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  1. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    It no worry plus 2 things a. I needed to do a few things and b. I didnt mind waiting it lets me think
  2. Arid_Blitz

    Private Everfree Dark Tournament RP

    As the door opened out came a pair of diamond dogs one female the other male. Their coloring were dark blue with grey spots going along their face and back, the male had a sword the size of a two earth ponies stacked together. Dragging it along the ground behind him he lifted it with one paw letting it come to rest down on his shoulder. The Female had a large double bladed battle axe on her back, the handle dragged the ground being just as large as the male's. A pair of dragons came out of the shadows standing roughly 5 foot tall each, both male. The one on the left was green with red specks along his snout, the other was black with bandages around his eyes revealing he was without sight. Finally coming out from behind them was a small unicorn mare, she was clad in a light red robe that covered up her frail body. Looking a bit out of place among the large creatures next to her. Walking ahead of the others she climbed up into the ring walking over to the center "I am the captain." she said in a small voice Behind the other door Arid appeared to his team, he smiled at them before looking at Canteen who was still in the stolen robe and fuzzy slippers. "Now I know you are bored and tend to do as you please Canteen...however I want you to do whatever you wish out there if you wish to eliminate everyone by yourself do it..if you wish to just sleep in the ring then do it. I will ask you take one other member with you and show the other teams what we are made of....Plus I know for a fact this Grandma will be watching so..I am sure you wish to show off to her." Canteen yawned before tilting his head...looking at Arid he reached out grabbing him before turning and flinging him towards a wall. Arid turned and landed on his hooves against the wall before dropping to the ground grinning "I see you are moody again...Go Canteen burn off some of that energy you have pent up." Canteen began chuckling seeing Arid able to not slam into the wall "Very well...Aiden come along we are going to have some fun." he said as a 4 foot tall dragon began to walk over to Canteen, his scales being a dark purple almost black color as his eyes were a light pink coloring "Alright."
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    2. Arid_Blitz


      Princess celestia says otherwise. Plus @Sparklefan1234 is trying to dodge his taxes to

    3. Alexshy


      Oh, comest on, Tia! Dost not start that again... Recallest last time I mentioned mine Moon in the tax declaration, thou wast arrant... well, surprised to say the least.


    4. Sparklefan1234


      I only answer to Princesses with evening-based names. :P

  3. Arid_Blitz

    Luna Fan Club

    No pony beats luna with bow @Alexshy
  4. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    Kk then introduce the teams then ill have em come out and stuff
  5. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    Okies o3o you can do topaz to announce the fight and any of the deaths just @ me when ii should begin and ill get my laptop
  6. I sent you pictures but they arent here :awed:


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Sorry. :twismile:

      All I saw was pictures & I didn't know what to think. 

  7. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    Aww dont want a creepy pony obsessed with them XD
  8. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    @Literally Snails canteen is nutty so i was thinking he is obsessed with grandma and would if team lotus in a battle doesnt kill someone would kill the survivors and show up at their room with the bodies just to mess with them. Like appearing in their room playing patty cake with the dead person
  9. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    XD have canteen kill ponies lotus don't just to be a weird crazy
  10. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    if not when the survivors leave Canteen can kill em because why not >.> just a "Why are you leaving ponies alive?"
  11. Arid_Blitz

    Planning Everfree Dark Tournament OOC

    kill em....KIILLLL THEM ALL