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  1. Ahoy yo bronies, set sail for adventure!

  2. BlinkZ

    Hippogriffs and their History

    I liek that train of thought, then there that magic pealr to consider. Where did they get it? What wa Queen Novo like before the under water thing? So many open ideas. I"m sure there are Fanfics out there that people have made on jFimficiton, i just haven't looked them up.The sky the limit with them
  3. So did some overthinking, as any Brony would, and got a little annoyed at Hippogriffs. They're not a bad race it just that their entire history is "We fled from storm king, now we saved from storm king." That's all we ever hear about. Even during the Hearts Warming episode. It's like that one event erased entire culture. Either that or the writers don't care enough to fill in important details. Judging by the fact Silverstream grew up underwater that at least 15is years that they were lost under water...and Celestia didn't bother to check up on her allies? Didn't bother to do anything about a Warlord ravaging Neighboring nations? She just sat on her plump butt eating cake the entire time? I know i'm over thinking but gah. Anyway, your thoughts?
  4. Thinking about th hippogriffs origin story and beign really annoyed because i'm over thinking how Celstia did nothing ot stop a warlord from steamrolling over all these neighboring nations. Seh did nothing for decades.

  5. I have dishes and stuff to do, yet i keep putting it off.  got the case of lay itous lol

  6. Today was nice, got ot Roleplay an stuff. 

  7. Goodnight

  8. Howdy everypony, who had a good weekend

  9. I've been chatting with smaller groups lately it seems. Hard ot keep trakc of the fandom these days. missing so much

  10. BlinkZ

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    I honestly could use a PInkie pie right about now. need some cheering up
  11. Happy New year! whoot

  12. I still ahve troulbe tracking freinds but i'm here a bunch, on some Discord's , and Family is facebook.
  13. Happy almost Christmas everyone!

  14. BlinkZ

    How are you feeling

    Feeling pretty good, not much on my to do list today. Christmas just around the corner and i'm almost done my shipping.
  15. Good day to everyone, hope you are all having a nice day. Christmas is jsut around the corner more or less