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  1. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD I have been watching the anime, "Attack on Titan" lately, and it is REALLY intense. From people dying, to me shipping Jean and Marco and then Marco dying, to Eren being a Titan somehow, this show is filled with emotional moments. I usually end up holding in the feels until I am alone, not wanting anyone to see me squealing and ranting about stuff. But, the series is really good. I love how there is always a sense of "oh my gosh, I hope he doesn't die," that makes me always want to watch more. For some reason, I love anime with dark themes, such as "Deathnote" and "Tokyo Ghoul". What are your feelings about "Attack on Titan"?
  2. PencilSketchPony

    Doodlin is my life; PONIES

    Awww so kawaii!!
  3. PencilSketchPony

    Things you hate that everyone seems to love?

    Boybands (Such as 5sos and 1D) annoy me SO MUCH! I don't understand why everyone seems to love about them, they're just some fairly good-looking guys who sing. And to make matters worse, my two best friends talk about boy bands nonstop.
  4. PencilSketchPony

    Hello everypony!

    Hello! I se you are thirteen... I am also around that age! Well.. Welcome to the forum! Everyone here is VERY kind, I hope you have a great time here! If you ever want to talk, just pm me (personal message). I hope we talk soon!
  5. PencilSketchPony

    Dear Brony Community

    Dear Fandom, Thank you. This fandom has been a huge part of my life for over a year now, and I just wanted to say 'thank you' for all the things you have done to make me feel good about myself. First of all, you are all so welcoming, it amazes me how warm-hearted you all are. I have made some amazing friends in this community, and when I was feeling down, they always had my back. I have not met anyone in this community who is mean or rude, and I think that says a lot about the people here. You are all so amazing and kind and loyal. It makes me feel so happy to think that if I need someone to talk to, there is always someone to talk to. Thank you so much. /)
  6. PencilSketchPony

    SFyr's Art Thread (Continuously Updated)

    So cute! I wish I could draw like that! Great job!
  7. So far, I think season five is one of the best seasons of MLP yet. Since I am a Fluttercord fanatic, I found "make new friends but keep Discord" one of my favourite episodes yet. And the episode with Moondancer (I forgot the episode name XD) had me tearing up, since I can relate to some of the ideas explored in the episode. Overall, I think season five is great so far, and I can't wait for more episodes in the future!
  8. PencilSketchPony

    Rarity chibi drawing for ooBrony

    Thanks, I've been working on my shading techniques. Now I need to work on my lineart, it looks terrible right now.
  9. PencilSketchPony

    Rarity chibi drawing for ooBrony

    Rarity chibi drawing for ooBrony! I hope you like it!
  10. PencilSketchPony

    Brony Meet-up day!

    Sorry, I was in a hurry and could not think of another word... I've edited the post! Sorry again!
  11. PencilSketchPony

    Brony Meet-up day!

    November 14th is Brony Meet-up day! Ok, so I've been thinking about making this happen for awhile now, so here it is! Brony Meet-up day (BMUD for short) is a day for making friends. On BMUD, go out to a mall, beach, Cafe, or wherever, and wear pony merch, carry around a sign, etc, and start a Brony Meet-up! Outgoing (when it comes to telling people you're a Brony)? Make a sign and wear pony merch. Not-so-outgoing? Look for the Bronies with signs or merch and go talk to them! I really hope this works, I've been wanting to meet some Bronies in my community for so long. Please, spread the word to make this happen!!
  12. PencilSketchPony

    Web Creepypasta Fanclub

    Im watching Marble Hornets...... IDK WHAT IT MEANSSS Ahhhhh its so confusing
  13. PencilSketchPony

    Web Creepypasta Fanclub

    Omg, I just read a really awesome Creepypasta story, on the creepypasta wiki. It's called "seven days log" . If you haven't read it, you really should go read it (um.. You know. If that's o-ok with y-you...?) !
  14. PencilSketchPony

    Web Creepypasta Fanclub

    Hey, are you a Creepypasta fan? come talk about your favourite characters, stories, and more here! My favourite character is Ben Drowned. I love how the story is about haunted games, it really interests me. Who is YOUR favourite?
  15. PencilSketchPony

    Pencil Sketch anthro

    Thank you! The next rime I draw anthropomorphic ponies, I will be sure to fix the body proportions.