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  1. Just read a closed topic in the feed back. What a closed minded little kid. I'm glad they got banned (that is what I concluded)

  2. Sniper, Pyro and Engineer! Sniper can help if something gets to close and the other two don't notice. Engineer can set up sentries around the base's entrance and Pyro can burn everything while Engie is building stuff!!!! It is soooo purrfect!!! And the Medic because you have to have that healing unit
  3. She is around because they made some pink Celestia toys. But I love her anyway~
  4. Tired, it is 1:15 in the morning and my energy levels has dropped so much
  5. It should but it won't. Sadly, we aren't disney and if we were we wouldn't have the ability to break glass.
  6. Clash Royale spam on my youtube? What is this madness?

  7. I watched two animes twice. The animes were Soul Eater and Hellsing. Now I just watch a series once, until MLP ends
  8. My newest poem! I just made it like 3 seconds ago and I felt it was a good one! :3 When it Rains it Pours When it rains it pours, And if it is night out, Pinkie will just snore If the rain just happens to black out. Please, try not to pout! That black out will be back out. And will come the break of day
  9. Scootaloo has been flying ever since season two. I am not sure why you guys are still freaked out
  10. Well the beginning of the series was more around catching attention of little girls. Now it is more story driven (kinda). Plus don't forget that they have that table that send them to mainly pony populated areas, not much to see in pony populated areas other than ponies. Just sayin'