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  1. Gaming

    I was born in 83 and I feel humbled to have seen how video games have changed from the NES days to what we have now. When Nintendo and Sega were competing it would be frustrating because the same video game title would not look the same. Aladdin is a popular example of how on the SNES and Sega Genesis they looked drastically different. It always blows my mind when someone will complain about the graphics of a current video game and to me it's like "you think that's bad, look at what I grew up with". I even grew up playing some of the obscure Apple II games like Lemonade Stand, Odell Lake, Word Muncher, Mario Teaches Typing, and of course the popular Oregon Trail. Sometimes Nintendo magazine would publish walkthroughs of games and would have the entire levels or maps layed out screen-by-screen or there was a hotline to call that charged money to use.
  2. Happy Birthday member who's avatar I really like and fellow gamer. :3

    1. Sgamer


      Thanks Kyoshi! :) Always nice to hear from you.

    2. Kyoshi


      Well thank you. ^-^' I know we don't talk much but that's my bad.

  3. Not superhero related but does anyone else besides me like to read Archie comic books? I first got hooked on them way back when I was in 5th grade and now I still enjoy them.
  4. Coco Crusoe talked for the first time!! The episode was pretty good too. I don't have much to say about it for the moment.
  5. In a Super Mario skit video, I heard an awesome name, The Order of the Fire Flower.
  6. Or the Atari Jaguar.
  7. I've been forgetting to keep my eye on this game and nearly forgot all about it. I am willing to give the game a shot when it's released. I've tried it out a couple times in the past and I'm curious about how much work has been done since then and now.
  8. Mega Thread

    Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
  9. Cleaning the cat's litter box, blech!
  10. Presentation-wise, I voted Microsoft. However, I saw more games I'd like to play from Nintendo & Ubisoft.
  11. gaming

    I'm thinking about it. I haven't bought any Xbox systems before.
  12. Request Shop

    Wow, I almost forgot about this. Thank you!
  13. The game with the mouse got no applause, it was sad. I am, however, looking forward to Detroit Become Human. Androids rule!
  14. When I completed the game Journey, I didn't plan to feel as emotional as I did. At first I didn't realize how the game worked and then when I ran into someone I started following them and soon I figured out we had to work together. I learned to use the communication signal as a way to signal someone to head toward me or vise versa. There was even a moment where you slide across the sand and whoever I was playing with started zig-zagging so I joined in until we were making figure 8's in the sand and it was a very beautiful moment. Then the game ended and for a couple hours afterwards I was still marveling at how powerful this game felt while playing it and how I never was so touched by a game before.
  15. I'd really love to watch this show since I love androids and topics about juggling what it means to be human but I don't have HBO.