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  1. Hey there, just another little announcement to describe some more of the recent server changes we've undergone! First off, as you may have noticed, Perish and Skar (Aether) have rejoined staff, as a moderator and an admin, respectively. Welcome back! They have been hard at work on things to make the server more fun, including the Canada Day and 4th of July events you may have heard about or even attended! Expect more fun stuff to come! The server has updated to 1.12, but players using outdated clients (all the way back to 1.8!) can still join for the time being. I may start blocking clients older than 1.11 at some point - you guys really need to update We're also going to hopefully be bringing on some new features in the near future. These include economy rewards (Bits) for killing mobs, and a brand new server - creative-mode freebuild on normally-generated terrain! We'll hopefully have another announcement out when that happens Edit: Also, ranks are temporarily disabled and all will be reset when they return. Surprise! Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Try connecting directly to the server address, and see if that fixes it. If not, let me know!
  3. Hey there! I just wanted to let everyone know about some recent changes that have gone on at PoniArcade, as I don't want to confuse people and leave them in the dark! In rough order of occurence... - Skar/Cadance stepped down from staff. - Dora has re-joined staff as an admin. - Perish was removed from staff for various reasons, details of which I don't wish to go into. - Aly, Groudon, Ponka, Kid, and SilverFlameWolf stepped down from staff for personal reasons after Perish's removal. - Mercury has joined us to help me out with administrating the server in the interim, but isn't quite an official admin right now. - Someone new will be joining our moderation team soon - stay tuned for a separate announcement! Expect things to start moving again soon - the staff (both old and new) are working hard to come up with and implement brand new ideas to make the server more enjoyable! We're also planning on working on advertising soon, so as to hopefully get some new players and unstagnate things a little bit. If you have any questions, post here or send me a PM This post will also be put into an on-server announcement in the coming days.
  4. Web

    Firefox everywhere. I don't want yet another window for the NSA to have into my life, and it seems like that is what most browsers other than Firefox are nowadays, unfortunately. Plus, most of the extensions I enjoy using either don't run on other browsers, or their equivalents are too terrible for me to want to use.
  5. A partnership agreement is when a convention approaches Poniverse (or the other way around) and one asks the other for some services, and the other side provides the first side with some other services in return. A contractual agreement is formed. As part of our side of the agreement, Poniverse usually provides a forum section. There isn't any reason for us to provide conventions with a forum without such a formal agreement - what do we get in return for effectively giving them free advertising? In addition, conventions may not want sections on here, as they may have their own forums that they are perfectly happy with.
  6. All of the convention sections/forums we have are for conventions we have partnership agreements with - that's the only case under which we host a forum for a convention
  7. To be fair, OVH offers some fairly low-cost dedicated servers in their SoYouStart and Kimsufi lines.
  8. None, because The Cloud is a stupid concept in my mind and I don't trust it I don't trust other peoples' hardware in general either, but it's at least better if I have full access to it (ie: a dedicated server.)
  9. Do you have an actual opinion instead of just "no"? Nobody is really likely to listen to you until you can provide that
  10. Technology

    Who told you that? The distro I use (Arch) has approximately 60,000 packages (programs) between the official repositories and the user-run repository. That seems like a lot more than "nobody" writing programs
  11. We pay about $120 CAD per month for unlimited 250/20 - we've been slowly upgrading to faster and faster plans as they've been coming out while cancelling other things we don't use like TV and home phone. My ISP now offers 1Gbps, but it is unlikely to come to where I am any time soon. as it is a condo building with 50 year old infrastructure.
  12. Interestingly enough, I know a ton about networking in general but most of my experience is with Linux and with Mikrotik devices. I've never touched a Cisco device in my life, and I never plan to if I don't absolutely have to (Don't want a job in this field, prefer it as a hobby as it is far too stressful.)
  13. Welcome to the forums, @Starbit! I tend to read the introduction posts when I can, but rarely reply - I just wanted to say hi because I've never seen an FtM transgender OC before, and I thought yours was pretty cute
  14. Friends are not currently a part of the forum software. I am not sure if potentially a custom plugin to bring this back is something we want to look at soon. We are not trying to move MLPF to a Twitter-style messaging site - where did you get that idea? o.o If a member is harassing you, we have reporting features and the member in question would most likely be warned or potentially banned. We already have rules against multiple accounts - if they are found, they are usually banned.
  15. Since a couple of weeks after its inception, the server has officially been a general Poniverse Discord server. It is mainly run by PoniArcade staff, although we have a few moderators from other places around Poniverse as well. I need to update the link on MLPF, but I can't figure out how on the new forum software. Start using instead - it goes to the same place as the current link, but it looks a lot nicer!