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    I like to play video games and I like to play football.

    I have three cats and two dogs and there names are Drakey, Blaze, Peanut, Star, and Sharky.

    I got one of my Dog named Drakey from the show Drake and Josh.

    I got my another dog's name Blaze from the cartoon Blaze and the monster machine.

    I got my cat named Sharky from way he attack my mother when he was a kitten.

    I got two cats name Star from Blaze and the monster machine show.

    I got the three cat name Peanut from the movie called Peanuts.

    I never had a girlfriend at all.
  1. Guess my cutie mark

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    2. SilverRose15


      Yes Now added them all together


    3. 4HFan


      A star, a music note and a microphone! Bingo!

    4. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      The souls of your enemies!

  2. Thanks for adding me as a friend :D /)

  3. How many sisters or brothers do you have?

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    2. Sunset light

      Sunset light

      and if you count pets as bros or sis i cant count them all sry

    3. crispy fries

      crispy fries

      Do half siblings count?

    4. Sunset light
  4. How many sisters or brothers do you have?

  5. How many do you have?

  6. What is your phone number

    1. crispy fries

      crispy fries

      I actually got it changed today to 1-800-NUNYA-BIDNESS

  7. *Hisses and slithers through your profile*

  8. Yo! Thank you for adding me sir :D

  9. How do you play role-playing games

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    2. 4HFan


      I'm 15 as well.

    3. Ed Lyons
    4. crispy fries

      crispy fries

      They pretty much covered everything. You just need your OC to join an RP, or you could even start one yourself. If you want to RP right now, I actually have a Fallout Equestria RP going, so you could check that out: https://mlpforums.com/topic/152302-fallout-equestria-hurricane-season-open/ I RP pretty often, so you can ask me if you got any questions.

  10. Heyooo! :D Thank you for adding me as a friend! ^_^

  11. It taught me how to have fun with your friends and family on holiday. I learned how to be care to your friends and family in life on holiday.
  12. Guess my birthday here's a hint 2001 and it between January and July

    1. Spellvamp


      so your 15 huh

  13. When is my birthday?

  14. SilverRose15

    General How tall are you?

    I'm 5 feet and 6 inches tall.
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