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  1. Twilight Sparkle Fan Club

    It's that time of the year again, baby~
  2. Music Songs and music that suit a cyberpunk hero

    Well, sure, there's industrial. But there's also this crazy stuff right here.
  3. Welp, I give up. Anyone ELSE wanna make artwork for me?

  4. Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Well...this bloody world just got a little less bloody marvelous. If I don't get an iPod Touch by this Christmas, I will very likely die in some way.
  5. Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Well, I'd at least like to know where the hell to possibly submit an appeal...
  6. Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    That doesn't really answer any of my questions...
  7. Mega Thread MLP:FiM Gameloft App, Friends, and Info

    Can someone please explain to me what the hell was going on in Gameloft's minds when they supposedly stoppedstopped updating for Amazon? I just barely heard something about this, and I will tolerate it 0%. Why do they care if it's not mankind them money, and why do they not care at all about people like me, who are stuck with a bloody Kindle? I NEED MY FRIGGIN UPDATES!...ahem, yes.
  8. Music What do you appreciate the most in music?

    I'm a huge fan of the ability and talent to completely mash stuff up together, artists never sticking to one conformed genre and experimenting with sounds. And especially them doing what they want. And, of course, whatever happens to strike me in a certain moment.
  9. Princess Ember Fanclub

    Curious dragoness has discovered tickling.
  10. Scootaloo Fan Club!

    I wouldn't be surprised if every Pegasus in Equestria was just as ticklish as Scoots here~
  11. Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Quite nice feet, I must get out there.
  12. Discord Fan Club

    If Discord knew you were ticklish, he'd likely spend a ton of time publicly humiliating you with that.
  13. Apple Bloom Fan Club

    One wouldn't normally guess Bloom's a pretty ticklish gal. But I'm not a normal one~
  14. Music What music genres do you listen to?

    I'm almost all over the place with the most popular genres. (Emphasis on almost.) But lately I've been really getting into a high mix of electro-rock fusion, mainly stuff from Celldweller and Blue Stahli. Screw the trends, I love what the artists want. ^^
  15. Spike Fan Club

    Adorable baby dragons can't help but practically beg for the tickles~