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  1. No prob man, everybody can't have the same interested, otherwise life won't be funny
  2. I think its the most awesome band in the world : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rbOR39pMWuo . Somebody is allowed to confirmed that? Its weird metal, be warned !
  3. I know they are just dicks, but for me "friendship" is not only joke and simple insult, i think that is not always fun...
  4. Im a dog and i like socks !

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      DON'T JUDGE ME ! <3

    3. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle

      let's go drink soME BEEEEER!!!

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      Suuuuure, incomming mf :)

  5. Hi everybody ! In all my fucking life, ive been the "fag" in every single group of friends that i get. And you are going to laugh, Im not gay ! And whatever nothing is wrong about being gay, but its soo frustrating to be called something that you are not. I don't even look like what people think gay looks like..... I want to found someday some friends that don't judge, that don't say bullshit, that are "real" friend :'(. When a heard about the brony community, i become so obscece about cuz this is a community of people that just do all they want without thinking of what other fucking people think. Idk why i tell you all that shit, its only a complain about people in general. I hope someday my friends are going to be bronies, or tolerants like bronies. Just give me hope people, the kindness people that i met was bronies man <3 love you all <3 Add me if you want to be my friend ! Im french btw
  6. I buyed it ! I hope this is a fucking awesome plush
  7. In fact, he have a really good terms of reliability, soo im confused, cuz i really like the style of the plushies that he sell, but i don't know who is the original seller of these plushies, and if i can found them cheaper...
  8. Price, Fake, Bad Quality ? Where can if find similare plushies without getting rekt....?
  9. If i buy this plush : http://www.ebay.fr/i...k-/251839944402 :okiedokielokie: The seller is rekting me or not?
  10. Its funded !!!!!! yeaaaaahahhahahaha ! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/them-s-fightin-herds#/
  11. I don't ask to buy it bro don't worry
  12. There are ponies in ! And it have all the cuteness and the good background that mlp have, its only 15 bucks and LAUREN FAUST ! LAUREN FUCKING FAUST ! ^^ <3 Peace love you. Whatever im definitly going to play to that game as well. (On pc of course) ! Its going to work, i hope !
  13. This game looks freaking awesome and original ! Im sure its going to be sooo nice ! <3