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  1. Please, check out my new art stash

  2. Hello everyone! Since I quit drawing ponies, I want to share with you some good artwork from other artists. They are my friends and they doesnt speak english at all. Thats why I'm posting it here instead of them joining this forum. So... does anyone of you guys are interested in watching some nice artists doing their art here? They are all focused on commission and mostly it will be OC's stuff unfortunately... Here is some examples of their arts: "Royal Cake" by Blacki "Baby cows" by SunFlower "Flutterpocalypsis" by Swit "Birthday present" by Ketchup
  3. Clossing this section after a long absence. I'm no longer drawing pony related stuff...
  4. I'm not dead! Just working on commissions what I recently got from Facebook users! Destiny (12$ commission) Stitches(5$ commission) Luna(frame redraw)
  5. Two fresh artworks in my stash :3 Does anyone love ponymons?

    1. Freikorpist Jonas
    2. Zmei-Kira


      Well you can see two of them in stash then

    3. Freikorpist Jonas
  6. Staraptor Pidgeot Together
  7. Added some old stuff in my stash

  8. Old artworks Me as shaman OC Snowly Bow. A dance with Love. My OC Fair Plume and my boyfriend's OC Art Manystrail
  9. Zmei-Kira

    Visual Art Crukis (Non pony) art dump

    Nexus: Wow this is amazing! I realy like your works. Great job! Who is the first guy actualy? He reminds me of Jon Snow from the Game of Thrones
  10. Twilight is a cute pony and I doesnt realy like her being an alicorn but I have this old artwork what I did a very long time ago. Enjoy!
  11. Soon I'll upload more arts. Two or more probably. Maybe the old ones

  12. Aaw, thank you ^///^ I love then over people react to my works like this!
  13. Here you go! My art stash update! :3

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