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  1. Has anyone seen this figure at their Walmart recently?
  2. I watch on Discovery Family, since I get that channel. I also have the app of Discovery Family, which has the latest 2 episodes available without a subscription.
  3. Because I'm a fan of the character (I know, unpopular opinion)
  4. 1, but I haven't really talked to them
  5. Unfortunately despite this fact, you still can get insulted for being a brony, like Youtube comment sections
  6. Does anypony have some rom hacks starring ponies? I know of a few (Ponymon, Super Pony All Stars, Filly Fantasy), but I am wondering if there are any others, specifically for the SNES and GBA.
  7. 3DS Friend Code- [Redacted by Request] Xbox Gamertag- [Redacted by Request]
  8. If you are good at repainting/customizing you might be able to fix those errors. Some bootlegs are better than others, it depends on the product being bootlegged/ the maker of the bootleg.