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    Something deep and meaningful. i dont kbow use your imagination. hey that could be dirty.
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    I’m into almost everything. Ponies being the latest to add to the list i find enjoyment out of most things in life. Except Vegetables never liked them I'm a carnivore. Any way I'm going to school for game Programming and Design. I write my own stories and recently started working on a story in the Pony Universe (more on that soon) I’m a gamer,comic, anime, movie going, pony loving,cartoon fanatic with a love for steam punk. My Absolute favorite book is the books of the Lotus war series LOOK IT UP! Book one is called Stormdancer READ IT LOVE IT! anyway if you guys want to know more just message me I have found these forums fun to hang out on and am always willing to have a conversation. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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