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  1. I friended you. It’s great to see you’ve come back to the fandom.

    1. Tropico


      haha thank you! super glad you remember <333

      i watched the awesome movie and season's 8 first episodes. looking so fun so far! gotta catch up with equestria girls too, the last thing i saw was movie magic special xD

      hope youre doing awesome!


  2. never left being a fan but i wasnt watching the new stuff for depression and stuff. I left the forum one year ago- im back here. i forgot MLP made me smile- so im starting watching season 8. hi if anyone remembers

  3. Tropico

    S07:E17 - To Change a Changeling

    i love it so much, but i love so much more the fact that since season 6 finale, the show is heading to a much consistent plot show. earlier MLP big plots were just the season premieres and finales. and between they had slice of life episodes with just one or two references to the main plot maybe. but season 7 has constant plot. for example to get this episode 100% you gotta watch a couple of episodes before, and not just S6 finale & S7 premiere. its pretty consistent to its pasts events. also the show has more adventures and action. and characters evolution and personalities are more real and even mature. and maybe its just me but the humor got better too. i really love the new direction MLP is going (and i love starlight glimmer x trixie combo <333)
  4. Tropico

    S07:E09 - Honest Apple

    this season it seems that ponies are acting more dumb just to create a dumb conflict/plot and eeh i dont like it. this should be a first/second season plot, not now. i do love that this season has more artistic and filled backgrounds. ponyville now has more houses, flowers, fences. the forests seems more alive. etc i love it
  5. Tropico

    S07:E07 - Parental Glideance

    i expected so much more from the debut episode of rainbow's parents. i wish it was focused about a completly diferent plot, like her parent being kidnaped by some daring do villan or something idk. i would like them to have a main trait that was more personal, not only "being her daughers fans". for example fluttershy's parents debut episode was about his brother, but still they showed a bit of variety with their personalities and even hobbies (his father collecting clouds. etc). rainbow's parents felt like a fan fic character. also i didnt like scotaloo here. she was super annoying, specially when she screamed non-stop. i know this annoying scene was made on purpose, but still was too much to handle xD i laughed with the door with epic sound joke tho, specially the second one xD also at the ending cherrylee mentioning her work had a sandwitch in between lmao
  6. Tropico

    S07:E08 - Hard to Say Anything

    this episode ruined tons of fan fics xD i dont mind big mac with that pony, i find it cute. but i really liked him with cherrylee, i expected they would become a couple someday. and i personally liked him with marble pie. even when i recognize that with her it would be a pretty basic relationship so it was a sinking ship imo i laughed with the country vs pop idol song. i found it pretty funny
  7. Tropico

    S07:E06 - Forever Filly

    @PinkiePie97 woah thats great! love they added that touch. theyre really giving season 7 a more deep and consistent touch to the show. i feel season 7 is a transitional season. since it hadnt a big premiere with a villan and wasnt about saving equestria. and now we got some episodes about establishing the growth of the characters (sweetie belle, fluttershy, starlight, maud)- like its the transition for something bigger- leading to the movie and then maybe season 8 being game-changing (like more adventure type of show, or more longer arc plots, idk but something pretty diferent). or maybe im just thinking too deep
  8. Tropico

    S07:E06 - Forever Filly

    i find CMC a biiiiit more bigger now too. idk if its an illusion or what xD about the episode, hmm kinda boring and i feel that despite showing how they grow, actually nothing happens. my favourite part was at the puppet show when rarity says that banana peels are slipy and then laughs saying "its funny because its true" xDD i laughed here i agree with others that would be better episode if it was rarity's mother treating rarity like a filly. rarity would be like "moooom i have 3 business"
  9. thats headcanon until proved in the show tho xD better just stick to the canon facts even if it were canon i still dont see it more powerful. i repeat: time traveling, mind-controlling other ponies and animals, movin the sun and the moon.
  10. Tropico

    Pick a character and a theme song for them

    its weird, but this one for Starlight Glimmer. idk but i think it fits xD
  11. earth ponies the most powerful race? others already mentioned unicorns time-traveling habilities, moving sun/moon, etc etc etc. thats the most powerful stuff there. while unicorns are most powerful its pretty explicit and clear than all races need each other. they told us tons of times that separately they cant live (earth ponies growing food, pegasi controlling weather). but imo thats another issue and discussion, unrelated to who's the most powerful
  12. Tropico

    Rarity is Kanye West?

    haha OP you open tons of weird topics with weird questions
  13. Tropico

    S07:E05 - Fluttershy Leans In

    a very slow paced episode but i really like it! because its the character evolution of fluttershy at 100%. we've seen her more confident and knowing to tell "no" since lots of episodes, but still had that grasp of old ultra shy and insecure part of herself and her dilemma about telling yes/no. in this episode not only she is 100% confident and says "no" various times, also speaks her mind lots of times without problem and literally they say that she evolved thanks to her friends. imo i feel this is the reached goal of herself and is treated perfectly in this episode. also as a bonus we have a dream goal of hers and she reachs it too. the sanctuary imo is her "job" goal (rainbow had the wondercolts, and rarity opening bussiness). for real she just reached everything in this episode, i just remember her first apperence at season 1 and look at her now and aw, im so proud from now on i hope we see this fluttershy, because if not, it would be a step back and involution. also we need diferent plots and goals for her now. like some at the santuary, or finally overcoming her trauma with dragons at 100% and traveling to dragon lands. or more traveling alone to study and discover new magical species.
  14. Tropico

    S07:E04 - Rock Solid Friendship

    my favourite episode of the season so far! I laughed so much its always a bless having a maud episode. hope that now living near ponyville she will appear more. love she made friends with starlight their way. its kinda the same friendship that starlight has with trixie: no cheesy, no talking about feelings (except when super required "starlight: we good?" maud: "we good". and next), with a darker cinic humour. just perfect counterpart to mane6 friendship. that contrast of both friendships was shown too at episode 2 of this season. what a cool squad starlight is having now. hope she hangs out more with sunburst, torax, and discord too laughed that maud helped inderectly to slave the village and the joke they do later about slaving the whole world lmao savages xD love their humour and that they get themselves. sure mane6 is friends with maud, but still they dont get her (except pinkie of course) and even nowdays they get a lil weirded. not with starlight, she totally gets her and a i love that <333
  15. They just announced that VIZ Media is gonna release the art book this august in america. the designs of the cover (i guess it is) are amazing love rarity design here so much <3 source: