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  1. Goodnight everypony

  2. Shining armour you a dumb dumb

  3. I guess she did dream walking so she wou feel useful again. A Royal Problem pretyt much showed Celestia did all the actual work that made Equestira wheels turn. Tehy could hae at least shown Luan with some paperwork at least. or talk about a late night meeting or you know, some indication she does stuff. Night Court is fanon anyway.
  4. That pretty much makes me think that Luna had no reaosn to Retire.Her job didn't seem all that hard. IF not for her Dreamwalking she pretty much useless when it comes to running a nation. or the show just never showed us anything she does tha matters other then dream therapy. Maybe she still does that in retirement who knows.
  5. So...not to disrespect Luna or anything but, uh What exactly did she do for Government other then Dream walking? Because if she 'retired' does tha mean nopony or creature is getting dream help anymore? I mean it seems that was her ONLY job! Celestia did all the real work in the physical world.
  6. The only one that relaly makes sense to me is Soccer. the other requires hands.
  7. MLP FIM Gave me a chance to socialize and make freinds along the way. I"m sad to see it end but at the same time I"m glad we got what we did. I don't know what MLP really taught me but it was qut the adventure.
  8. this song is just fitting is all 


  9. The Fandom will go on, just like how Star Trek moved on and such. Most of my social life though came from MLP fandom...
  10. Howdy freinds. sigh last stretch huh..mmm

  11. Uh...what? we see Sweetie parents multiple times. Sure its' rarity but they do hang wit her and such.. Taht theroy don't maek any sense at all. Plus spike is like 13ish...
  12. I agree, they never fleshedh er out atall. she just plain crazy as the Joker, tha' it. just plain cookie...Where are her parents, why is she this way ect ect.
  13. "End of Sparity" lol implying that was ever a thing to begin with..becase you knwo a mare in her mid 20's 'loving' a kdi who just got into puberty isn't creepy at all - sarcasm.

    1. Misscellanio


      Even though I don't consider Spike a baby/kid (I see him more as a teenager - within dating range of Gabby who I also see as a teenager, her being older), Sparity was just never a good idea.

      Rarity never liked Spike in a romantic way and literally took advantage of him for years. Of course, Spike is a fool who can't take a hint, but doesn't change what Rarity's intentions were. Gabby and Spike is a much better fit. I still love Rarity tho and really really enjoy that episode. Re-watched again today actually. 

    2. ShadOBabe


      To be fair, I think most shippers age him up before actually having them be a thing. But for me, I never took their dynamic seriously and never saw the ship appeal.

  14. Hello everyopnoy. Currently watching mlp to cathc up . only on episdoe 19 s far of season nine

  15. Episode 18 pre itntro confused me. becaue Ange has never 'Talked' to Flutterhsy before. ti alway be hand singles ore shrades. he never squeaked at ever