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  1. First time psychology, second anthropology.
  2. I can't remember last night's but the feeling I get from it makes me kinda sad. The last dream I remember is from a few days ago. I am in a neighborhood that I've never been to. I see this old man with a white beard messing with his pourch (he's one floor up), drilling a hole into the wall. I hear him say damn this pourch. Then I see him put a rifle through said hole and aim down. All of a sudden it's first person view and I'm the guy. I'm aiming at the ground then I see a little kid with a red shirt and aim at him. I shoot. You see the kid fall to the ground and blood pooling around him. The other kids around him kinda freak out. All of a sudden I'm back to being on the ground in my own body. I see the kid laying there..and the old man is no where in sight. I then decide to go into the man's house. I break his door and look for him. But instead of finding him I find a very dusty house that looks like no one's been here for years. I go upstairs and the guys not here. I go into a room and see old pokemon stuff. I take one of those gold card pokeball and leave. When I get outside the kids body is gone and the pool of blood is dried up and old. I walk across the street and sit down on some steps where this older chick is. She asks what I've got. So I open the pokeball to show her..only for it to be empty. When I close it I look at the top of the ball. There's a burn mark that's bulging out. I break it and find the gold charizard card. Then I wake up.
  3. So I haven't been on this site much. Usually I don't feel like doing much of anything besides watching dvd or playing games when I get off work. Especially if I work the next day. So if I disappear at random that's why. Works been annoying. It's either customers being asshats or workers being idiots. Most but not all. Nothing changes at walmart. Hell almost got fired the other day. I honestly don't even care anymore. I stopped caring when they decided to deny my moving departments within the store and take my hours away. I've been applying to other places but not much luck coming out there. For about a week or so I've been trying desperately to find something that would give me a happy luck in that field as well. Anywhere I look I see everyone I graduated with has a decent home, kids, college out of the I am almost 10 years paycheck to paycheck..a college drop out and just feeling like the reject that I've always been. Maybe that's why I got so invested in the character cloe from life is strange. Seriously the way she acts and everything is how I used to act at that age. That and I totally shipped her with max hardcore. That's another reason I feel kinda meh..that game was super deep. Parts of the game dealt with shit I had to deal with. So it hit pretty close to home. Ugh I'm gonna find something to get my mind off everything. My fav ship now.
  4. I feel a tiny bit dead inside..and it's over something stupid. Found a new game to play..and I got too invested to a character. The end of the game gives me two choices. Kill the character I like and save the town..or kill everyone I know and save that character.
  5. Well the past three days I've been playing life is strange. I finally beat it last night..and feel so hollow now.
  6. You could always ink it. Would still look really nice. Could even look just fine black and white.
  7. X-files, serial killer cases, pokemon, minecraft, frozen, dexter, game of thrones, and really fuzzy things.
  8. Right now I just have a paw print on my arm. But I wanna get a character from Tokyo ghoul..the mask maker Uta. He's adorable. Something like this:
  9. Cleaning the apartment since it was getting on my nerves.
  10. I'm thinking I really don't want to work tomorrow.
  11. Annoyed. Every time I eat I feel sick..but I'm not sick.
  12. I guess the first time I was truly scared is when I first experienced sleep paralysis..I heard a woman screaming, was finding it hard to breathe since my face was in the pillow at an odd angle and I couldn't move. Still happens every now and then but only when I'm exhausted.