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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. i use paper jamz (i use fl studio)
  3. wtf is a twilight sparkle

  4. how do i use google 

  5. Not bad, I really enjoyed the guitars and drums in there. Gives a really post-apocalyptic vibe, which i dig. I'd like to see what your music sounds like in the future!
  6. one time i drank beer

  7. There are a ton of good electronic musicians out there that have gotten good with little to no knowledge in music when they started. That's a fact too. I do believe knowing music theory is great thing, but you don't need it to succeed. Look at the Modern music scene, EVERYONE uses digital software to make music even if it's recorded with real instruments. You won't make it anywhere without a computer with a DAW. You put yourself in box when you decide to let music theory define how you make music, and not step out of the box. With a computer you can record real instruments anyway and follow the music theory too, so idk why you wouldn't use digital software. This sounds like an opinion of yours not a fact.
  8. Gonna have disagree with you here. There are many musicians that have gotten plenty of attention with just a DAW and a Laptop. @Dj alicorn, it is possible to get good at music with not so much money. I want you to understand that as long as you enjoy music and want to make music for others, then you have all that you need. Music maker jam is a bit insufficient tho. I know you're 16, but try to save up some money for a cheap lil computer and get a DAW. It'll be worth every penny you save up. You don't need any keyboards, instruments, and fancy equipment to get good. I promise you that time, practice, and passion is all you need. Over time get the rest of the equipment that enlightens you. (I just read that you got a computer, so you're all set! just have fun now! )
  9. @CThunderDash I get you, it doesn't sound anything related to starlight at all (it's just this random image I had in my head while making the song). It's why I didn't add the song to the pony music thread. Yeah, I'd like to vary the drums a lot more and the middle does sound dry. I just got tired of working on that track. I like your advice on the bassline a lot. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for criticism, I think that'll help me on my songs for a while.
  10. I made this song to resemble some image of starlight glimmer that's in my mind. I'm not really sure what genre it is (I never think of a genre when I make music). I like how it sounds, other than the clearly apparent mixing issues. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! criticize me if you'd like, there's nothing wrong with learning
  11. Yeah, I can send you the link http://guillermothememo.deviantart.com/art/Milky-Way-Aura-638155940 It's in cmyk format, but i can send you the jpeg when i get home it you want.
  12. Thanks, I made the art myself, and I have no problem with you putting the song in a playlist.
  13. This is the first song that I've ever made that I actually liked and can listen to. Over a thousand project files that I've scrapped (They sucked lol) and this one was the first out of the bunch. This specific project took too long and was hindering my growth in music production too much, so I decided to upload it. It was the only way to stop working on it. This song has a lot of mixing and mastering issues, and it also has some things composition wise that are very very amateur (not that anything else isn't). This song isn't really pony music, but it contains starlight glimmer vocal samples. Anyways, please give it a listen. Feel free to criticize, but I wouldn't ever change anything on this track, I'm too happy from it.