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  1. ,@@genessee, hey i am leaving fourms so i will be leaving thr rp sorry
  2. I am leaving fourms :( Godbye all pony folks i will miss you

  3. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    @@Techno Universal, "ohh ok" *whispers "I had no idea what you said says out loud "BUT OK" @@genessee, " i like your name its cool " looks to forest "i was going to get some wood because you dropped yours on your way here. I know it might be dangerous but I can handle myself" she gets her game face on @@genessee,
  4. hi i wont be on her as much anymore so ya just so you know.

    1. Starforce
    2. StarNote


      no reason exactly


      just trying to get off my computer and commit to society

  5. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    "your welcome" does a smile she makes her way back with @@genessee, she hears what @@Techno Universal, says "well what kind of equipment would you think would be in there?" Mabey it would help find that wood again that you dropped" she looks at genessee smirks "just kidding, I go find some wood" shes starts making her way into the forest making a light from her horn
  6. that's so sad I hope everything gets better
  7. @@Nightmare Muffin, i think its hilarious but i thought it would be a fish (like flounder) instead
  8. StarNote

    Hello Everyone.

    @@PugamusMaximus, HI welcome to forms its good to see new ponys
  9. yass steven universe
  10. Missklang HAPPY B-DAY sry i was late

  11. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    @@genessee, "oh well thats freaky" she shook literally because of the thought of it "umm so we never properly meet my name is star note" she helped him up she really had no idea what to say after the skull thing "so,are you ok" she only just realized that he was the only earth pony out of the ponies she's seen
  12. StarNote

    kitties for ponies!

    could you Mabey do a dancing one of her if that's too hard you can pick one
  13. I AM BOARD

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      In other news the Oscars are on tonight.

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      Yeah it snuck up on me too.

  14. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    @@genessee, while star note was picking berries she thought she heard some pony saying "Noooope nopenopenope NOPE nope nothappening noooooooopers nope nope NOPE." she thought she was hearing things but then she saw lance running super fast toward camp she stopped him and said "WHAT WHATS WRONG"
  15. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    @@Moon Dancer., she looks embarresed and her wings turn red ¨sorry i must have mixed you up,.. it happens am i right¨ star notices her wings and quickly changes them ¨well i am going to find some wood or leaves for shelter¨ she leaves in a flash into the forest looking for wood and leaves she whispers ¨crap¨
  16. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    @@Moon Dancer., ¨oh ok such a weird way to start a world tour¨ she had no idea what to say ¨my name is star note you must be the changeling king ¨ she bows ¨you must know my aunt queen chrysalis as you can see i am half changeling and half pony and i never got to meet you but i heard alot about you from my mom a changeling, sorry am i talking to much¨
  17. StarNote

    Private The Rift <Shut down>

    @@Moon Dancer.,@@genessee, @@Lil' Lovebug, @@Techno Universal, ¨oh uhh hi and bye¨ she looks at the group ¨hi where am i¨ she looks at the changeling king and just stares then she looks away ¨i have lot of questions but i guess i help find things for shelter¨ she looks confused and keeps changing the colors of her wings and horn
  18. New profile pic by fuawfuwakitty

  19. Go know and find me on pony town :Dhttps://pony.town/

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      on the safe server

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