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  1. Did not know you had an account here! Awesome!

  2. Not related to the famous fanfiction. Featuring the talents of: Silver Quill AnimeChristy Lightning bliss Keychi FNGR Tricky Fox Toonkriticy2k Sweetie Bloom Pristine Golden Fox And MangaKamen... duh...
  3. Featuring Silver Quill, toonkritic and a few others
  4. Ta-dah, have a funny April Fools Day video
  5. More animations! any and all feed back is appreciated.
  6. I intend to do so. Working on a small animation involving Rainbow Dash, Starlight Glimmer and Segata Sanshiro
  7. Figured I'd make a more broad topic since I do a few simple animations and thought it'd be fun to spread them around.
  8. This job isn't worth the 120 dollar paycheck...
  9. Thanks, I'm hoping to make more of these later.
  10. Well, that's what the forums are for, you could put out a call for people to come to you or you could try looking on the forum for projects that interest ya.
  11. Pretty much every time I make an animation that doesn't have a guest star in it.
  12. I know exactly how you feel, if I may make a suggestion, find something that really interests you - whether it be folklore, video games that take your interest, or anything like that and try to put a new spin on it. if you can tie your creativity into something you enjoy, then it won't seem like a chore and seem more of a natural flow of inspiration to create something. Try to find other people who have similar skills, or skills that can help you and you can work together on a project that'll fire you up. Well, that's how it worked for me at least.
  13. What could possibly go wrong? Let me know what you think.