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  1. An example of Mr. Coyne mocking the troublemakers is when he asked this one jerkbag which country attacked pearl harbor. The guy responded with: "uhhhh...I don't know, the swedes?" The answer was so bad that Mr coyne proceeded to mock him throughout the school year, but not in a bully way.
  2. Of course I have, being isolated in a computer room all day gave me plenty of time to fall in love with many fictional characters. My crushes are: Human rainbowdash Sonata dusk Adagio Dazzle Tali'zorah Smaug the dragon Discord every female character from Rwby (minus the main character) Sunset Shimmer
  3. I'm pretty sure saying or writting down something counts as an action. So actions speaks louder for sure.
  4. No, not at all. MLP has vastly improved over season 1 in every way.
  5. They're all hot as hell, but I'd have the one who's less likely to manipulate me into doing their bidding. So yeah, Sonata for sure.
  6. The title is pretty self explanitory. Anywho, my favourite teacher is no doubt my current World Civ teacher. Mr. Coyne is awesome because of all the politics in his class and due to the fact that he mocks and riddicules the troublemakers in his class. He also isn't afraid of showing us the blunt reality of history. For example: a couple days ago he showed us images of the rape of nanking, he even wrote on this on the agenda: "sorry, history is not rated g." Those were some of the most disturbing images I've ever seen in my entire life. The 2nd most awesome thing about him is the projects he gives us. The last prodject we had was meant to simulate Imperialism, where he assigns us into groups of 5-6 and gives us a country to represent. Each person had a role to play, one person was the navy leader, one to be the foreign minister, one for economic advisor, ect. Some kids were spies and whomever catches one gets 500 ipps (the currency in the prodject) and if you falsly accuse someone of being a spy you lose 500ipps. If a country gets taken over, everyone in that group gets an F. The most awesome thing about him is that he doesn't give a fuck if I write communist propoganda on the board after school. I even sent him 13 communist songs to him and got 5 bonus bucks for it. Mr. Coyne so awesome that I'm willing to take ap american studies, where it combines apush and ap lang together and where two teachers collaborate with each other, because he's the only one that has it. The only downside about him is that his class can be a bit hard at times.
  7. You're very welcome, my favourite Soveit Union song in celebration:
  8. I think I'm a bit mixed, I've gained more warning points than I'd like for saying things I shouldn't have said. I've also haven't been very active recently due to the fear of me getting carried away with my words and getting banned for having an enormous amount of warning points. Other than that, most people on this site seem to like me. Most people (you know who you are). :okiedokielokie: I never knew who you were until now, and I already think you're awesome. Keep up the good work, comrad.
  9. I was very disturbed in my World civ class the other day. My favourite teacher, Mr.Coyne, showed us images of the rape of nanking in WW2. Those were some of the most brutal and disturbing images images I've ever seen.

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    2. Dewdlz


      Our psych teacher did something like that, but I've always been curious of murder mysteries and crime scenes so I've seen a lot of it.

    3. A goat

      A goat

      Your psych teacher sounds awesome, can I have him?

    4. Dewdlz


      That was like 3 years ago, not sure what he's up to lol. xD

  10. From most relatable to least: Pride Sloth Envy Lust Wrath Gluttony Gluttony is last because I'm way too skinny to be considered gluttonous. My nickname is Twiggy for a reason.
  11. Well he kinaps and tortures everyone that isn't a goat using his giant pet serpant, he then enslaves the ones he sees fit enough to work for him and feeds the ones he sees unfit to his pet serpant Slorthadon. He is also the last descendant of Grogar, and his bent on fufilling his grandfathers' wish to enslave all non-tambelonians in the world. So yeah, there's that.