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  1. I collect not just G1 but all gens. :3 I have way too many pics to show so I'll just give you the link to my collection folder from Deviantart account. https://www.deviantart.com/faerie-starv/gallery/44935992/collection
  2. I got the idea when I was watching watching Queen Chrysalis episodes and it got me thinking, what would happen if she existed in G1 My Little Pony world? :lol: The story is that Queen Chrysalis showed up in Flutter Valley that is inhabited by Flutter Ponies who are ruled by Queen Rosedust. http://mylittlewiki.org/w/images/5/57/Rosedust.jpg One night, she captured Rosedust while she was sleeping and put her in a cocoon, disguised herself as Rosedust and impersonated her. One by one, the Flutter Ponies were slowly being replaced by the Changelings who also take their forms until Morning Glory was the last one. She got suspicious of her behavior and was nearly caught only to escape by heading over to Dream Valley to get other ponies for help. Skipping to the good part because I have a bad habit of writing a ridiculous long ass story and I don't want to bore you guys. When Megan and the ponies confronted Queen Rosedust, they noticed a big green cocoon at the ceiling, showing a real trapped Rosedust inside, along with other trapped Flutter Ponies. It dawned on them that they're the real ones while the Queen in front of them is not her at all. That's when she revealed that she is not Rosedust at all but none other than Chrysalis, Queen of the Changelings! >:3 The fake Flutter Ponies also revealed themselves as Changelings before attacking the ponies and Megan. What happens next? Will they defeat the evil Changelings and save the Flutter Ponies? Who knows? >D Just to let you know, it's not a chibi anthro form, I sort of drew her based on FIM style. The left side of Rosedust is based on the dress reference I made using the Sailor Senshi doll divine flash (love that game) and I changed her wings since I didn't really like the toys/TV version of it. She's also wearing a feather like crown based on this pic. http://mylittlewiki.org/w/images/5/59/Rosedust.PNG I added roses all over since it's based on her name. The right side of Chrysalis is that if you noticed on her neck and the lower right side, it's her collar and lower part of armor based on the comic, Fiendship is Magic. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/mlp/images/0/0c/FIENDship_is_Magic_issue_5_Chrysalis_and_Incitatus.png/revision/latest?cb=20160227005720 I didn't drew the entire armor and besides, you won't be able to see it anyway. As for her tail, it's floating behind her so you wouldn't see it as she's floating while changing back her true form.
  3. I had a few but there's two that struck a cord to me. This is kind of a long one. ^^; First story I won this really cool looking headband that has hearts(or was it stars? I can't remember) antenna at a Kindergarten for some game we were playing(I think it was a memory game or spelling, it was so long ago) and I was so excited as I never won anything like that before. After Kindergarten was over, I was taken to the other pre school to stay for the rest of the afternoon because my mother was a single parent at a time and it was a year after she divorced my narcissist ex dad(I rather not talk about that). She had to work long hours at a nail salon to make ends meet so she had to rely on a pre school that allows kids of divorced parents to stay there till they can pick us up. So me and the few of my classmates went to a small bus to take us to the other school. After an hour being there, I took out my prize to show it to my classmates and 'friends'(I was a dumb five year old kid who trusted other kids too easily and thought were trustworthy) because why not? Well, one of my 'friends'(it was a little bratty blonde haired mullet boy) took my headband to get a closer look then he got up, ran towards to the fence(we were outside at the playground), and threw my prize over to the woods. I got upset at him and went towards the teacher(who was watching it by the way) to tell her what happened and if she can get it back. Well, she refused to do anything, just blames me for it and go back playing with my 'friends'. I think I told my mom about it but I don't think she did anything about it as she was too exhausted from work and hasn't seen the prize that I won. What's worse is that I never got a chance to wear it(it was in plastic bag). Second story This one is the one I remembered the most and it still pisses me off to this day. I was seven(or eight) years old and was at the church school for the summer day camp(not a Vacation Bible School). The teachers there are great except one(which I would get to soon) and it was not like any other church summer school, it was the best one there is. They have billiards, darts, board games, ping pong table, air hockey table, TV's, jump ropes, hula hoops, and many cool stuff that would make any kid feel like they died and gone to heaven(pun not intended). They also do this really cool field trips like going to a movie theater(as long they're PG or G rated movies), roller skate rink, parks, etc. One day, the field trip we were going is The Rapids which is a small water park in Riviera Beach(it was small back then but today, it is huge!) and it was my first time going there. I had forgotten we were going that day because I brought my what I thought it was My Little Pony toy to show it to my friends who were collecting My Little Pony. We all put ours in our cubbies since we do not want to bring it with us as we feared we would lose it at the park. All of our classmates were there and we had a very good time at the park. Sadly, when we got back, my friends and I went to our cubbies to get our stuff. My pony was missing from my cubbie! I was upset so me and my friends helped me to look for it. We checked the floors to see if it fell out, no luck. We checked their cubbies and everyone else, no luck either. I never found it again and I know it's none of my classmates as we were all there and the room was closed off from one side where we can't get to. It has the other door where it leads to other classroom and this one is filled with younger kids. I suspected it was one of them as the door to their side was unlocked and one of those brats must likely snuck in there and took my pony while the teacher wasn't looking. I tried telling one teacher about it but once again, like the one from preschool, she refused to do an investigation and blames me for 'loosing' it despite my friend's protests that they saw me putting it there before we left. My pony, which I named her Rainbow, is actually a Remco pony(I did not know about fakie ponies from the real ones because no Internet to tell us back then). She had a yellow body with rainbow hair and was wearing a rainbow charm necklace.Here's a pic of what she looks like. So what did I learn from all this? One, is that some kids are greedy little assholes who will take your stuff and never give it back and turned out that they're not good 'friends' after all. Two, some teachers are not always reliable and blames you for the cause of their bad behavior. If I never bought in my favorite toys, none of this would have happened(because you know, victim blaming and all). Since then, I have learned to never show anyone of my favorite toys nor share with them. And mom wonders why I refused to 'share' my special toys to new kids.
  4. I booked myself a hotel and bought the tickets for this years My Little Pony Fair in Orlando. This will be my first solo trip and I'm quite excited but nervous. I'll be staying for 3 days, 2 nights from Saturday morning to Monday Morning. After spending half a day at the fair, I'm going to Universal Studios since I still have an annual pass and want to use it before it expires in August. At least I won't have to pay for parking or the ticket since it's already been paid last year. XD I can also use it for a discount at a restaurant and shopping. I can't wait for my summer weekend. Anypony going to My Little Pony Fair in Orlando as well? :3
  5. That makes me feel a bit better about myself. I've done this to other forum sites; lurking around but rarely commented.
  6. As the title says, I really need to be more active here. ^^; Real life tends to get in a way and leaving me a little time to get active on other social sites since I'm not used to having so many. It's pretty hard for me to juggle them. I was also being lazy as well. XD
  7. Hey, it's been a long time since I've posted here but I'm still alive and kicking. I wanted to post some of my winter art and zodiac MLP art that I've been drawing lately. Hope you guys enjoy it! :3 G4 Snowcatcher and G3 Snowflake having a Snowball Fight while Snowy Fur from Pretty Kitty is playing in the snow. Snow Day at Ponyville and Equestria! I made the January Birthflower Pony Art(I know it's February so it's a month late) in 2016 at Deviantart so I'm posting both versions of Carnation, a G1 January Birthflower Pony. USA Version Australian Version A Chibi Anthro Blue Belle from G1 Collector Ponies because why not since the stars can be seen better at winter(depending on the location). This one I started a G1 Zodiac MLP Art from last year on Deviantart but I only made two so far. This one is Capricorn as her zodiac is December 21 to January 20 and I added the horns and mermaid like tail. I know there's already made Zodiac MLP fanart but I mostly seen the FIM versions, not the previous Gens and I couldn't find any of them which is why I decided to make my own. So there you have it! A Winter Themed MLP art(even though it's a month late for me to post it here) for all Bronies/Pegasisters/MLP fans you to enjoy. :3
  8. I can't believe that I'm turning 33 and I still look young for my age. XD

  9. Wow, I really need to stop being lazy when it comes to forums. >_>

  10. I have one myself. My dad's side of the family also have them so I was the unfortunate person to inherit that gene. I think I was diagnosed at either two or four years old(I'll have to ask mom since she may know). I never like having it because it caused me hell for me. Being forced to mainstream with other students who don't have them is a real struggle for me. Keep in mind, this was in early 90's so there was no schools for kids with Autism and if you lived in that era where you have it, tough titties for you. You either have to be mainstreamed or go to their crappy schools where they just dump the rest of the kids who have behavioral problems(which they get no help at all). School was hell for me. I was always behind school work, being forced 90% staying inside for recess, doing school work in summer(I was three years behind my classmates), being forced to get straight A's from my mother's boyfriend(I get mostly C's, D's, and even F's), and being dragged around to see a different therapists. As a kid, I would get silently get upset and jealous at my classmates because they always seemed to memorized stuff or solve them or understand the subjects easily where for me, it's a struggle. It also didn't help that I have 'Rush rush rush, memorize pointless crap, spit it out for test and forget about it, and compete one another to get the highest grade and honor roll! Don't bother to understand the subjects and why it's important for the future!' bullshit thrown at me. I hated being rushed because it puts me too much pressure and causes me to have stress and melt down. I would get in homework fights with my parents because I couldn't understand a simple problems and would get punished for it. I ended up hating school and even learning so I just gave up and didn't even bother because what's the point? I'm gonna fail no matter what I do so fuck it. And don't even get me started on social issues. I could write a book about it since it's pretty long so I won't write it out. The point is, I hate having Autism and don't see it as a blessing, I see it as a curse. No offense to others who see it as a blessing, if you thought it that way, that is great. But for me, I hated it and always will be. This is why I chose to get myself sterilized because I don't want my kid to inherit it and not go through hell like I did. I also don't like the school system we have and I don't want to deal with homework crap(I hated homework as a kid and been doing it all throughout my childhood). I'm finally free from it and last thing I need is to repeat it again with my kid. I don't want to relearn the stuff that I forgot twenty years ago. I feel like if I didn't have Autism, my childhood would have been more pleasant and I probably would be able to do other things or being hired at other jobs. Sorry for my long rant. I just wanted to get it out in the open of how I feel about me having it and now I felt better.
  11. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!