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  1. *Boops with a tissue* You can keep the tissue. Sounds like you needed it.
  2. Do I own a spaceship? A samurai? In space? Nah, that's just too ridiculous! It'd never happen. A YouTube channel with videos that anyone can watch?
  3. Slam. ... Come on, you know what's coming. I have to make the obvious joke here...
  4. Our temple's had a fair share of rabbis in the past But most of 'em were nudniks and none of 'em would last But our new guy's real kosher, I think he'll do the trick I tell ya, he's to die for - he really knows his shtick So how's by you? Have you seen this Jew? Reads the Torah, does his own accounting too Workin' like a dog at the synagogue He's there all day, he's there all day Just say "Vay iz mir!" and he'll kick into gear He'll bring you lots of cheer and maybe bagels with some shmeer Just grab your yarmulke and Hey! Hey! Do that Hebrew thing! (How ya doin' Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey (How ya doin' Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey (How ya doin' Bernie?) Oy vey, oy vey And all the goyim say I'm pretty fly (for a rabbi)
  5. Granted! But every time you win, so does a bunch of other people. They can't afford to pay off that many people all at once! So to settle who gets the money, they draw a winner at random, and you always lose. I wish clothing companies were required, by law, to make clothes for me for free.
  6. I'm not telling. Was that a tacky thing to say?
  7. You're not looking back at me, I'm looking back at you!
  8. ...Did you skip leg day? Cause nothing's going to happen here if you skipped leg day.