +13 = 65 episodes, apparently enough for syndication and then some fear Hasbro will cancel production at that. I myself am not sure if that's how it even works for syndication, but that's what all the criers of doom said is a very real possibility, so....there? I am sure that's not the case, but I guess you never know...
  12. Same here, though I'm sure they will. I hope anyway...
  13. Yes I know, it's just people are worrying it'll stay only 13 episodes, since the phrase "so far" didn't appear in the texts revealed in a later post on EqD, it was only stated that 13 episodes were ordered, which I'm sure means they can always order more. They were seriously freaking out in that comment section.
  14. Oops, er...yeah, Owlowiscious. How COULD I have made that mistake!