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    “Language is the most extensive and inclusive magic we know, a magnificent work of unconscious generations that holds us all together.”
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  1. The words of promise leave my lips in harmony and fade into darkness.

    1. Brobocop


      My lips speak of the darkness. Those around me see that darkness as evil...

      This darkness is not evil. This darkness is truth. My lips speak truth, and hardly anyone wants to listen to the truth.

    2. Poly Lingua

      Poly Lingua

      Mine's more of "Take my word with a grain of salt". I'm too dynamic/changeable to keep promises or say something with certainty, so it's nothing personal. :P

      And my lips also often speak of the darkness you describe...

    3. Brobocop


      That's understandable. ^^

      I was personally trying to give a test of my own "dynamic language". I'm guessing I did a pretty good job.